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Complaints & Reviews

School refund not received

Everesr University has been holding my school refund since April 2017 I have not receive anything they been giving me the run around everytime I called. My financial aid advisor put in the wrong school code and did something else wrong which I don't think should of been my fault, he also has not return my calls or emails. I've been calling everyday for the refund and they said they are waiting for my financial aid advisor to release it and for some reason he has not done so. They have been giving me the run around and I wonder is there something that can be done. Please help me I have kids to take care of.

  • Kc
    kcox1981 Mar 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am currently enrolled at Everst Online through Orlando South and am having the same issues as you are. My financial aid advisor was switched several times and my current advisor will not ever call or email me in return to any complaints or questions I have. I once threatened to transfer schools and got a call the next day but since then nothing. I am currently looking into going to another school regardless if I have to start over again or not. I think that what Everest is doing to people is wrong and something should be done to fix it. I have read several different sites where people talk about the problems with Everest and how no one, not even BBB, will help them.

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  • Ma
    Mar 2o11 Jul 27, 2011

    Well I was Harrased one before, , , , it was some young ones smoking marijuana in the back of the school <<<< I came in the side door, , , , went to the Rest room, , , , next thing i know security askin A Billion questions about it & lying said I was back there with my Girlfriend which I don't have, , , I'm 39 please, then 38, , , was two weeks away from finishing my course of nine months<<< it was bogus so they let me back in, , , , , another situation aroused I, , , go to the front Desk<<< which i rarely do & ask for A Manila Folder the young lady was lookin for it than<<< another worker that was leaving in the future was like we don't have any and said they're are too expensive for students<<< was that necessary, my response as i was walking Away was so is my tuition, <<< the next day the security guard says I have to apologize, , , which I did nothing, well i was not trying to apologize, but atleast speak to her she was being nasty, yes my response was smart mouth, , , not threats the Security Guard said I couldn't come back unless I apologize, , , so damn that I spoke to the Dean two weeks later & I was back in, , , although I don't have A course & being That other students are constantly being harrased versus just checking I.D. & keeping order, , , having people watching you, looking up information on students on the computer, ex students are allowed to use the facilities, i'm not an ex con, resently I went into the RestRoom and the female janitor was in the males (why) it's not Unisex, I also do maintenance that rest room is about A 4 to 5 minute job, I looked at her she said don't use it while I'm in here I said I gotta go nature don't wait, , , she walks Out than i use it, , , the next day<<< that's what they do around there, , , the Dean & Director have a meeting with me telling me i was wrong, , like I flashed her and said look at me, , , use the rest Room that's it they are so petty around there, , , when something major happens they take their time, , , , what's crazy is I'm black I get harrased by my own people more than anything, , , , I'm tired & Dan tired of this, , I 'm just the only person willing to stand up to those Perfessional Bullies & High Price there.

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Dishonest sales tactics and

When first enrolling at Everest College I was assured that all of the credits were transferrable to larger institution after the course completion. Because I have a family and prior obligations I had inquired about what the total loan would be for the degree I was interested in, and was given an estimate of what my per month payment would be after graduation to see that it would fit into my budget.

I signed up and was soon on my way to the opportunity to a bigger, brighter future. However after graduation, the payment that I had been assured of was almost double. I am not trying to get out of paying what I owe, but I was straight out lied to about the per month “investment” I was getting into. Another problem is that I am interested in advancing my education further at another college and now am being told that none of the credits will transfer. Are you kidding me? What a fraud this place is. I came looking to invest in my future so that I could do better for both myself and my family. Now I am financially strapped beyond my means to a degree that isn’t worth any more than the paper it was printed on. I am proud of my accomplishments, but not this.

Everest College now calls me 2-3 times a month. They want me to take their surveys and have my employer fill out forms regarding my current employment position and responsibilities. They have tried taking credit for helping me advance to my current position, when in all actuality they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

So to sum it up:
-Everest College uses car selling tactics to persuade eager individuals who are willing to invest in their future.
-Your investment figures for your education are minimalized and lied about just to get you to buy into their sales pitch
-The transferability of credits to other institutions is all lied about. The credits are NOT transferrable to ANY reputable school.
-They try to take credit for getting you a job that you already had in the first place. That’s right, they want to falsely pump up their placement ratings so that they can lure in the next one.

  • Ci
    circumvent Oct 12, 2010

    There is a HUGE difference between traditional post-secondary institutions(REAL Universitites and Colleges) and PRIVATE/CAREER/VOCATIONAL Businesses. The former are public, regionally accredited institutions that are time-tested and respected in the marketplace, in so far as education is concerned. The latter are SELF-ACCREDITED private businesses, out to turn a profit.

    The credits do not transfer because there are absolutely NO similarites to the course content and structures between the two. Take an Everest College "course" and then attempt the alternative at a traditional University and notice the night and day differences between the two.

    I do not need to get into specifics about these types of places and their ongoing scams. That stuff is splattered ALL over the internet. Everest and all of these other private schools are viewed by HR professionals and employers as nothing more than FAST-FOOD education. It may acutally be more of a negative having one of their "diplomas" then in not having one at all.

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  • Pa
    Paulb04 Oct 14, 2010

    Glad to see that others are fighting this locally.

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False Advertising/Unqualified Teachers

I attened Everest College and was really excited about making a difference in peoples lives. During the...

kicked out of school for no reason

i was a student at everest college online. i was thrown out of everest i was on disability at the time and could not keep up with their class schedule according to them. now they want me to pay them money that i do not have someone need to do something with these types of issues that they can defraud the goverment out of money and expect us to repay that loan when i could not even log into my classes. because after they recieved the 5 thousand dollars from the feds now the feds want me to pay for something i did not recieve,

  • Ci
    circumvent Oct 09, 2010

    Getting kicked out of Everest "college" could be one of the best things that ever happened to you. Now regroup and go to a real college!

    1 Votes


I am speaking with a lawyer about filing a Class Action Suit against Everest-Reseda, Ca. Please join me and...

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Poor quality of care for students

I am currently attending Everest Institute & I have 2 quarters left (thank God)!!! My story may sound meanial to some but it really really pissed me off. So I posted on the Everest website that the school sucked & I was pissed off at how I was being treated. Well as you will see Everest hired a Jon B. to "monitor" the website. He sure was friendly at first, boy did he want to help me solve my issue, I was impressed!! How naive I can be and at 34 I am pathetic!!! Lesson learned though!! I will send all that I can hopefully in the proper order of events. Nonetheless PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE research before you choose this school!! They really are out to get just your money!! My best advice is to go to your local community college. And finally if you do run into problems during or after attending...and God forbid you speak the truth...they will ban you from the website or erase your comments altogether!! Good Luck & God Bless:
Hi Jon, I will tell you all. Wed. Sept. 1st I woke up not feeling well. I have a 12:00 class only at the East campus in Rochester, NY. After taking some Milk of Magnesia I decided to give it a go & attempt class. It's the only one I have on Wednesdays. Half way to school I had to "use the facilities" & just prayed I would get to school on time!! When I got to school I was stopped at the 2nd door by the security guard. Mind you, I thought he put his hands on me!! He said I can't let you in the building & I said excuse me...why? He said bc you are wearing flip-flops. Ohh I said...but I don't have a lab class so I'm all set!! He said it didn't matter that I had to have sneakers on. (I knew about the new dress code at Everest...that if u r in Medical Assisting you have to wear your scrubs even if you don't have a lab class), I didn't know they were enforcing a shoe policy as well & said as much. Well, the se curity guard looked at me & said why don't we ask your fellow classmates what they think I should let you do? See, there were 2 girls standing to the left of the entrance door in front if Jim Teales office (he is the dean of the East campus). Now not only were these girls not my fellow classmates...I had never seen them before. The one girl said I should be let in cause it sounded like I reAlly didn't know about the new rule but make sure I wore sneakers the next time, & the other girl said I should be let in too bc she thought I didn't know the new rule too, but that be sure that next time I wore my sneakers. The security guard said ok I am going to let you go in today bc I believe you didn't know the new policy but also bc I have never seen you b4 you must be new. I turned to him & said Sir...I have been coming here for 2 years now!! Well I've never seen you b4 was again his response. I walked away & as I did he shouted remember at me while pointing his finger at me. Needless to say I used the facilities spoke with my teacher & left. When I got home I called the school to complain..1. bc I truly believed he had put his hands on me which is uncalled for & 2. he involved 2 otther students for no reason when it was none of their business. I told the receptionist a short story of what happened & was directed to the Presidents secretary Karen. After speaking with her (she was extremely helpful & concerned for my well-being), she told me she would call me back ASAP. Two hours went by so I called her back & left a voice message. Another hour & half I decided to go a different route, so I called & got Christine who was answering the phones. I asked to be directed to the East Campus which she said she didn't think they were answering over there but she put me through anyway. When no one answered I hit 0 & got redirected back to her. I said can I have Mary Hodges please to which her response was...if you wanted her in the 1st place why didn't you just ask? Let me transfer!!! (I want to know if phone conversations r recorded so someone can listen to how rude she was to me)!!! So Mary Hodges answered & I told her my story. I told her I needed to know if I should get a lawyer bc my step-father is (acctually he's retired but I was so upset I kept saying is) a parole officer for Irondequoit & he told me to call the police bc no one should have touched me. Mary said no let's try to settle this 1st. She said she was going to talk to the appropriate people & she didn't know how long it would be before someone returned my call, but she would get back to me too. Within 5 minutes I received a call. I said hello...and it was Jim Teale the dean of the East campus. He said Kim I'm Jim Teale & Karen the Presidents secretary told me you neede to ospeak to me right away, what's goin on? I told him & as I was he kept making smart ### remarks like...well that doesn't sound right...that doesn't sound like him...& when I got to telling him about the police he said fine call the police very sarcastically & I literally lost it Jon!!! I was thinking r u kidding me right now!! I said who the ### do you think your talking to??? Jim said excuse me & I said you don't know who you are dealing with buddy!!! I really don't remember much after that I know I calmed down bc he said he would review the tape of the guard to see if he touched me. I forgot to say that I also told him if he were to put the 2 girls standing at his door in front of me I would not recognize them, hr still said 2 minutes later or less well who are the girls. I thought REALLY...Really I just got done telling you I would not recognize them I have never seen them before, I felt like he wasn't listening to me!! So he said he would talk to the guard, the girlks, & review the tape. On Wednesday the 8th of September I had 12:00 class as usual, however we had to do a survey for the school so when i finished since some of my classmates weren't done yet I went & saw Mary. Oh yeah I forgot when I got off the phone with Jim Teale I called Corinthian Colleges & spoke with Dean bc I could not believe how Jim had spoken to me & reacted. Dean told me to write everything down & give a copy to Mary Hodges ASAP. I gave Mary Hodges my statement on Weds. Sept. 8th 2010. We talked & I told her how I felt about Jim & that he had upset me sooooo bad that I had "dropped the f bomb" on him!! Mary said I couldn't do that but what was done was done & I told her he had REALLY upset me!!! She went & found Jim Teale & they came to Mary Hodges office together where I was waiting. When Jim Teale came into the room he was very loud & obnoxious sounding to me, Kim he boomed I'm Jim Teale & we spoke last Wedn. Sept.1 2010. Jon, he sat down & we looked each other dead in the eyes. He did start insulting me bc he said something about me cursing at him on the phone, but it sounded threatening to me. I don't think he knew I had told Mary Hodges that I had sworn at him. Like I said his demeanor & attitude matched how he spoke to me over the phone so I was again upset. He told me he reviewed the tape & that the security guard did not at any time touch me, which I responded to well...I really thought he did!! I do know this much he was in my personal space...a little too close for comfort...know what I mean?? And then Jim Teale said he spoke with the two girls outside his door at the time & that both girls said they just offerred their opinion. My response to that was they were lying & that the security guard had specifically asked them what he thought they should let him do to me. Jim Teale said there was no way to prove it bc there was no audio on the tape. They asked me what they could do to remedy the situation & I asked to speak with the security guard. So, they brought him into Mary Hodges office with Mary Hodges, Jim Teale, & myself present. He sat across from me at the desk. I asked him if he remembered me & if he remembered stopping me from entering the building on Wedn. Sept. 01, 2010 bc I had flip-flops on. He replied vaguely, to which I responded vaguely you remember me or the situation, to which he said both. I found this hard to believe if Jim had questioned him about the incident already. Anyway, I told him I would refresh his memory & so I began recalling the details. He interrupted me when I told him that the 1st girl said to let me in, to which he said I did let you go...I said can I finish...he waved his hands & started raising his voice & said but I did let you in!! Again I asked him if I could finish talking, I said there;s more though!! I said yes you did let me go only after you heard the other girl say to let me go too. But you also said you thought I was new & you had never seen me before, which Jim Teale said to me yyou can't pin him for that he's new here. In fact Jim Teale said it twice to me, maybe even 3 times, which I couldn't comprehend bc the security guard had told me he had never seen me b4 as though he had been working at Everest for years, when he stopped me. So, I said then why did you say that to me bc I told you I have been here for 2 years? The security guard told me that he had no idea the girls were not my classmates & that I had never seen them b4. he said he trys to make friends with the students. (My thoughts on this is REALLY...REALLY...c'mon is that in your job description, but I kept my mouth shut). He said that he was oking around with me that day & that I obviously didn't see that, & he said he was sorry, he said it was his "bad" several times to me. He also said that everything I had reiterated back to him was true up to where I said he pointed his finger at me & shouted remember. my response ti him was ok...r u vaguely sure or what, to which he said what, and I again repeated my question of r u vaguely sure you recall it that way?? He looked very sheepishly at me, which made me wonder if he was told to say certain things to me, & it may have backfired on him. I was suspicious. Jim Teale then said Kim what can we do to resolve this & I told them I wanted to see the tape but then again if there was no audio what good would that do me. I also said I felt like I was backed into a corner bc according to Jim Teale he had spoken to both girls & they had the same story. i told them the two girls were lying but who would believe me. I do know that I should have asked to speak with the girls but by this point I was REALLY upset & angry so I looked at the security guard & said dont look at me don't speak to me nothing...& picked up my books & left. As I did the security guards mouth was agape & Jim Teale was shouting literally shouting...thanks Kim he repeated it thanks Kim...thanks after that the door had shut!! His attitude stinks, i feel like he was mocking me!!! All around Jon I am not happy with how I was treated, I think the security guard was told what to say in Jim Teales private quarters. Mary Hodges is the only one who has been sympathetic towards me during all of this!! In fact I was asked what could be done & I said get rid of the security guard & Jim Teale had said to me he never touched you so I WILL NOT fire him. As I said b4 I did not verbally say anything but the security guard was definitely in my personal space & made me feel extremely uncomfortable which can probably be seen on the tape. Soooo Jon thats it, there you go. When I got home yesterday I called Dean & left him a message at Corinthian Colleges to complain about Jim Teale but I have yet to hear back from him. Thank you for your time Kim Martinez! This was Jon B.'s reply:
Hi Kim, this is Jon from Everest's Campus Support Center. I saw your comment on our Page and was hoping you could give me as many details as possible on your situation. Can you give me a chronological breakdown of what's happened and the names of the people involved? I'm going to do what I can to help you here; hopefully, I'll be able to speed up the response process as well. :)
Then a girl Jocelyn contacted me:
look up Everest C Reseda on facebook! they have alot info on Everest shady ways! I fowarded it to Jon B. for answers bc I was really concerned!! Jon B. responded by telling me to take it with a grain of salt that's it (unfortunately I deleted that e-mail but verbatum that was his words)!!
Sooo then I received an e-mail which Everest deleted that told me Jon B. would not help me out here is what I was able to save & this is what I forwarded to Jon B.:
I appreciate your help & concern 4 me, however quite a number of people have sent me links & comments regarding how they too were treated poorly after graduation. So much so that it really causes concern from both myself & my husband who is not real happy right now that I am receiving this kind of feedback!!! And for your comment to me about taking these comments with a grain of salt...why would you say that to me?? Rather than downtalk the girl Mara you just said she;s trouble. You did no kind of satisfactory explaining to me convincing me I should ignore her!!! In fact she is coinvincing me of the bad things about Everest!!! Don't pawn me off to Career Mara claims you do here
Mara BossLadii Lopez Jon B. is NOT going to help you. He is going to send you in circles just like the rest of the paid staff of CCi. Call your local senators and congressmans and petition for regulation for the for profit sector!! NO MORE GOVERNMENT MONEY FOR THESE CORPORATE PIGS! THEY THRIVE OFF YOUR LOANS!
Finish what you started!!! If you saw my posting & felt obliged to reply to it, then you should care enough to see it through to the end, otherwise I take it as you are someone they hired to deter people from the what they want...THE TRUTH!!! And as for your comment about doing the research myself that was not appreciated bc I typed in the address EXACTLY as she put it & bam there it was. I am not a child, I am a 34 year old GROWN woman who is VERY VERY VERY concerned about her decision to choosing the school she did to better her life & career!!! I should NOT be treated like anything but with the upmost respect bc of the way my "situation" has been 1. handled & 2. Those people who treated me disrespectfully!!!
He didn't answer me so I sent him this too:

----- Original Message -----
From: YouTube Service
To: [protected]
Sent: Friday, September 10, 2010 11:09 PM
Subject: KimmyMartinez1000 sent you a video: "For-Profit Colleges Investigated for Fraud"

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KimmyMartinez1000 has shared a video with you on YouTube:

For-Profit Colleges Investigated for Fraud
As reported in the New York Times, a recent and disturbing trend in "higher education" shows a large number of students being scammed by for-profit colleges and trade schools. Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, a civil justice law firm located in Sacramento, California, has been helping students fight back.
© 2010 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
Still nothing so I sent this e-mail sent from a student to me:

go to to find out more information.
Yeah, I was escorted off campus when i was there asking about the mishandling of my student funds. I guess the investigation by the Government should be taken with a grain of salt too. But then hell if my job was in jeapordy I would tell people that too.. LOL (NOT!...I am a journalist so I tend to find and report the truth) oh I have gotten some nasty emails since I posted on their FB asking questions about. One from some chic who has no clue how to read (or write for that fact).
Why were Maras comments deleted she was just stating her opinion??? It just makes me more wary!!!
Well like a dumb bum I deleted his response that came 4 days later & I found out the school closed my case without discussing it with me!! They felt the dean didn't owe me an apology!!! This is a website for anyone wh is having problems with this terrible place: Gool luck everyone I pray your outcome is better than mine :)

  • Pa
    pattichinamo Apr 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ok, now any solutions? How do we solve our fraud issues. I was never placed or can not get a job with my degree.

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Everest Must Go Down

Hi my name isn't really Stuart but that's not why I'm really here. I contacted Everest re: their Admistrative Assistant program. The recruiter I spoke to was really nice and enthusiastic. This program included everything I wanted to learn, including Microsoft office programs. The price? 14k! $14, 000!! She was very convincing in telling me how much cheaper that is in comparison to spending tons of money at a University. I was excited and took a little time to think about it. But then I read some reviews on Everest and found that the reviews are mostly negative. (Please google) I did more research...

Everest is not an accredited school. (Check US Dept of Education or Google for info on the importance of accrediation)

Secondly, I found the same program at a local, accredited Community College. They offer an administraive assistant certificate. A certificate allows a student to take only classes that pertain to the degree. It's a faster process, and really for someone who is looking to get into a career quickly.. This program offres the same classes as Everest's program, incl businss courses, accounting, and all of Microsoft Offices. Their price? $26.00 per unit. The cert is 35 units total, for a grand price of $910. And of course, there are fees such as health, for which I paid $24, parking passes, and books. But even with the price of books I will be paying nowhere near $14, 000.

My advise...Everest is a school for those looking to take career-oriented classes, and get through them in a shorter time frame. Most community colleges offer this option as well via certificats or AA degrees, so it would be a good idea to start there first.

I'm on a mission to bring Everest down lol. Everest is run by a corporate machine out to make money, masked by over enthusiastic admission reps and convincing commericals. I do not support them. I was even going to apply for a job with them until I found more info. I would never want to be apart of an organization like that.

For those complaining about Everest's promises to find a job...I've been applying and searching for a new job for awhile. It's going to be tough, and no school has magical job placement powers. The job market is very competitive right now, and you'll more than likely have to go at it alone. If anything, you should be more corcerned about the fact that the Everest "powers that be" care more about making thier pockets fat than giving students a quality education. That's not to say that some of the classes are not of quality, but if some of the programs they offer can be done for cheaper at an accredited school I think someone that cared about me would tell me that.

  • Hu
    Hunney Aug 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i understand i am currently enrolled in everest for a career as PCT patient care technician. I was extremely happy when i started only to be dissapointed by the end. the only reason im still with it is because it costs $15000!!! All that i did in the class and lab includin books &uniform really dont add up to 15 grand! This course is really just a CNA course but a fancier name. Most medical professionals from what im seeing dont know what that is. Me and my other classmates are concerned because all they are helpin are pharmacy tech & medical assistants. everything else is whatever. The career services dept. has bad attitutes, dont call you and say do things ahead of time when they LOOSE your information (with ssn# and all) all the time, and your in their office refilling out the same paperwork u filled out 2 weeks prior for the 3rd time. they send you on externships that are about an 1hr away from where u live, without you knowing, and to top that off... They don't check these places out in person! they meet with the individuals or talk to them over the phone, but as far as checking the place out to see if its legit & safe. Thats the failing part!!! Everest really does need to get it together. Im going to a community college to try for my RN i should've did this in the begining. Shame on me. If you attend after reading this then shame on you!

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  • Fo
    Former Dissatisfied Student Aug 31, 2010

    Hi Stuart,

    For sake of argument, I'll be Stuart 2. I couldn't agree with you more. Everest and Corinthian Colleges must go down. One point I might disagree with is that at least the Phoenix Campuses are Accretitted with the NCA Higher Learning Commission in Chicago, albeit the Phoenix Campuses are on Probation with that organization. You might find more information search the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (the official name). If you were involved in their Paralegal Program, you might also look at the American Bar Association Standing Committee of Legal Assostants in Chicago for information they may have. Finally, each campus is licensed through the state in which they are located, for example, here in Arizona the campuses are licensed through the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and I am certain your local licensing agency has a wealth of information you might find helpful.

    If, at the end of the day, you find that you cannot reach resolve of your issues and are desirous of gaining their undivided attention, you may write a letter addressed to Jack D. Mossimino, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corinthian Colleges, Incorporated, 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 400, Santa Ana, California 92707. Besure to "CC" copies of your correspondence to the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413 and to your local licensing organization. You might, if you really want to stir it up, include copies of your communications to Peter Waller, Chief Executive Officer and Matthew Ouimet, Chief Operating Officer of Corinthian Colleges at the above referenced CCI address, also remember to include a copy being sent to the President and/or Dean of your local campus. Somehow, the alleged powers that be get moving real quick when the realize you just might have a legitimate complaints and cost them even more scrutiny by the watchdogs over them. If all else fails, do what the guy on the People's Court says: "Don't take matters into your own hands...take them to court." I am and I expect to win. Good luck!

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  • To
    Totalwasteofmytime Sep 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Stuart, I believe everything that you said about Everest is the whole truth. I am talking with a lawyer to file a suit against the school but I need around 20 students who were wronged also. I hope people reach out and join so we can stop these fraudulant schools from pocketing our money!!

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  • Ci
    circumvent Oct 09, 2010

    I attended this ###-hole when it was called CDI. All of these private "schools" are not really schools. They are self-accredited businesses out to turn a profit. They are not respected in the marketplace like traditional post secondary schools are and the quality of their "programs" are sub-par. They should stop comparing themselves to traditional Universities and Colleges as they are not even in the same galaxy. They try to portay themselves as some form of alternative to proper schooling yet if you attend a REAL University you will notice the night and day difference between the two.

    They prey on peoples insecurities and desperation. If you are just out to get a fast-food education and be able to have cheap bragging rights with your friends and family ala, "I got myself a college edjumacation!" then attend a private college. If you want a Degree or Diploma with value; one that will probably land you a respectable job, then go to a tradiational school.

    And no. Traditional colleges DO NOT accept the basic, high-school level "credits" from private/career colleges and I do not blame them.

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College or Used Car lot peddling degrees. Like myself and so many others who have fallen victim to these...


I started attending Everest in October of 2009. I completed classes in May 2010. I am 33 years old.

I am currently doing my externship.

First I want to say that I have never been late. I had perfect attendance. I maintained a 97 percent GPA and was involved in their Ambassador program.

The first externship I was assigned to was a total joke. Like I kept waiting for a crew to pop up and tell me I was on Candid Camera.

Long story short:

The doctor, who was not actually a doctor, but a PA, apparently showed up whenever she damn well pleased. I was told she had been up to 2 hours late.

No one else had a key to the office, meaning that they can't do anything until she gets there. They also didn't get paid for the time they spent there, when she wasn't present. Whenever she decides to show up is when people start getting paid. She makes no effort to tell people in advance what will be expected of them.

They were using white out on their paperwork, which is a no-no in medical offices and much of their charting was illegible.

The sole, existing employee was a 19 year old kid who does not have a phlebotomist's license and who is not OSHA or HIPAA certified, but is performing venipunctures and injections on patients. He had no idea how to take blood pressure manually. The doctor apparently just showed him how to do these things.

Blood and urine specimens were being stored in the same fridge with food and drink. Someone put a vaccutainer in the centrifuge, with a loose lid. There was plasma all over the counter.

I got a new site, per my own request, mostly because I didn’t want to work somewhere that was breaking so many laws, lest I somehow become implicated in them. I was reassigned to an organization that provides vaccinations, health screenings and various other services, to large companies.

The building I’m doing my externship in is not used to see patients, despite having several perfectly good exam rooms. Patients occasionally come there for routine blood work. But it is rare. It is actually a business office for an organization that does lab work, offers vaccines and provides health screenings for employees of large corporations.

Eight or so months ago, I let some overly enthusiastic admissions rep talk me into training to become a medical assistant. If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I would not attend this school. I wish I had just gone back to college to finish my real degree, instead of putting myself even further in debt with this useless ###. They act like you need to sign up as soon as possible and you can't wait. They even do the loan information right then and there. That should have been a tip-off, that their priorities lie in making money and not actually educating or helping others procure employment.

The product that I thought I was buying from Everest in no way resembles what I ended up with. I did everything they said to do, showed up every day, did my work and whatnot. They make it sound so much better than it really is.

When the time comes, they are scrambling and desperate to provide their students with externships, when there aren’t enough to go around, and only a small percentage of them will have students doing anything remotely similar to what they learned at school.

And most of those sites, were they to hire you, will only pay you minimum wage anyway. I could have gotten a minimum wage job WITHOUT spending 7 months at Everest. Someone please tell me why I did this again? Because I can’t remember.

What irks me is how hard the admissions reps try to sell it. They embellish your odds of getting a better job. The stats I heard about this place got more a more dire, the longer I'd been in the school. My admissions rep told me that the chances of job placement were almost ninety percent. Slowly that number got smaller and smaller. A few months later, I find out that it's closer to 25, and that most of those people obtained their jobs on their own, without the assistance of Everest.

They tell you that you're guaranteed an extern site. But slowly that evolves into them encouraging you to go and find your own site, despite not having any real connections or resources available to us, to do just that.

When I dared to complain about my second site, they tried very hard to make me feel like I was the one with the problem, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I would even go so far as to call it brainwashing. We are lucky apparently, that they help us at all. Because apparently fifteen grand isn't enough to compensate them for their trouble.

I was told that they were going to drop me, if I didn’t stop whining, because being a medical assistant means having to do things like cleaning toilets and dusting furniture. None of which were we informed about duing our seven mods. Now I understand people needing a ride home. But I don't have an extra helmet anyway.

I actually don’t have a problem with doing that type of stuff. I just assumed that they would be in addition to my main reason for being there, which would be something medical in nature. It never occurred to me that my main purpose for being there was to.

Here’s what admissions reps need to be telling prospective students.

1. Medical assisting CAN pay up to $25 an hour. But the chances of that are very rare.

2. It’s more likely that you’ll be making $8 an hour instead, which is barely enough to live off of, when you’re attempting to pay back your loans.

3. Medical assistants basically exist to do all the grunt work, so the doctors and nurses don’t have to.

4. One is not intended to have a real career as a medical assistant. It’s actually considered a stepping stone to becoming an LVN, which of course you will do through Everest college, because the more money you drop there, the better.

4. Medical assistants will probably be doing very little that is medical in nature.

5. Medical assistants are likely to be glorified janitors, spending their time sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, watering plants, feeding the fish, dusting, taking out the trash, doing the doctor’s dishes.

6. Everest will provide you with an extern site. But the truth is, if you want a decent one, you’ll have to go out and find it yourself.

7. Everest will try to help you find a job, once you graduate. But the truth is, the chances of you being hired anywhere are only about 25 percent or less.

8. You can get a job just as easily without going to Everest, as you can if you DO go to Everest.

9. Everest will do as little as they think they can get away with.

Bottom line. I pray to God I get a job somehow. I cannot believe I fell for such a scam.

  • Ju
    J U L I A Jun 18, 2010

    I have NO idea where the sentence "now I understand people needing a ride home. But I don't have an extra helmet anyway" came from. It just appeared there in the middle of my post. Freaky.

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  • Ci
    circumvent Jul 09, 2010

    I went to the "school" back when it was called CDI and before that, the Toronto School of Business. Yes, that many name changes, and all in the span of like, 6 years!!! My experience in regards to their "stats" was similar, when they are trying to enroll you with their little sales pitches, the placement rates are excessively high, I was also told they had "job scouts" who came to the school from corporations to scoop up the "best grads", I was told that they were linked to specific employers who exclusively hired everest grads and I was given examples of jobs I could apply for at 60K a year(all turned out to be complete and total BS!) Eventually as the program progressed the expectations dropped and little hints of what we could really expect were dropped. Some of the instructors asked students what they wanted to do after graduation and asked us if we wanted to go back to school ?! We were confused...wasn' this enough?! Weren't they linked to employers?...Why ask that question?! As the "modules" progressed we realized how sub-par the course work was and that the general public was not fooled by this place. Their reputation was horrible and the chances of getting hired with one of these pseudo-diplomas were extremely slim. The morale was so low at this place...both students and instructors. Strange thing is that, they hired ex students to instruct some of the lame! I had to fight to get my diploma from them as they claimed I still had to complete some useless module on resume construction that I did complete! I contacted them for a transcript recently of all those illustrious and NON TRANFERRABLE credits and they had no records of me ever being there. I guess their name changes coincide with the loss of transcripts! Very professional! I no longer put this place on my resume as I feel it is a drawback and I am embarrassed of ever have been there. Avoid at all costs...all you get is massive debt, a useless diploma and a blow to your ego.

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Lies and Promises

My name is Carrie and I maxed out my school loans, I am entitled to a lump sum over my academic needs and i have yet to see it or be paid, Salle Mae says the school is responsible but getting someone to take responsibility is like pulling teeth. Corporate doesnt respond to phone calls or emails. Its tradgic and im fed up so im going to the next level. OH yes I am, Im taking to the board of Education. Ive had enough.
I wont lay down and just blog, oh no they are going to fix this.
They make promises of resources they do not posses they make promises of finance and dont have the knowledge to back it up once they are proven wrong. I am a current student and I will make sure that this doesnt happen to anyone else before i leave here.

  • Ma
    mark graham Jul 15, 2011

    I think I love you carrie, your complaint is the same thing that is happening to me at this very moment. I wish you all the luck in the world. Hope it works out for you.

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Poor education

i was about to graduate from everest university online when i started receiving letters claiming i owe 7000...

Education and Price

Everest College is one of the worst college that I know and should be avoided. Specially the one in...

Financial Aid

I am a graduate of Everest University, (formerly Florida Metropolitan University) in Brandon, FL. When the...

Sorely Mislead

My name is Bill, I attended Everest College to take Network Administration. I'm 43 years of age and i...

False advertisment

The commercials’ advertising educational opportunities at Everest are ridicules. Whether it is a technical school program or a professional allied health program- it is not easy. The commercials market towards those individuals who are working multiple jobs and raising children. The trouble is it is NOT easy- you have to study and work hard - but they don't advertise the pride of working hard. I want them to stop saying "it’s easy". Everest has already been sued in the past for false advertising job placement.

  • Ba
    babyback50 Apr 16, 2010

    I am a 50 year old disabled person who signed up for everest college online. since i could not complete my assignments on time i was forced to quit. now the fed gov wants me to pay for classes i did not complet do not believe the advertisement about this school it is a RIP OFF

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  • Co
    Cody - utah Mar 29, 2011

    My name is Cody from Utah. I went to Everest College and graduated on the "Presidents List" and the "Deans List" practically every quarter but in the end I find that the financial "Cost" of Everest did not exactly make the "Reward" (Some dumb piece of practically useless obsolete piece of paper called a diploma which was laughed at by Dr.'s) feel worth my while, AT ALL!! I damn this waste of my life and time. I wish this school would be closed down FOR GOOD because it MUCKED up my life more than any other decision that I have ever made in my ENTIRE LIFE and I want it closed so it couldn't poorly affect anyone else's life!!! I hope the UNITES STATES GOVERNMENT can fix this fraud issue before the public gets fed up with this waste of capital. Thank you Everest for ruining my financial life. Put that [censor] on one of your commercials, then no one would ever want to sue you for fraud, BECAUSE THEY WOULD KNOW THE TRUE SIDE OF EVEREST. Too bad AMERICA is so [censor]ing corrupt! in a true America I would be generally defended against the TYRANT EVEREST Corp. because the LAWMAKERS a.k.a. DICTATORS could understand and take SERIOUS-Just. action against FRAUD. FRAUD IS EVERYWHERE When will we have justice?

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  • Mi
    MissTz Jul 09, 2013

    I don't think Everest is all that bad. Just like ANY school, the work is going to be difficult. No college is going to just hand you easy courses to get a degree quickly. I'll admit, the tuition fees are a bit costly but it's more affordable than other colleges. Anybody is going to have a difficult time completing college if they work multiple jobs and are a single parent. It isn't Everest's fault if you can't juggle everything. I know people who have gotten really great jobs after graduating from Everest. It is a for-profit school, but it doesn't mean that the diploma you receive is useless. You're still learning the same requirements needed for the program you choose. I'm going for Accounting. My math isn't invalid or false. My grades aren't fake. Everything is legit, it's just a little more expensive than community college.

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Bad education

I had taken the Medical Billing and Coding course at this school in hopes of attaining an entry level position in a medical office. Turns out that this so called "hands on training" I had received was useless.Now, I am not only penniless, I am now 14, 000 in debt.I have a bad credit rating as it is because I have medical bills that I cannot pay because I had been unemployed for three years.Now, I am worse off than before. What am I to do now?

is a SCAM

Hi My name is Lupe and i graduated from everest college in the city of san bernardino, cali in 2008 as a medical assistant and well yea they say they'll help you look fora job or whatevers but they really dont do [censored] but sit on their ### all day and convince more and more people to get into their colleges. Then they give you a loan that supposeably your going to re-pay 6 months after you graduate but how the hell are we gonna pay it if we dont have a job????!!!? so since i still havent found a job because all the places ask for experience i am not payn the loan so there for my credit got all messed up thnx to [censored]en everest. EVEREST COLLEGE is just a PIECE of [censored] college. So People if you guys wanna go back to school go to a real college cause everest is just a fake ### college so is U.E.I

  • Eg
    egmd Mar 02, 2010

    Do you think that the reason you haven't been able to find employment is because you lack communication skills? How are you supposed to accurately track patient issues when you can't even get through a poorly written paragraph without gross misspellings and a lack of punctuation?

    -1 Votes
  • Gw
    Gwilkins0924 Jun 21, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Egmd, she obviously didn't learn ### at school, so give her a break ###.

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I am a Massage student and was recently injured by in instructor at EVEREST COLLEGE BREMERTON WASHINGTON>> I am outraged! I had to go to the ER and then to mY DR. on Meds now cus this Instructor Hurt me on the table even after I said to back off she kept pushing on me.
It later came to the President of the school. and all they were concerd with was my so called disruption in class. cus I said I was going to another school since I feel Threatened and afraid of my Instructor! Can U belive this school they have a bad name all thro the US, and they are all about the money. I was Told by the President of the school to my face they dont care about the students its what the Instructors say is what they belive. even with a DR note right in front of this Ladys Face!
They have changed names atleast 3 times I know of in are state, there is Current Law suite against this school Now mine sad to say. and I only have 3months of school left what a waste of money that I have to attend another school cus these people are out there Ever loving minds!!!


Worst School ever

I'm writing this review wherever I can so people won't get burned like my wife did: My wife...

False advertisement

I went to EVEREST IN CANADA, BARRIE, ONTARIO SURE It was great while I was going there, BUT I HAD 4...

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