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I have been have used Air Serbia on several occasions previously but last two occasions have caused a lot of issues. It very unfortunate as they claim to be a good airline charge a fortune for the flights (never had a flight cheaper than 200 eur) but the service and the procedure for dealing with issues is worse than even Ryanair (I fly quite often and have faced delays/cancellation of flights on several occasions with various companies).

First case, my mother has a flight this week for a meeting in Romania, there were 2 flights available one at 16.10 and another one at 18.30. The later one was 80 Eur more expensive but as she knew she will probably not be finished until 15.0p she opted for the more expensive option. On Friday, less than a week before the flight we get an email through that the flight time has changed, they cancelled the later flight and moved her to the earlier one. Via email the support centre was not helpful at all. On the phone, the lady said thay the maximum that can be done is either to get a full refund or move her to a flight the next day but no extra expenses will be covered. Booking something else at such short notice means crazy prices for flights and this one was nearly 400 EUR already. I believe it is quite cheeky, when we specifically paid extra to go on a later flight to then not be able to take it.

Second case, a few months back the flight arrived more than 8 hours later than the scheduled time and in the whole period only once mere 2 sandwiches were offered even though went through breakfast and lunch period.

But the worst began once I have arrived in Belgrade (it was a transit flight). No information was given, staff was extremely rude, dismissed me like I was a nobody because was flying to Montenegro, whereas other people to other destinations had clear explanations of what is going on. The flight was actually taken off the screen just to make the situation even more nerve wrecking and the staff just kept telling me they have no information for me. When asked if I can be transferred to the flight that was leaving few hours later that day to Podgorica I just got told to leave them alone as they are very busy and told me that this flight would not leave before our flight and will also be delayed. This later flight arrived to Podgorica earlier than us.

Once information was available about the flight, it was still not on the screen and I only found out about it because went to request once again to be transferred to the later flight as saw that their gate was open and they were going to depart in time. This information was given to me in a very rude manner just saying your flight is at gate 7c go there now.

In addition, as no information was provided my arranged transport remained at the airport which resulted in crazy fees for me re parking and the waiting time.

My intention is to make this public as I am astonished at the way to company is handling the issue and believe everybody should know what is happening there.

Dec 03, 2018

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