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Hello every one, My boyfriend account was being charged 34.95 for something and no purchess were made by him but by someone else Epoch has been taking this money out monthly and it made a neg. amt. in his checking which caused problems at the bank. The bank looked into this and said it was someone he knows name that made a purchess they have been taking out this amt since July Epoch never checked to see if it was this persons account and if they had they would had found that the account did not belong to the person who made the perchess. The company should have notified the bank and had them notify the person of the account that this purchess was made and if he oked it to come out of his account. The total of 473.95 was taken out before my boyfriend knew it 3 payments all on the same day. Who is responcable for this ?

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      Jan 29, 2010

    most of epoch's clients/merchants are high risk or adult services such as pornography and cam sites. read all of the print on their website at and try accessing your purchase history from there. it takes a few minutes, but you may be able to find the source of the charges. you may have accidentally signed up for a recurring monthly service by hitting a trial button without realizing what the full terms and conditions include.

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