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Emirates / ripped luggage tag and contact details card

1 Dubai, United Kingdom
Contact information:

I sent the following emails to baggage claims at emirates - see their response


I flew emirates from dar es salaam via dubai to london gatwick on 22 october and landed at gatwick on 23rd october (Booking ref removed)

When I unpacked by bag at home on arrival I was surprised to see a tea packet and coffee packet opened
The tea packet comes in a plastic wrapped cardboard box with a foil packet inside. The plastic was torn and the box was opened but the foil was not touched. For coffee (Comes in a foil packet) was pierced with a pin or knife and all the coffee from that packet had leaked. Luckily I had packed all the coffee packets in a plastic carrier bag so the spillage was contained.

I would like to know if there was an inspection either in dubai or gatwick as the bags in dar es salaam, after the x-ray scanning were loaded on to belt for the aircraft.

There is no note to indicate where the bag was opened - I had a combination lock on the bag

However the above reference is not much of a concern. Today I wanted to put the bag in the loft and noticed the baggage tag on the suitcase was torn and the paper containing my address and phone number is missing - it appears this was deliberately pulled out

This is worrying as someone would have got my details and the question is who did, where it happened and why?

Please see attached images. I have flown to dar es salaam every year since 2011 and this is the first time this has happened

Can you please help me understand what the procedures are for inspection and whether luggage is checked at dubai or london for connecting flights or arriving flights respectively

Kind regards

On 4 nov 2016, at 09:20, baggage claims - uk wrote:

Dear mr xxxxx,

Thank you for your feedback below and naturally I am sorry to read that your bag was opened.

However, I would like to inform you that it is likely that your luggage was searched by customs. If a suitcase is locked, airport security staff may gain access by force in order to search it. Emirates do not have jurisdiction over customs and the luggage they wish to search.

Whilst we would hope that any searches would be reported to either ourselves, or documentation left in your suitcase confirming that a search had been carried out, regrettably this is not always the case. Security measures are in operation at all airports on the emirates network, however it is not possible to have constant surveillance on individual bags or identify specific individuals who may have come into contact with a bag at all stages of its journey.

I am truly sorry if we did not meet your full expectations on this occasion, and I would like to offer my own apologies for any disappointment you may have experienced.

We are sorry for any upset this matter has caused. I sincerely hope that despite this unfortunate incident we may have the pleasure of welcoming you on board our flights again.

Yours sincerely


Baggage claims uk


Thank you for your email

You did not answer my questions and have written what I already know

As an international airline serving many routes, emirates is responsible for my baggage from the point of departure to arrival. If there are security operations in place in different countries along the route then emirates would know

I mentioned very clearly that I was not concerned about my bag being opened for inspection as I understand this is done - in the us the tsa will leave a note

I need to know if its dubai or on arrival at gatwick where the inspection was done

The most important issue is the missing contact details ripped from my baggage tag which you have not even referred to.

If you say the bag may have come into contact by someone then isn't it emirate's responsibility? The contract is to carry my luggage from one place to another - for the same reason emirates would charge for excess baggage and ask for contents' details of the luggage. How can you say that there is no surveillance?

I don't expect cameras to be installed at every point but if there are people from emirates or local companies handling in those airports then they are affiliated.

It was very quick for you to reply instead of even checking - I doubt if you even read my email or viewed the attachments

Please do let me know how I can escalate this if you are unable to handle this request


Dear mr xxxx,

Thank you for your email and I note your further comments.

Regrettably, security checks are outside the jurisdiction of the airlines and we would therefore not be able to advise you which airport security checked your bag. I can fully understand your frustration, however, we would not be able to investigate the matter further.

Mr xxxx, I wish to take this opportunity to advise you that in accordance with our ‘conditions of carriage’, emirates require that any damage or irregularity is reported on arrival or in writing to the airline within seven days. This is in line with the montreal convention.

Therefore, regrettably, due to the late submission of your documents we are unable to assist you any further.

Thank you for allowing me to explain our final position on the matter

Yours sincerely

***earlier they apologized but when I asked more questions... They are wiping their hands off

I am worried as I do not know who may have taken the card from the baggage tag with my contact details

I have written to them asking to see the condition of carriage

Nov 4, 2016

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