Ernie Palmer Toyota / new car

i purchased a 2016 corolla from ernie palmer and i have been miserable ever since, i was starting to believe that i was giving them a hard time because i was always calling them to get an understanding on the smooth ripoff... i still don't understand how i bought an 18, 000 dollar car traded in 2011 that they gave me 9, 000 for and still have to pay 30, 000 for it to belong to me. i have been reading some of the reviews from people and if i would have known they were talked about like this i would have went to hyundai the way i started. they cant explain to me where my original payment is because it is not on my seems that i am stuck i have been trying to talk to mr palmer...i wonder do he reads these these next stop is the better business bureau ... then the media they are a ripoff in my sight because all they can say is i signed the papers women beware and don't go by yourself

Mar 03, 2016

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