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ERDC Enhanced Recovery Debt Collection / All they do is enhance the truth!

1 MA, United States

ERDC ENHANCED RECOVER DEBT COLLECTORS WILL LIE then THEIR "SUPERVISOR" WILL LIE, then the "FLOOR MANAGER" ===>>> WILL LIE. beware, i was helping my step-son settle a way late credit card and ERDC told me a LIE at least FIVE TIMES, supposedly over a recorded line (probably to teach newbies how to be so good at lying). We agreed to pay off his account, and they made like the electronic transfer would not happen until the next Monday, when I assured them I would have the amount covered (I needed to transfer some funds). They even mentioned some hole-in-the-wall small bank as their transfer agent so I would fall for the lie, all three of these blood-suckers repeated the same lie - that the account won't be hit until Monday. FRIDAY it hit, costing me bank fees. Any firm that deals with SNAKES like these people are SNAKES themselves... SO DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT TELLING THEM WHATEVER YOU WANT THEY WILLL L-I-E TO YOU WITH NO HESITATION AT ALL. BEWARE. DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY. WE TALKED IN GOOD FAITH THEY SURELY DID NOT.

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