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Axia College / college

Apr 15, 2018

I enrolled in 2007 for business and health admin I was discharged from school for having surgery that I couldn't help and they wouldn't not let me finish . I have had my tax money take every year for the past 9 years my husband filled a dorm to get it back each year that cost us over a...

Axia College / Where to start...

Mar 20, 2017

Axia CollegeI've been through hell because I started Axia back in 2005. My tax returns are still bein taken 12 year's later when all was going to be covered by financial aid... no credits transferred, charged for classes when I filed for a temporary medical leave. And I have student loan's because of...

Axia College / Teachers are rude!


I had a good expierence with Axia College and I am still attending. I have a teacher by the name of Lynne Schumal. Did anyone have her? Please let me know. She is mean and harrasing to me. She is the only teacher like that. I had a bad run in with her. She is not heplful and controling. I...

Axia College / Terrible Instructors


I enrolled in Axia College in February of 2008. The academic counselor told me that the courses were going to be paid for by loans that would not be owed for at least 10 years after my graduation. I have had a myriad of instructors that were marginal and experienced a severe lack of follow...

Axia College / Awful experience


I simply cannot understand why anyone could be proud of this learning institution. Prior to enrolling, I made it clear to the enrollment counselor that I was on Social Security disability for a mental illness. I was never told of any ADA accomodation, I was never explained the cost of...

Axia College / Terrible experience


I am 49 and after being a stay at home mom for 20 years I began working full time in 1999. With no formal training except for my art I began working full time in retail and decided to get in to a career field that I knew would be stable down the road since I plan to work till I am in my...

Axia College / Fraud and cheating


I too have been scammed by the school... Financially, this 'Education Experience' has cost me double what a regular in class education would have, except I don't have a degree from them and I am still paying for it, 6 years later! Recently I have found out that they have...