My wife booked a flight from Toronto to Moncton and Halifax back to Toronto for me. When booking the flight they put the wrong name on the ticket. They put my wife's first name and my middle name and our last name probably because my wife used her credit card to book the flight. When I tried to take my flight Air Canada would not let me board the flight I paid for as the wrong name was on it. Expedia quickly blamed my wife and denied all responsibility. Air Canada did the same thing. So because I could not take the flight I paid for I ended up having to pay double to take the flight the next day because of the business appointments I had lined up ALL BECAUSE OF THE MISTAKE THEY MADE. Their staff and supervisors are trained very well to deflect the blame to the customer and not take responsibility to save the company money. If they ever make a mistake that causes you to miss your flight do not expect them to help you at all. I was literally on the phone longer with them than my flight!

Nov 22, 2018

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