[Resolved] Etihad Airways / loss of my property

My name is Hussein Mavunde, working in the Ministry of Health Tanzania. My E-mail [protected], Cell Phone +[protected]. On 17th November, 2017 I was one of the delegates from TANZANIA traveling back from Dublin to Dar es Salaam via ABU DHABI after attending GHWA meeting. The plane number was EY 48 and the pilot was Mr. Hassan. We started our journey around 19:10 on 17th November 2017. After a long time being seated in my seat, i decided to find a place where I can Sleep, I found a place and on leaving my seat I decided to put off my shoes and left in the relevant position of my seat. Unfortunately when I went to sleep One pasenger near my seat was very sick and he vomited on my shoes, all the dirty was within my shoes, he decided to make my shoes as a container of collecting the dirty. The Air hostess (Attendant/Cabin Crew) came in this site and she promised to fix all the problems raised, she promised to make some sanitation procedures on my shoes and I can use my shoes after being cleaned. unfortunately when we arrived at ABU DHABI Airport, the cabin crew asked the sick person, How are you feeling, the passenger said I'm OK and the freight attendant said Sorry for what happened but you can go on with your travel arrangement, the Sick person, asked a question what I'm a supposed to do with respect to the damaged shoes?, the response was don't worry, I am going to fix the problem, because I was there, I requested the Crew to do what she was supposed to make my shoes suitable for use, she said I cannot do any thing but she collected my shoes and put in the plastic bag and she said i'm going to ask people in the reception/information desk to clean your shoes and they will give you your shoes even before boarding your flight to Dar es Salaam. Nothing related to this issues which has Happened so far.

Therefore my complains are as following
1. I traveled within the corridor in Abu Dhabi Airport Gates Up and Down and to Dar es salaam to my family with bare foots (Without Shoes), this was against my will, this is not acceptable to any one, even to the cabin crew them selves, it is harassment and embarrassment.
2. The response and action taken by Cabin crew was against me and different from the person who vomited, he was treated and answered politely in a way how a customer is supposed to be treated, while he/ his property was not damaged at all, but I'm the one suffered from damaging my shoes and no any positive response which were availed to me and I think may be because I'm black and that person was a white man.
3. Where are my shoes which was taken by the cabin crew

1. Compensation for the embarrassment/harassment made to me,
2. Give me my shoes back/Refund

Thank You

Mavunde, H

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Nov 25, 2017

    Dear Mavunde,

    We are sorry to hear about your experience on board with us. Would it be possible to send us an email to [protected] with your booking reference please?

    Thank you. *Rose

Nov 20, 2017

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