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Dear etisalat,

I’m trying to transfer my internet line in khalifa city a (account number is : [protected]) since the 30th /12/2010 so far no action, I complained so many time to the branch and to 101 many but no action.
I dont know to who should I complain to get the services?

I would appreciate if somebody care from etisalat.

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  • Ra
      19th of Jan, 2011

    I am having the same problem. Last year we moved and it took etisalat 3 months to actually connect our internet service. We received TV service immediately, but 3 months for internet! This year we had to move again and we tried to plan early so that our internet service would not be interrupted. We went there on Dec. 20th and applied for a transfer. We moved on the 27th and waited for a technician. No one ever called, so on Jan. 2nd we went to etisalat and tried to find out when our service would connect. We found out that the original request was not available in our new villa and after standing in 3 different lines for an hour and a half, one of the representatives told us we could get e-life in our new location. We applied for it and started waiting. On Jan 10th they sent some technicians to our villa. I raced home from work to meet them, but they had come and gone before I got home. They told our maid they could not connect the service. No explanation - no information, just that they could not do it?!!! I immediately called #101 to ask our status and for what felt like the millionth time was read their typical script, "We care very much about customer satisfaction. Your application is being processed. There are some technical difficulties they are working on. They are trying to connect your service as quickly as they can. Sorry for the delay." No matter what you ask, the reps who man the phones stick to their scripts like politicians who answer, "No comment." I bet these guys would hold up well under torture. They never vary from their script by an inch. Like I said in the beginning - last year it took them 3 months to connect our service. They kept offering us a particular option, then they would try to send someone to connect and find out that we weren't eligible for various reasons, such as, the highspeed cable connection wasn't available to that villa, then the cable was there, but it was full and had no available ports. Eventually, we settled for satellite connection (slow and unreliable) but at least we could access the internet. Once again, I would settle for ANY type of internet connection, but if we change our request now, they will slap a new date on it and we will be back to square 1. So - we sit and we wait, while Etisalat continues to sell and advertise services they can't provide. Their marketing department must be 10 times the size of their technical service department! They sell, sell, sell, but can't provide, provide, provide.

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