Etisalat / elife

Dubai, AE

I am Mohammed Enayat Bhopalwala, [protected].I subscribed to elife to Asian package as the lady adviced me.
On 22 Nov they came with the device and did the connection and told us that u will now get all channels till your package starts within 24 hrs.
Today is 26 th that too over but neither did we get channel nor our package started.
Have been calling umpteen times to 101 and spoken to more than a dozen representatives, even the supervisor mr Wasim.9.30 to 11.20am today was speaking to etisalat 101.Have sent so many emails also to [protected]@ etisalat .ae
Still nothing done, no one bothered to even call.
They keep on saying they will call n update but in vain.
Totally tired n harassed by etisalat .
We don't know when will TV start or not.
Thank you so much Etisalat for making your customers miserable.

Nov 26, 2016

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