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I would like to file a complain against our internet service provider Etisalat's Al-Shamil Wireless. Etisalat have upgraded its service to fiber optics recently and sent technicians to restore the new service at our home in Sharjah. Since then, service was intermittened i lodged a complain on there help line and they booked a technician for me. Next day technician visited but in his presence router should no issues so he left saying that if u face problem again report on our helpline. After half an hour i started facing the same problem again and called the help line i got to know that the technician who visited us closed the complain by putting remarks "Physical damage to router by the customer" I was shocked to hear that as the router is in perfect condition and shape, i told customer representative but he said that we can't help u in this because our technician has put such a remark and if we book a techician again for you, you will be charged 100 AED. I was like huh!!! He then suggested me to take tha router to the nearest Etisalat Office and they will see if there is any physical damage they will replace it as it is under warranty. My Husband took it to the office where the guy available told him that i don't handle this inventory knows this better and gave another complain number and asked to call on there helpline by giving the reference of the new complain number and available representative told me that its not our responsibility you damaged you purchase new one. What the hell is this!! It's been a week and they are just mis guiding us. All the representative give new suggestion. Do they know how to tackle such kind of a problem?
Any concerned person read this complaint please help me. What should i do now?

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      Aug 23, 2009

    Just suck it up... Etisalat doesn't care. They are the only ISP so you're going to have to take it or leave it... I would love to leave it... however what are the options? Comcast? Rogers? Vonage? Nope... nothing... they are run by the government and if you want things to change it's going to have to start there... no use getting pissed off over spilt milk - buy another router and deal with the incompetence like 1000's do a day. I wish I had better advice but knowing Etisalat they'll keep making you the culprit and blaming you for something that isn't your fault. good luck.

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