SUBMIT A COMPLAINT sg ignores their own refund policy and cheats its customers

F Oct 07, 2018

In may 2018, my wife and I went to singapore. From there I booked a free and easy trip with Sg for a total amount of s$1110.40, for sin/pen/sin
As always I checked my particulars at least twice before I submitted it for booking to make certain all information are correct. However when the confirmation came my wife's maiden last name was spelled incorrectly.

Immediately I called the Sg telephone number [protected] and indicated the error. Expedia advised me that the mistake could not be changed. This conversation went on for two hours. Finally expedia suggested a solution of cancelling my wife's reservation and re-book her trip. Before I consented to this solution I asked if there would be extra fees and other associated factors. The reply was the new reservation would cost another $200.00 and my wife would be on a different flight from mine. I could not believe what he just said. Not to belabor the issue I cancelled the whole reservation and asked for a refund, as I was within the 24 hour cancellation window and the full refund guidelines according to Sg.

Again I was advised that no refund would be made. I quoted their guidelines for a refund. I asked to speak to the manager, he claimed he was the manager. This went on for another hour. Finally he agreed to an immediate refund of s$735.40 and the balance s$375.00 to be refunded within 72 hours.

When I returned home this refund was not executed at all. I contacted expedia. and asked for this refund. Instead expedia. asked for my bank account statement. My answer to them was this bank account was not utilized in the transaction. I had charged the $111.40 to my visa credit card and this refund should be credit to this visa card similar to the s$735.40 credit above. Besides they have all these transactions in their computer system. All they have to do is refer to the information they have

Obviously, they are delaying the issue and hoping I will be frustrated and not keep following up.

This unfortunate event certainly projects a very poor image of expedia as a whole irrespective of their location. If this is the way expedia conducts their business my friends and I will not use their services.

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