Expediacaution — words of warning for all expedia users!!

H Review updated:

I booked my trip to Ireland 4 months in advance using Expedia. This included a car rental in Dublin with a company called “Payless”. Because we booked early, we got a good rate. Apparently too good, because when we got to Dublin, we couldn’t find a “Payless” counter anywhere. We spoke with several airport employees who said that there was no company called Payless in the airport. Turns out that it was under a different name (doing business as Dooley Car Rentals). Nowhere on the Expedia printed itinerary was this listed, nor was it in the itinerary you can have e-mailed to you. The U.S. number listed on the itinerary was not helpful either due to the time zone change (voicemail). We had no choice but to rent a car for 5 times the amount at another rental counter. When we got back to the states, my husband called Expedia to explain our situation. After over an hour on the phone, we were of course told that it was our fault, because way at the bottom of the booking page on Expedia (not in the print version) buried in a bunch of other links was a link that said ‘Detailed Rental Information’, and that it was our responsibility to click these links and either print them out or remember that it is called Dooley Car Rentals during the 4 months between the time we booked and our trip. With this type of customer service, we will never use Expedia again, since there may be other times where they are ‘hiding’ CRITICAL information deep in the fine print.


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      Apr 08, 2010

    So you didn't read your paperwork...

    Enough said.

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