Etsy.cometsy removed me items for sale after being paid 480.00 worth of listings 2488 of them.

Etsy wrongfully suspend my account 14 days early. When I paid what they wanted and they only put 774 of my items back on. 2488 items where not put back on..20 each.
I called them and told them what happen. they wanted me to check my email and had no emails form them.
He said Etsy made a mistake on my listings being removed and said it would be fixed soon as possible.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Vidor, TX
Well still waiting for my listings to be fixed. Lost wages this week over it and about 480.00 in listings gone. I am not relisting 2488 items to be charged again.
So I will be filing papers and going to court.
My sales are zero this week normally it would be 25 or more items go out. $400.00.
This account is over 10 years old. And is totally destroyed my sales.
I called back and they say there working on it. But no listings back been 2 days.

Jan 12, 2019

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