Esso / falsely accused of filling up petrol that i didnt fill up

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Between 1pm and 2pm today (4th July 2017) I filled up £5 worth of petrol in the car at the above petrol station on Loughborough Road. If I remember correctly it was pump number 11. There was another customer who had moved from this pump to the pump in front. He came to tell me that there was already a sale of 23p in the window, I wasnt sure what he meant by this as when I pulled out the pump, the sale readjusted to zero anyway. When I told the customer this, he said, oh thats ok then. I filled up £5.00. I dont fill up much as I was only borrowing this car for a short errand from my sister.
When I went to pay, the counter assistant accused me of filling up 23p worth of fuel, replacing the pump and filling up another £5.00 to avoid paying the 23p. I was horrified. The guy I spoke to earlier said something to the counter assistant but I dont know what. He was in the queue in front of me. He paid and left. As you can guess, I was extremely angry at this, I explained to the counter assistant but he did not want to know. I told him he could have his 23p. I even put £2.00 in a charity box of some sort on his counter to prove that I do not do low things like that. I can not understand the rudeness of the guy, he should learn about customer service and know not to falsely accuse innocent people. I wouldnt lie, I did lose my temper and probably did swear at the assistant and at another customer in the shop as he found it all hilarious. But I did not do anything wrong, it's the principle of it all, it was only a mere 23p. But I could have done with that £2.00! Maybe it will go to a good cause I dont know, although I think you should be aware of the type of people that work at your petrol stations. I dont have a receipt as I paid cash and left so hastily that I didnt even bother to ask for one. This incident has just upset and ruined my whole day. And all for 23p

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  • Jk
      Jul 04, 2011

    They're called "Sprollers".

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  • Jo
      Dec 23, 2012
    Esso - misleading advertisemnt
    RSS Connaught Service Station 626731
    Brookwood Knaphill
    England, Surrey
    United Kingdom

    I would be grateful if you would view the attached photos alongside this letter.
    Seeing Esso diesel fuel advertised at the excellent price of 136.9 p/l I pulled alongside a pump to refuel my car (Vauxhall Insignia). There were three nozzles from which to choose but only one priced at 136.9 p/l. This and the adjacent (middle) nozzle holder were coloured blue, the third was coloured green - signifying petrol. Just to check, I went into the store and asked the assistant if there was more than one type of diesel fuel available. The assistant confirmed that there was the special diesel at higher cost (144.9) but a cheaper one was available at 136.9. I therefore returned to the pump and purchased 30 litres of what I believed was diesel fuel. I then drove to the nearby Sainsbury store, less than half a mile a way. On my return to the car an hour or so later it would not start. After making a couple of phone calls, I was advised to return to the service station to check if I had mistakenly purchased petrol.

    On my return to the station, I was served by a different assistant (Vimal Kanten) who was exceptionally helpful. He confirmed my purchase had been petrol and said that he would report the confusion to his manager. He also helped me contact a specialist agency to remove the petrol and replace it with diesel, a cost of £168. Largely as a result of his help I was able to drive my wife back home.

    Yours sincerely

    John Collins 23 Dec 2017

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