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I just read a couple of the reviews on here and I can't believe there are people from Etsy commenting on peoples bad reviews trying to defend themselves! That right there should show you what kind of site they run! Anyway, my experience. My friend ordered customized bracalets from here for me for my birthday, it was supposed to say something to the effect of best friends and it was two bracalets that when connected spelled that out...simple right? WRONG. They stamped a t where there was supposed to be an i and then just dotted it...okay, so I get it they made a mistake, but then my friend let her know about it and asked her to just send a new half...she recieves the new half, GUESS WHAT, THEY DIDN'T EVEN FLIPPIN LINE UP! ISNT THAT THE POINT OF A FRIENDSHIP BRACALET? My friend then emailed Etsy a THIRD time saying hey I'll give you another try ya know make a whole new one and ill send you back these and do you know what they responded to her? They told her no they wont try again told her to send back the bracalets and they would refund her full price! THEY WERENT EVEN LIKE SURE WE WILL FIX THAT FOR YOU AND REFUND OR SURE WE WILL TRY A THIRD TIME TO KEEP YOU A CUSTOMER, they straight told her to send it back and they will refund. Are you [censored]ING KIDDING ME! NOW IM WITHOUT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT THAT I LOVED BECAUSE OF THIS POS BUSINESS!!!



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