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D Nov 29, 2017


Booking Reference: AORVPP
Mr. Amr ElDessouki
Mrs. Reem Moustafa

My wife and I flew from Ho Chi Minh City on November 29th on flight EY440. Our flight was delayed for two hours as a result of a technical difficulty with the plane. When we landed in Abu Dhabi Airport we still had 45 minutes until our next connecting flight departed but we were told that there was insufficient time to catch our flight - we found this to be very strange because 45 minutes was more than enough to get to our gate and board the flight. Anyways, due to this delay we missed our connecting flight to Cairo on EY 651.

The ground staff at Abu Dhabi Airport rebooked us on the next available flight to Cairo on EY 647. With this new flight we had over 6 hours of layover time in Abu Dhabi. The ground staff, namely the Operations Manager Anthony, was extremely unhelpful and unaccommodating to make this layover more pleasant. Anthony failed to provide us with any form of compensation except a lousy meal voucher. We asked for any of the following to make our unplanned transit more convenient:

- A hotel room: Apparently all rooms at the Airport Hotel were booked and the ground staff explained that Abu Dhabi is 45 minutes away so it wouldn't make sense to go and come back. I later learned that Abu Dhabi is actually 25 minutes away. The ground staff made use of my lack of knowledge of the city since it was my first time visiting here.
- Class Upgrade: denied
- Access to the First Class Lounge: denied
- Access to the Business Class Lounge: denied at first and after a very long and hefty discussion, Anthony agreed to give us access for only 2 hours. We found this to be extremely demeaning and degrading having to negotiate access to a lounge to make our transit more bearable. After a long argument he agreed to give us access for the full duration of our transit.

When we went to the Premium Lounge, I learnt that the Airport Hotel did in fact have rooms available. I also learnt from the staff in the lounge that there's a Hotel right across the street from the terminal which Etihad Airlines could've booked us in. Unfortunately, the ground staff exploited the fact that I'm not familiar with the area and didn't as much exert any effort to even suggest or recommend closer hotels.

I understand technical difficulties happen and dire situations occur. It's how we deal with these situations that make all the difference. Etihad ground staff utterly failed in making this situation more pleasant for us. This is our first time flying with Etihad and this was actually our Honeymoon trip and it had to end in this manner. My desirable resolution of this extremely unpleasant experience is some form of monetary compensation as you see fit.

Thank you,

- Amr ElDessouki

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response · Dec 01, 2017

    Hi Amr, we are sorry to hear about your experience. We apologise for the delay that has caused you a 6 hours layover in the airport. 45 minutes can be enough to do a transit however to be sure that you would not be No Show you were rebooked on a different flight. We can only provide hotel accommodation if the layover will be longer than 6 hours. Can you please send us your experience again with your booking reference to [protected] so that we can investigate the case further? Our case officer will then get back to you. Thank you. *Marc

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