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Dear Sir,

Kindly give attention to my this email, to understand my problem properly.I am the company accountant and i have very big problem which i am trying to explain you.Sir we was using etisalat business plan for our company eight employees, but one day Du Representative came to our office to explain us the things that we will give more data more minutes etc etc.but he did not tell or explain us anything that if we will move from etisalat to du before twelve month completion then penalty could come or any other problem could make.he just said us that give me your all company documents and one letter printed on your company letter head that we want to transfer our all etisalat numbers to du.Du Representative said me that we have mutual contract with just you should give us all the documents and letter and sign and stamp these all du forms.So these all numbers will automatically transfer to du with out any problem or we have done like after some months we got AED: 8007.76 fine from Etisalat now my company said me that you have done this contract with du coz we did not know about this fine or penalty, so you have pay it by your own head.sir kindly it is stated that i am poor and normal accountant, so how i will pay this much amount.i am clearly mentioning it that Du representative deceived and betray us.He did not providing us the sufficient information regarding this now i trapped in this problem.kindly help me and i have du representative number and name.i even called to du customer care office they told me in this way that we did not force you that you have to do contract with du. They said me why you have done contract with du coz we did not force i think its unfair that du said me like this as a customer.they are not cooperating with me nor they are listening with me and i am in very big trouble now.coz Etisalat sent us final notice that we will disconnect the company land line and fix numbers this is all scenario please i request from etisalat to cooperate with us and help me to solve this problem.please give us a little time to solve this problem and do not disconnect our company landline or fix numbers otherwise my company will fire out me from my job

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in advance.

  • Updated by k_kazemi · May 07, 2017

    your cooperation will be highly appreciated in advance.

May 07, 2017

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