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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved false advertising

everest college is a scam and we are so screwed...this is a warning. i feel sorry for myself that i am going...

Resolved Rip-off

I just graduated from everest college in Burr Ridge, IL and it was a complete waste of money and time. They...

Resolved Awful school

Before I even decided to go to this school, I read some reviews of the school online, I saw that many of the...

Resolved Refund for class that was cancelled

Today's date is feb 23, 2009...still now money. This is a letter I sent October 9th, 2009. I don't think this is right, or fair.

Dear Martha,

I was speaking with Sandra today and she informed me that you are the Regional VP. I have matters and concerns that I would like to bring to your attention.

First of all I would like to give you a little bit of information about myself, so you might understand my grief. I am a single mother of 3, and I rent a home through Ontario housing. My income for a year, through child support alone is $13, 656. I have been dreaming of going back to school to gain a career for many years, and thought when my youngest is 6, and in full time school, that will be my chance. I kept seeing your add on the TV, and thought to myself, this is a sign to go for it. I made an appointment with Patricia in the Admissions Department, did the required test and passed. Patricia made me feel so excited about joining your school, I signed up right away MARCH 03, 2008 handing over a $100 deposit to guarantee my spot in the Medical Laboratory class starting date of SEPTEMBER 29Th, 2008. I had 6 months before I could start school, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was told there was things I had to do prior to entering the class:

Pre-entrance immunization report completed by my doctor, along with this I had to get 3 twinrix (hep A & B needles) so far I have received 2 my next one due is in January 2009. Each needle COST: $62.69 X2 = 125.38

I also had to get a TB skin Test COST $ 40.00

For my OSAP done through Everest financing I had to get a Statutory Declaration filled in and signed by August from the City of Brampton COST $30.00

I had to en roll my daughter into a child car service while I was attending school. I had to register my daughter into PLASP to start September 3rd, to secure her placement, for when I was to start September 29Th. COST $40 Registration fee
$82. 80 bi-weekly
$15.30 PA DAYS
$11.80 Early release days
I had 3 payments come out in the month of September - 03, 15, and 29Th, also 1 PA day included in total...= $303.70 Because of my lack of income, I would be entitled to child subsidy, but they will not help with payments until my schooling had started.

I was extremely excited when I received in the mail my notice of assessment from OSAP with my assessment result dated September 07, 2008. It reads " Your OSAP application has been assessed and you are eligible to receive the following amount of funding:
Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan $12, 655
Canada Study Gran for Students with Dependents $1, 240
Millennium Bursary $3, 000

In order to receive the millennium bursary you had to apply prior to Sept 27, 2008, which I did.

September 19Th in the evening, I received a phone call from Sandra the director of administration telling me the class I should have been in was no longer, and could I come in to start the Medical Laboratory class September 22nd. I would be a week behind and would need to catch up. I nervously agreed knowing the additional work I would be having to do to catch up, and additional homework to my home life. I showed up early Monday morning all ready for class, feeling very nervous. I went to the reception area to sign in as told during our orientation. The receptionist told me to go to room #14. As I was walking into the classroom I was approached by the Med Lab teacher Alia. Alia was very rude to me asking why I was in her class, I mentioned that I was sent there by the reception. She replied by raising her voice, telling me I'm not in her class. I felt so embarrassed as she demanded for me to take a seat while she found out what was going on. As I sat there I thought I didn't pay money to be humiliated or have to play catch up. I left to go back to reception I wanted to speak with Sandra, the lady I spoke with on Friday night...there had to be something wrong. While I sat waiting for Sandra to arrive into work, Alia came into the reception area, she was talking down to me and being very sarcastic and rude, why I don't know. The receptionist witnessed everything, and said "don't worry I am reporting everything I just saw to Sandra", she was apologizing for Alia's behaviour. I just sat there wondering what was going on in total disbelief. Another lady came out (I don't know her name) asked me if I was OK, I shook my head and started to cry. She lead me to her office as I told her what had just happened. I saw Sandra and I could tell she felt badly about everything that has happened so far. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed now not being able to attend the class I had signed up for. Sandra was trying to find a solution. I wanted to start a fresh class like everyone else (I am paying like everyone else). I was then told the next class would be in November taught by Glenn (then finding out Glenn has retired and would not be teaching in November) and I was told by Cynthia the President that she did not have a replacement for him yet, when I came to meet with her and Sandra on the 29th of September. I was also informed by child care subsidy that they might have run out of funds to help pay for my child care by then. I am feeling like everything is against me. When I spoke to Cynthia she agreed that she felt terrible about everything that has happened, Cynthia said she would be contacting myself the following day to let me know what she could do in regards to compensation (including my $100 deposit return). That was on the 29th of September today's date is October 9th, and I have not heard from her, as of yet. Sandra had called to see how I was doing (which I thought was very kind).

Today I received a new assessment from OSAP now with the removal of the millennium. I don't see how this is fair why I should loose out on the millennium bursary when it was already approved, and I lost it because the class was cancelled. I asked everyone that if they were to change the dates to November for the next class would all my bursaries still be there...there answers "oh yes I don't see why not". When Caroline in the finance department reapplied my OSAP for the November class it automatically took off the millennium bursary since you only have until September 27th to apply for it...and this was all done on the 29th or there after.

I did everything that was required as a student. I understood that I was to follow all the rules outlined that I had signatured for. I am 42 years old and just wanted to move forward with my life for my family...and I feel like I have been held back, from no fault of my own. I really do believe that Everest College should either fix the OSAP millennium bursary or reimburse me the $3000 that was already there prior to the class being cancelled. And I feel like I have put out money that I really don't have for a class that was not there for myself...

Sandra has all the information that is required to verify everything I am stating is true and she knows the tremendous upset all this has caused myself. I would appreciate a response from yourself in the near future on what actions Everest intends to take to rectify this matter.

Thank you
Daneen Williams
25 Stokes Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4V3

  • Pk
    pkg Jul 25, 2009

    I just withdrew from Everest University and the school is a total rip off!!! My classes costed me $6060.00, they recieved $6333.00 from stafford loans and over $4000.00 from pell grant money from me. My refund check was only $660.34. They told me I had used up all my funds. The money the received from my stafford loan was enought op pay for my classes. What happen to almost $3000.00???? I wrote the Insector General to investigate my federal funds. I tell you BEWARE of EVEREST UNIVERSITY!!!

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    Pacific Northwest Aug 05, 2009

    I worked at Everest College and trust me they are only in it to get your money!! Their mission and goal statement "every student, every day, every time" is only in their best interest and gain! It's all about how many suckers per week the admissions reps can enroll -- then how many can they keep past the ad drop -- then how many can sit for 30 days --- yes, you are another number and stat to them.

    I have witnessed several times a student enrolled ---me as their admissions rep promising them everything we are "taught and trained" to do.. yet within a week or less everything falls apart!!!



    1 Votes



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Resolved No Diploma

Wow! What can I say? I studied at Everest for a year to be told that after completing everything I am still not getting my diploma. They even told me to start applying for jobs and university assuring me that I was done...and after $10, 000.00 I am not even getting my credential. I'm a wee bit miffed...

Everest College should have a disclaimer that reads:

"You may not be satisfied with our services. We only pretend to care ... please don't get this confused with actually caring. "

That's the end of my rant :P

  • Th
    The People Have Spoken Aug 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer you define your life by a little piece of paper...we the people should be miffed by your lack of wit...

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    KATHY32178 Mar 01, 2010


    0 Votes

Resolved advertisement

I called them to inform them that my daughter & I sat together to catch their advertisement on her attending their school. We watched "Peoples Court" on local #15 for one hour. In that one hour, Everest was advertised 12 times (every 7 min when commericals started). I phoned them to tell them (FYI), their advertisement is a turn off & that we will be looking elsewhere...".is your business doing that badly, I asked?" With that question, the operator started shouting at me. I hung up...they are very unprofessional!!! They are as obnoxious as Billy Mays selling things. Thank you for letting me blow!!!

  • Mi
    MisoSoup Feb 21, 2009

    Wow, do you have nothing better to do than watch the Peoples Court and call the advertisers to complain? Sad, very sad.

    But yeah, anyone who goes to Everett (or any for-profit school) is an utter ###. Especially online graduate programs. Legitimate grad programs pay YOU to go there.

    0 Votes

Resolved Awful place

I attended Everest Institute (formerly NIT) in Dearborn, MI for Massage Therapy in feb of 2007. I was very...

Resolved Scam/Ripping off people

They take you and tell you for your O.S.A.P and make promises to you, but never keep up there end of the...

Resolved Courses, Money, Abuse, Put aside, Many more!

Where do I start. First they told me that I would be perfect for the course Law Enforcement, take in the last grade I completed was grade 7.I am also completely disabled, but was told this was the course for me and yes I not understanding completely everything took the course. I passed every class except for three and one was due to I was in the hospital and miss a 1/2 day more then you are allowed to other wise I would have passed that class. I was threaten by other students, put in a complaint and was told there was nothing they could do about it. I had my desk spit on and the teacher was in the class well the student did it, but I was told to just sit down and put up with. I had a class where the teacher tried a swear jar because the other students swore so much I was uncomfortable in class exspcieally when there would get into big discusions about sex, and I mean right into detail, I am sorry that I am not gay and have nothing bad to say about them, but I feel they should keep there sex life just like a strait person should to them self not in class and the teacher would join in and talk about her sex life too? I wrote a formal complaint about this and hand it in, what a mistake. They had me in the same room with this teacher and read to her out loud well I was there, to make the teacher hate me even more. I was given a choice since I had to come back to the school and finish the classes I did not pass, which 2 were with her. I was told to drop my formal complaint or I would not be aloud to come back and finish my schooling. I am proud of myself for passing the classes I did pass and I want to graduate, but to go back now and have to put up with a teacher who knows I put a formal complaint in about her, do you think she is going to pass me?? I also was told that I was to come back on November 17, 2008 and my first class would start then. I asked is the date going to change since they do that on you and I was reassured it would not, I arrived to find it had started a week ago so I could go home and wait another year now to complete my course. The teacher who was teaching that class I have to say is a great teacher and tried everything to get me to be able to stay in the class and pass, but the head lady said NO! I am now stuck paying my O.S.A.P every moth even though I am not done my course and will not be done it until 2010. I feel I was lied to and feel they should be paying back my O.S.A.P since I am on disability and they lied to my about everything, threaten me with my course if I did not drop my formal complaint, and also about how it was a hands on school, plus they say they can help you get your high school diplomia, I asked about that and was informed that there is NO way the can help me I am on my own. I was also told that I should get a copy the credits I already got in there school. I am in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and looking to talk to someone who is higher up then just the the school. I am asking anyone if you can help me get a hold of someone, know a email, phone number, I would be great full since I am stuck paying 17 thousand dollars back to O.S.A.P even though I never complete my course yet????? my email is [protected]
Thank You

  • Mp
    mpatino Dec 11, 2008

    I agree and share my case with the board.
    [email protected] on Tue, November 11, 2008 8:53 PM
    I am a student at Everest College located in Toronto at 117 Eglinton Ave East.
    Everest College is just HUNTER OF MONEY!!! They don’t even explain the classes. Since September 2007 that I started Network Administrator program I went there to sit and read my books there is no explanation of anything and if you don’t understand and ask the instructor called Mihal Miu starts talking about his adventures and what he has done in South Caroline(U.S.A) with a truck company. I DIDNT PAY TOO MUCH MONEY TO LISTEN A LOSER LIKE THAT ONE ABOUT HIS LIFE AND AT THE END OF THE CLASS HE NERVER Explained nor answered the student concern.
    On October 28th 2008 I have done my 2nd test of Linux Administration and when I have requested a review Mihal Miu said to me to ask department of education because he didn’t care due that he is only replacing Mr. Yash (currently teaching accounting). Mihal Miu also told me that he knew my answer were wrong because he knows linux and he told me to look in Wikipedia for the correct answer. Where I have question myself Am I paying Everest College too much money to get an answer like this one?!
    So, I have called Department of Education and I talked to the director Andrew. Andrew told me that he won’t follow up my complaints due that he talked to the teacher Mihal Miu and he said that He has done the test review with me and that he said that the Linux Administration book has wrong information, and how the book is not an Everest book that is my problem . Mihal also told him that the other students answered correctly the question in the test because they didn’t miss too many classes as I did!
    Mr. Andrew also added that he has done a review about the teaching skills of Mihal Miu and the night students said that he is very good teacher and friendly person... Of course those kids will say that because that Mihal Miu play internet games with the students in the Computer lab located in the 2nd floor and he tell them jokes and say stupid things as they also do. Andrew the director ended up asking me if I have a personal issue or problem with Mihal Miu where I have answered "What was he talking about, I don’t even know the students names and I will have a personal issue???"
    Mr. Andrew as well told me that I missed many classes where I reminded him that due of my hours of work from 12AM to 8:30AM for the last 2 years I have been very sick due of the stress and the lack of sleep, I also added that in my college file is the doctors note where my doctor formally informed about my illness and why I have missed half of may 2008 and almost all June 2008.
    The fact is since the first project I got when Mihal Miu realized that I have some more knowledge and work experience than the other students in the computer lab HE CHANGED THE PROJECT AND HE GAVE ME AN OLD Project with more questions to complete and it had few difficult questions.
    Another fact, In the Windows 2003 test I have got 48% in the test so I technically failed and when I have checked the answers in my book I found that one of my question I DID Answer correctly BUT the test Software marked as Wrong, then I approached Mihal Miu to let him know the issue and that I passed the test Mihal said he will check the database to correct my mark on the test… HE NEVER DID IT. One week after Mr. Yash came back to teach us and he told me that my mark on the Windows 2003 test was 48% and that I failed. I ended up showing and explaining again to Mr. Yash that I informed Mihal Miu that my answer in the test was correct and he promised to correct my mark in the data base so at the end Mr Yash went back to the Software Database and check each answer in the Windows 2003 test!!!
    Finally I like to add that I have sent an email to Campus Director Marta Kombogiorgas and she didn’t answer.
    I have paid my Network Administration program of my RSPs $ 5, 000 CAD dollars and since last September 2008 I am monthly paying $ 249 CAD Dollars so I believe how I never caused any issues and I am always paying on time, I never asked for any penny to anyone and I rarely failed in tests.
    I deserve a formal review of my test and good tutor to teach me Linux Administration properly due that I have the right to understand Linux administration. This is a tool I never used and it’s very different of Microsoft Operating systems which I have been using for over 13 years

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  • Ra
    RachelAO Oct 28, 2009

    I am attending Everest College in newmarket for the Medical Office Adminatration course and I have gone through alot of ### with this school. First of all, in March 2009, I left a community college because I was not enjoying my program. I really wanted to back into school because I just wanted to get it done and over with so, I looked into going to Everest College. I called them, and the rep wanted me to come in THAT DAY to talk about enrolling. When I went in, the rep was really nice and asked me a bunch of questions about my previous education and my goals in life and blah blah blah. he told me how I could graduate in less than a year and how I would be guaranteed a job, and the school would help me with a placement when i was done, so I thought it was perfect considering I could start in just a few days. After words, I went to see the girl that delt with OSAP and I explained to her that I may have a problem getting all of my funding because I already had funding this year from my previous school, and he told me `that everything was fine and it would work out.`` So she told me that I could start school and then I could apply to OSAP in a few weeks.
    So the following week, was my first day at Everest. (oh by the way, i had to shell out $900 for my books because I had not yet applied to osap and needed my books right away). A few weeks into the course, I finally applied to OSAP. My tutition costs abour $10, 000 and my approximate funding would only be $7, 000 which means I would be out $3, 000. The reason for this is because I was only 18 at the time, not 2 years out of highschool, and still considred a dependant under my dad (even thought I am not living with him right now)(which is a major loophole in the system.) So I was really upset when I found out that I would be stillneeding to owe the school $3, 000 so Everest told me that I should write a letter to OSAP telling them why I needed the whole tutition amount. On 3 seperate ocassions I had to write letters explaining how I do not live with my dad anymore, a letter from my boyfriends parents proving that I live with them, a letter stating how much income comes in a month, and how my budget is laid out. I was hoping that OSAP would see that I was only working part-time, and could not afford the $3, 000 on my own. When the OSAP rep at Everest got the letters back from OSAP, they said that `this situationis too complicated`and they were only going to give me the $7, 000.
    So now I had to figure out another way to get the rest of the money. I tired applying for a student loan, but I did not get approved even with a co-signer. ( I just want to let you guys know that I was called intot the financail reps office quite a few times dealing with this money situation, they kept telling me everything was going to be fine, and everytime I thought everything was worked out, there was another problem.) So a few months ago, they called me again and we decided I would do the star program, which was i could make payments to the school after i graduated at 18% interest which was my last option. So we decided that was the route I was going to take, we didnt fill out any info though because I didnt want the school to take money out of my account). So I am in class 3 weeks ago thinking everything was FINALLY delt with, and another finance rep pulled me out of class regarding the money that I owed to the school. great. They had the nerve to tell me that about a month ago, Everst College had stopped doing the start program so now I would have to pay the $3, 000 in full NOW. Well how the hell am I going to do thatÉ I only have 4 months of school left and I have been dealing with this BEFORE I even atrted the course. I TOLD THE SCHOOL that I knew I was going to have problems with money before I even started and they kept saying`dont worry, everything will work out`. yeah right. I also want to mention that I was giving the school some money when I had the chance, just to give them SOMETHING to get them off my back for a while. When the school told me that they cancelled the star program, I was a wreck, it was my final way of paying them back. The one girl tole me that and I quote`IF YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO GIVE US MORE MONEY, (insert name here) WILL FIGHT AND TRY AND GET THE STAR PROGRAM FOR YOU, AND SHE WILL BE PUTTING HER CAREER ON THE LINE FOR YOU. ###.
    So now I am trying to get a student loan wll by myself and I am still having problems. And its not just the money situation, its everything but it is way too much to tell on here. if anybody knows what I can do, please email me at
    oh, and they threatened to put me in collections if i cant get the money, and hold my diploma whe i gradutae.
    Lovely isnt it.

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  • Ny
    Nyissa_larose Mar 18, 2010

    DAMN! I really wanted to go to school and I have been to a community college and they won't let me get financial aid becuase I am still labeled as "dependent" even though I don't stay with my parents, and I do my own taxes. I have been going through this same crap for years so I tried going down to UEI and they said the same thing about the dependent situation but they told me to have 3 ppl write statements stating that i don't get any support from my parents etc. and they were telling me all this good stuff and what not but I go to look at the reviews and I see nothing but "STAY AWAY", "THIS SCHOOL IS ###", ETC and I know someone that actually went to that school and she said the teachers were always quitting and they went without teachers for 2 months, that it is now time for her to pay back her loan and they have not found her a job yet, that she goes up there asking for help all the time and I am just so disappointed! I went to the orientation and everything. I don't know what to do I was gonna try to check out everest but now I don't know... If anyone has any advice please email me @[email protected] because I would really like to get my career started while I am young and don't have any kids or anything else holding me back. please, words of wisdom only!!!

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  • Ny
    Nyissa_larose Mar 18, 2010

    The program that I am trying to take is the Pharmacy Tech program and if anyone may have any tips email me [email protected]

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  • Mp
    mpatino May 17, 2011

    Hello Everyone!!!
    The latest news I have from Everest College is that Mr Mihal Miu, His Father and Mother still working for Everest Campus on Eglinton East lol
    Another News, and this news came from an inside staff member, Everest College is having hard time with their budget, economical issues... be careful where are you guys choosing to go to study ... If you want to suffer as I have done go and give away your money... IT IS 10000000 BETTER TO APPLY TO OTHER COLLEGES SUCH AS GEORGE BROWN, HUMBER, SENECA WHERE AT LEAST THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND THERE IS NOT A BICYCLING OF MONEY OF POOR STUDENTS /IMMIGRANTS!!!

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  • Ca
    Carrie O'Hearon Oct 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I say we all look into a class lawsuit on everest college

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  • Li
    littlesassy Nov 14, 2013

    I'm thinking of going to EVEREST but after I read up all the reviews yeah I'm not gonna do it thank y'all for helping me

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i have had no teacher or isntructure or supplies to work with since i started school and this is my last month

My name is Ana Sanchez Gonzalez . I now attend Everest College the Gardena Campus, I am taking Dental Asst...

Poor Quality

I took a course there . It was Network & Internet Security Specialist . The cost of this course was around $16, 000 . There is no class there, only they gave me a computer and I had to study by myself and when I had a question, usually It took a long time to get answer . I just passed the exams and didn't learn much . I have lost my money and time as well . I strongly beleive that, EVEREST COLLEGE IS ONE OF THE WORST COLLEGES IN CANADA.

  • Di
    dinko the stinko Aug 31, 2009

    i was thinking about taking this course... But i have now made up my mink

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  • Ci
    circumvent May 03, 2010

    Some lessons Ive learned after having been screwed by a "business/career/trade" college.
    1)If the school is Private, stay away from it
    2)If the school is for-profit, stay away from it
    3)If the school offers people the ability to finish a course offered at a public college or university in less that half the time it normally takes, stay away from it
    4)Do the credits transfer to other PUBLIC colleges and Provincially funded universities? if not, stay away from it
    5)are there multiple posts about the institution on educational forums and on the internet in general that are negative in nature, if so, stay away from it
    6)Does the school offer job placement assistance, guaranteed high paying jobs after graduation, scouts/employers from companies that come to the school to look for grads, a 70-90% graduate employment rate and a whole bunch of other really over-the-top gurantees?!, if so, stay away from it
    7)Does the school have multiple "campuses" spread out all over the country?if so, stay away from it
    8)Is the school on the third floor of a scummy building? if so, stay away from it
    9)Does the school seem to change names every couple of years? If so, stay away from it
    10)Does the school go through a constant change of instructors and management? If so, stay away from it
    11)Does the school employ ex-grads as teachers?, if so, stay away from it
    12)DO they advertise on tv, have a 1-800 number and do they have glossy print ads? If so, stay away from it
    -If I wouldve had a list similar to this before I enrolled in that institution, I wouldve thought twice about making said decision

    Just because a business calls itself a "university" does not mean it is a UNIVERSITY
    Bottom line:DO YOUR RESEARCH!!


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  • Ev
    EVEREST college- SCarborough Nov 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @ mohsen:
    i feel sorry for you man. Maybe you just got the wrong teacher, lol. I'm studying at Everest College-SCarborugh, Network Security Specialists Course. We always have 2 hour classes every day mostly focus on Cisco for CCNA exam, sometimes some even complain that we are being taught more advanced than what is really covered in our courses. If there are questions with regards to the lessons, the teacher will answer it ASAP even sometimes when he's having a lunch or coffee break.

    Most of the people i know already landed a job even before they finished so why don't you come and visit sometime and talk to our instructor.

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they are full of crap....

Im in my second semester, and i am regretting even attending.they said all
me this crap just to get in.then i geet
a call two weeks ago from them saying i
owe money and this is the first ive heard, they claim im suppossed to pay 105.00 a month.ok...why?i had a pell grant.i got asallie mae loan and its sent yesterday for 4600, stupid everest
had it sent to them and told me they
are puting it on my acct and if anys
left, theyll mail it like in feb09..i
needed that now.i cancelled the loan.they can kiss my butt.

  • Jk
    jk2000 Jan 20, 2009

    I just started everest one month ago, and i've been looking up different complaints about the school. Has anybody been to the school for ma and been ripped off in any way??

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  • Th
    The People Have Spoken Aug 29, 2009
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    Verified customer

    looks like you just kiss your own butt...
    don't believe everything you hear...remember years ago most people thought the world was flat...

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  • Th
    thetone1 Feb 12, 2010

    This school sucks I hate the every 15 minute commercial with that insulting no acting gay looking black guy who calls you lazy and stupid and declares they will stay in your face until you go to their worthless school that they spend more on advertising than actually teaching you anything. I want to start a signature petition to ban the ads from TV or boycott the networks that allow this madness to continue...Who's with me? Fox, WSXP, CWC, WOTV, and CBS these are just a few stations in Grand Rapids MI.

    Why don't they insult white people's kids? because their rich dads would kick their ###, dirty ###. Now that was funny...LOL If I ever see that that black guy I'm gonna kick him in the his girlie balls, they will be lodged in his tonsils.

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  • Ri
    rik james Feb 03, 2011

    Your an idiot they told you everything up front you just didn't know how to listen.That's why you still don't have your degree I bet.Every college is diffrent in how it conducts itself.Some schools the federal money goes to the student whom has to pay the school with it.Everest does it the other way around.This is good for those students like you who just want free money ( that's how they look at it...I deal with delinquent students all day who say I didn't know I had to pay that back. sigh..and DUH! If it's not in writing it never happened and if it is in writing READ IT so you don't leave complaints that aren't true.

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  • Ke
    kelilindsey Jun 01, 2011

    How do you cancel your loan???

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