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I have went to everest college and graduated with honors back in 2010... i have not yet gotten a call back from any employer... im stuck with bills and loans... but they dont care... i am also a mother and this doesnt help my situation... scam is all i can say can anyone help me with some information on how to go about this legally...

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  • Wi
      Jan 24, 2012

    when you choose to go to those "for profit" colleges you see commercials for 50 times/hour in daytime TV, you get what you pay for.

    They are a business, not much more.

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  • Lo
      Feb 09, 2012

    As a former student @ Everest, I was ripped off also! Here in Colorado I wrote Higher Ed as to my complaint and they could care less! I am a fighter for my rights. Like the many mis-lead and ripped off for your education dollars by Everest all I hear is former students crying, and no action. We are all divided and conquered for now. Let us find a way to get our money and pride back. I went the whole two years only to realize students before me in (surgical tech field)@ Everest not only didnt have a clue as a surgical tech, your money and future is gone. We here in Colorado hired an attorney to no avail. Our case was given to another attorney that is scratching his ### as to what to do! My window to get some "justice is closing fast. I dont know what 2 do. I am looking for an attorney with balls and have reached out to states that gave justice to students like us, ie, California, and Utah. If I can find the attornies that handle those cases ours are the same! If you read this my e-mail is [protected]@live .com Lets get moving and stick it to Corinthians like they did us!

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  • Sp
      Aug 02, 2012

    @tootieddownwitheverestloans: Take some English classes before your next interview, "i have went" ??? You don't expect employers to hire you after flustering them with such English, c'est pas possible ma belle! Help yourself first by improving that English.

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