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I booked a cruise through Expedia. We were sailing 12/2-12/9/2018. I have a few complaints that I would like to submit regarding the above said vacation.

1.- The staff never gave accurate information. We would ask one crew member and get one answer, another crew member gave totally different information. This happened with our bill, our meal times, etc... It was a constant thing and grew to be very troubling at times.

2.- The vent directly above our bed would dump black dust/ soot on our bed every time the AC kicked on. This was a daily occurrence. We had spoken with our steward regarding this and was told it would be addressed and never was. We had to dust bed multiple times a day.

3.- Some type of fecal matter on our blanket. Never cleaned or changed one time throughout a 7 day trip. We slept with only sheet due to this.

4.- We had some items come up missing from our room...directly off of my son's bed! A baseball hat as well as a pair of polarized lense Oakley sunglasses. We reported immediately to both steward, as well as guest services. Nothing was ever found. One guest service clerk was beyond rude when we even inquired about it. We were very unhappy about this.

5.- Multiple guests on board smoking marijuana. Even once staff was alerted, nothing was done. In fact, one employee was speaking to a group of gentleman as they were smoking the marijuana.

6.- We paid for internet that was absolutely awful.

Unfortunately, due to all of these above listed incidents, we will probably never cruise with Carnival again. We have had positive experiences in the past but this last trip left a very sour taste. I do have pictures of the vent dust, the fecal matter on the blanket and my son wearing the items that came up missing. I am unable to load them since they are on my phone but will be happy to do so after work today.

I am certainly not asking for a full refund. However, I do feel as though something is owed to us for the series of events that took place. In all honesty, as the manager of a hotel, I hate to complain...but I feel as though this all needs to be addressed.

I appreciate your time and effort in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dec 10, 2018

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