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We are family of 2 adults & a 11 yr old child travelling from Zurich via Abu Dhabi to Mangalore in Jet Airways 9W 501. Flight is delayed from 1AM departure to 2AM as of now. There was no information given about departure delays till about 10 mins before time of boarding mentioned in boarding card. Not a single employee of your airline was there to apologise or to give info on delay & possible time of departure! Person @ desk fiened ignorance as he was of Etihad! Don't you have Code sharing with them! Pathetic attitude & service! Worse still ARROGANCE! No wonder you are loosing market share to SpiceJet & Indigo in domestic market & had to be rescued financially by Etihad! Pathetic airlines. I will never travel with your ### arrogant disorganised airlines ever!

May 12, 2017

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