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ERDC Enhanced Recovery Debt Collection / Scam and cheating!

1 MA, United States

I had first complaint logged about this completely underhanded firm. Turns out, they did hit our account a day early, not what they kept telling me, so I called to complain. They are well versed in covering their rather filthy backsides, but the fact remains all three of them lied to me several times. I told him to review all the tapes. He was belligerent, but kept an even tone. So that if you become a tad irritated, they can call you on it as you raised your voice, but they did not. It is okay to be belligerent if you keep your tone down. Shows how dishonest they are. I told him the deal is off, we will deal directly with Chase bank and let them know what kind of outfit Enhanced (truth) recovery is. I asked THREE times if they can still go into the account, He ASSURED ME THREE TIMES they cannot. I IMMEDIATELY called the bank and they said as it was an electronic transfer, they CERTAINLY CAN make another attempt to get the funds. We had to go into the back for a special stop order as it was an electronic transfer. My recommendation is NOT DEAL WITH THEM. GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR AND MAKE THE SAME DEAL. First they gave us 55% settlement, then went down to 35% (after saying 55% was the lowest they possibly could go) Get the 35% deal from Chase - it is usually all they can sell it to the collection agency for anyway.

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