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If the students think Everest is awful, just try being an instructor! The department heads at Everest have no respect for the faculty or staff who love to teach and try so hard to make sure students earn a great education. Our hands are tied in most of the standardized, lower-level courses. Ridiculous rules guide our actions on grading and with students, and the pay isn't worth the stress. There is no autonomy and no room for error. We are required to attend virtual meetings every term, only to be told time and time again that there are major changes to how the courses are run or more of our rights are being taken away from us as instructors. We might as well be puppets mouthing a script. Everest is nothing but a paper mill, I've realized, and it has truly become disheartening to teach here. The students AND the faculty are the enemy if they dare get in the way of profits for this greedy College, Inc.

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  • Mp
      Apr 05, 2012

    Hello Professor,
    I want to thank you for calling out this out right SCAM of a so called college. I only thought of attending because no waiting list but Everest must not have one since they don't provide any real careers just big debt for students whom do want a career. I had an interview but seeing how much they kept on calling gave me huge doubts I research and found a lot of Unhappy and Unemployed people. That is unfortunate that they run as a paper mill/ loan collectors and unmotivate teachers that do care to teach students like you. Well best of luck hope you can shift away from that fake institution they try calling a college. Word to the Wise STAY AWAY!!

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  • Bo
      Jun 09, 2012

    You will have find a cure for cancer to remove the dark stain from having taught there from your soul.

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  • Na
      Aug 13, 2012

    hello i want to tell everyone my story I saw this page before i started my course but i didnot care i said to my self that i have to try so this is my first month in everest i was excited before i started but now iam sad because i didnot follow my sense, it is suck i wish i never went every week new book and big exam only if you had bad mark in one they tell you you should leave the course they took already the money so they donot care about you i really regret that i am their iam not going tommorrow iam quiting because of my teacher she want me to change the carrer iam studing now.

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  • Kh
      Jul 12, 2013

    Hello ConcernedEd,
    I applaud you for both your honesty and your integrity! From my experience at Everest College as a student (and an observant one at that), I saw the travesties heaped on the instructors - especially the good ones and it broke my heart. I witnessed first-hand, a top-notch instructor leaving and I mourned the loss of this instructor because he knew his stuff and had a great rapport with his students - and he taught - really taught. I also witnessed an instructor who liked to laze about and socialize with other staff at the expense of her students and yet, she remains at the campus.
    It boggles my mind how the school treats its staff and though I am disillusioned with Everest as a college and their failure to keep their word and the promises made to potential students, I do have fond memories of a select few instructors who were there to teach and who remained professional in the face of all odds stacked against them.
    I'm just so sorry for these select few because I do fear that their association with Everest will taint them if they decide to move on and seek employment elsewhere. Sort of along the lines of "guilty by association."
    As a student at Everest, I could see how the administration and machine that runs Everest forced the hands of the instructors and I just don't understand why Everest would be so dimwitted as to allow such things to happen because if the instructors could get the support needed to instruct the students on a competent level, then Everest would achieve higher rankings as private colleges go and students and faculty alike would be posting positive messages instead of rampant frustration and angst directed at the school.
    The positive reviews would lead to greater student enrolment and Everest would flourish. However, it appears Everest is bent on the road to self-destruction. Alas, they're taking a lot of students with them and I fear, faculty too.
    My recommendation to you - get out while you can and seek employment where you'll be both appreciated and supported.
    If you opt to remain at Everest, then I hope that you don't burn out, and I hope that you realize (and keep it in mind) that although you are but one person in the giant machine that is Everest, if you remain true to your values and beliefs and teach to the best of your abilities, you will be making a huge and positive impact on the students that you instruct - you might be their only ray of sunshine at the school.
    I don't envy the road that you've chosen - but I admire you for remaining strong in the face of such adversity.

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  • Ga
      Dec 02, 2014

    i am going to everest college i n ottawa it suck i hate it and i wasted my money and time

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