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Apologies for my initial complaint posted, when I stated that the Cancellation Form cd be located at whereas is shd have read Has anyone successufully cancelled via the Change of Subscription/Modification of Terms & Conditions Form & NOT been charged anything? Or ONLY charged the shipping? I wonder how many people have been affected by this scam & how much revenue has been generated! My bank has definitely said that I am unable to cancel any transaction on my visa card with Everbritesmile & should monitor use & report where I believe that a transaction has taken place, after I have made attempts to cancel the product/order. Ironically, I have received a product from cleanwhite (did both at the same time) & was able to cancel the same day on their customer tel no, phoned twice & got through quickly, received the trial pack & was informed that I was not under any obgliation to return the product (posted from UK) however the thought of trying any teeth whitening product is now is too awful. I am content to stick to my Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrush, which my dental nurse highly recommended & said that teeth are not supposed to be white & the cleaning agents can cause sensitivity - think that we are all sensitive to everbritesmile.

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  • Ra
      4th of Feb, 2010
    Everbritesmile - Promotional Offer Whiteteetch
    England, Norfolk
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07954 58 10 32

    I too have been duped my Everbritesmile & their small print re T&C. I can say that I have read the extensive email comments & found them all most extremely helpful & just nice to know that you are not alone in your stupidity! I found the Cancellation Form (thanks to the complaints posted) under & completed all the boxes trying in lower/higher case, several times, until I finally manged to complete & submit! I did not telephone & speak to any representatives & where the form requires a CS Rep, I simply typed in My First Name in lower case, so the Rep's name to be obtained over the phone on a likely premium number which you cannot get through to, is NOT necessary! The only stumbling block that I had with the Form, was the tel no as I thought that I had to replicate all the information that I had entered on the initial Whiteteeth Promotional Boxed Form (that dreaded day 22.01.2010). After trying my mobile no, landline in different formats to fit the boxes, finally I entered THAT number yes 1-866-556-6914 & that worked for me, bingo form submitted - yeah! I received an Email confirming the 'canceled account' & tried to email co back to confirm that infact the Order had been cancelled as opposed to just the account - No repsonse from [protected] but they did provide a Free Toll UK Number: 0808 23 89 891 - daren't ring incase not free! Also stated +44 2031399027 & the email included Ticket Details, Ticket ID: GCX-952636, Department: Support 2, Priority: Low, Status: closed. The closed bit seemed hopeful. I hope that I have finally cancelled the trial offer & all subsequent offers & the next payment of the $89/£55.10 which my bank has said that it is sitting in my Authorisation Box & the bank cannot act until that payment has been called for!! I note some people queried the order number or said that they did not get one - in their first email of confirmation of the order, I didn't get a specific Number, simply Order No #$order.OrderNumber - accepted in the cancellation form via xmorders, permitting form to be submitted. Note that I also emailed [protected] AND [protected] AND [protected] to try and cancel my order. Could also try [protected] as I confirmed with them that they deal with cleanwhites...seemed very genuine but hey who knows!! I also sent a letter recorded delivery to Everbritesmile at 43 Iveston Rd., Delves Lane, Consett, Co. Durham. DH8 7HR (again posted on these complaints). I only posted on 29.1.10 & although my letter not returned, the Royal Mail post office slip does state 'Address Validated? N'. There were alot of other telephone numbers on the complaints board, I did try alot, got through to a few, but they all asked me for an 8 digit number starting with either a 4 or 5. Again if you got through to the automated numbers, specified press (1) if inside the risk free trial period or (2) if outside that period, but alas again you needed an 8 digit no to cancel - how frustrating. I have even emailed [protected], who I believe is the Company/Server who distributes the mail shots & provides support/email facilities to support1 and [protected] If you do manage to locate the Cancellation Form, suggest you cut & paste it into email/word document for your records. Rachel in the UK.

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  • M1
      10th of Feb, 2010

    I have also been caught on 20th January in exactly the same way. I did phone the 0808 238 9891 number given to me by the bank and they did answer and get me off the phone in about 5 minutes. I don't know yet if they will have ripped me off on the phone call, but I have now had an email back from [protected] telling me everything as from today has been cancelled. They told me on the phone they could not refund the £78 back into my account and that their finance dept would do that. My bank has told me that will probably never happen! What the bank has told me is that so long as you do not accept any goods for 30 days after the payment is debited from your account, the bank can get the money back for you based on the fact that you never received the goods. It's a long winded process as you have to wait 30 days but it's better than nothing. The bank says they are more than aware of these contract companies and that people should never give a debit card over the net. The t/c's of these companies apparently also give them the right to give your details to other companies who can also take money from your account for their goods despatched to you! I asked if the best thing was to cancel my bank account, but they said that they can still ask for payment and it would just go into a suspense account at the bank, and they would then request the money back from you cannot get out! Cancelling your card doesn't work either apparently. Just make sure you don't ever sign for the contracted goods and make contact again with the bank after 30 days. You must cancel your contract though with the company otherwise the bank can't act for you. The 0808 number above does work, but I cannot promise they don't charge you as I have only just phoned them this afternoon. Good Luck everyone!

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  • De
      18th of Feb, 2010
    Everbritesmile - How about EverUnhappyCustomer
    United States

    Got ahold of a rep who tried to talk me out of cancelling. I said are you kidding? There's hundreds of people screaming on the internet about your scam and you have the nerve to ask why I want to cancel? He proceeding to pressure the sale and I said, "As a U.S. citizen I hereby exercize my three day right to refusal of this order and if you do not cancel this order here and now and if I do not receive email confirmation while on the phone with you, I will send this recording and all documentation along with the hundreds of documents complaints to the U.S. Attorney General after I hang up. Do the right thing to prevent other unsuspecting people from harm and Call your cc company. Request to speak to their legal department to report cc fraud upon their cc company. Here's how to get your cc cancelled. go to: and fill in the info below with my instructions. If you do not have your order # then you'll have to call them (see # below). I waited about 15 minutes using that number but had to wait a couple hrs on the advertised phone number. - Dewyz, Upper Peninsula Michigan

    First Name
    Last Name (no spaces
    PHone no spaces or hyphens
    rep use franco
    order # if you don't have the order number call at 800-440-4397 Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm Eastern Standard Time
    Name used on cc (full name no spaces)

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  • De
      18th of Feb, 2010

    Here's a more clear version of how to fill out the form to cancel your everbritesmile order.
    I forgot to tell you the password is ... online - dewyz

    First Name: no spaces or hyphens
    Last Name:
    Zip Code:
    Telephone: no spaces or hyphens xxxxxxxxxx
    CS Rep: franco
    Password: online
    Digital Signature: yourfullname (no spaces, lower case)
    MOD: CT

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  • De
      18th of Feb, 2010

    Attention anyone wanting to cancel your order. Visit - the password is - online and the reps name is franco, if you don't know your order number, you should call them at 800-440-4397. I called about 3pm CT today and waited about 15 min. see my other complaint earlier today on everunhappycustomer - dewyz

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  • Ra
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    Everbritesmile - fraud
    Gig Harbor
    United States

    I to have been scammed by this company. I did finally get through to them and they said the initial charge for the 15 day free trial was for shipping of the full charge product. Smatha had no idea what I was talking about with a free trial being sent. Free trial meant I was to investigate the company and if i did not cancell i would be charged. I was charged as I am seeing we all have. Not only that but my credit card was sent to another company and i was charged $40.00 in addition for a company I Build Wealth. I did not authorize this charge. I managed to cancell this but was not refunded. I was told on the phone that everbritesmile authorized this charge on my card. I have taken all of your advice and cancelled on line but again no confirmation number.

    I also found a web site we can turn in this scam at:

    NCL's Fraud Center
    c/o national consumers League
    1701 K Street NW St 1200
    Washington DC 20006

    Don't give up. Keep complaining. I am out 130.00 for a product I have not received!!!

    Gig Harbor WA

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  • Ji
      5th of Mar, 2010
    Everbritesmile - cancellation of promo and membership
    United States

    google had a advertisement posted on my computer when i went to a news article. The advertisement was everbritesmile. The company had a free promo of there product. Just pay shipping which was also discounted to $3.87. There was no mention of a membership subscription in which I would be billed for future products that they would send to me on a monthly basis. After I gave them all the info and my credit card, I printed the info out. On the last page was the real small print that I had to read with a magnifying glass. It said I was obligated for more products at a monthly charge. I got there number with much fanfare.(1-877-683-3080).I talked to a rep. who barely spoke english. I was on the phone for 30 minutes.She said she would send me a cancellation form in my webmail, in 24 to 48 hours. I have to put the reps name(Nancy) on the form and my name in lower case letters and my order number. They are making it real difficult and complicated to cancel my order. In turn they are keeping my shipping charges too. Just imagine if one million people ordered the free promo and then find out its a scam, the crooks would be making over 3 million dollars without ever sending out a single free promo.Yes I got scammed and duped but believe me it will never happen again.Just remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't. Just read the fine print from now on.

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  • Sy
      13th of Mar, 2010

    i tried it today. received an e-mail.. but don't know whether i'm going to be charged after the cancellation.have you being charged after that??

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  • Pa
      4th of May, 2010
    Everbritesmile - Charged for goods not received
    10 Greenway st Turner ACT 2612
    Australian Capital Territory

    I ordered and paid for a free trial of Everbritesmilses product. I have not treceived my free trial
    and then a few days later they took $93 out of my account. They do not have a email address and
    I cannot contact them to stop further payments coming out of my credit card.
    I will have to cancel my card to stop this rip off. BEWARE!!!

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  • Ei
      12th of May, 2010

    I have tried the internet address above and gotten nowhere... The company does not answer the phone during their work hours, just says they are closed and callers should go to their website and do the live chat - but they don't give the web address!

    Scam and rip-off are not strong enough to describe this company's process.

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  • Ke
      12th of May, 2010

    Did this and they still charged me causing overdraft fees. They removed the charge and when I thought it was ok they hit my account again. You better cancel debit or credit card info and get new ones.

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  • Ro
      8th of Nov, 2010

    Best thing i was told to do was, cancel your bank card that you used...then they cant charge you anymore, your bank will issue a new cared and new #

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  • Ro
      8th of Nov, 2010

    Dont waste time calling them...just call your Bank

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