Emirates / missed connecting flight

I travelled emirates from bangkok to jeddah. I had confirmed connecting flight from dubai with one and half hour stay. First of all the flight from bangkok delayed for 40 minutes and by the time we reach dubai an announcement was made that due to heavy air traffic the flight might delay 20 more minutes. Atlast the flight landed and was on runway for almost 25 minutes. All passengers after getting out of flight were surprised as the flight was parked somewhere near to the cargo flight and a shuttle bus was arranged. The bus took 20 minutes to reach the airport terminal. By the time we reach the flight to jeddah has already gone. We reached the emirates counter. The emirates staff asked us to go to other floor, we all ran to other floor. Once again the emirates staff ask us to go back to the same counter. We ran again, and the same happened again. We lost the patience and shouted on the staff. Though it was not the mistake of the passengers, we were running from counter to counter for almost 30 minutes. No courtesy was shown by the emirates staff and finally we were told that the other connecting flight is after 18 hours. After lot of argument, we got a hotel to spend the night. I could never imagine of flying emirates again in my life!!!.


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