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Booking reservation Number #H6WET2
Date :11/21/2017
Date of travel : 11/23/2017

March 2017 : I work in the united states and wanted to go India for my H1B visa Stamping. I had booked the tickets with emirates through priceline. For reasons of the Consulate in Chennai, they chose to cancel my scheduled appointment. Despite having the trip Insurance my ticket refund was denied and I had to change the booking to an alternate date. I also had to pay a $200 change fee to reschedule my ticket which I was told initially will be refunded

Fast Forward today : I finally book my consular appointment and re-changed my ticket from the planned booking.
72 hours before the flight I tried to select my seats. I could not as I was told that the seat selection opens up only 48 hours before the flight or I will have to pay a premium cost of $50 for seat selection
48 hours before the flight : I get an email to do online check-in at 3.50 pm on 11/21/2017. 4.30 Pm I log in to check in - I am told that the seats have been blocked and I cannot select my seats. I call the customer care rep to ask for help. They are unable to resolve the issue (by helping me select the seat) because their airport authorities have blocked and I am told I will not be allowed to select a seat until I reach the airport.

I am travelling with my Fiance`, after jumping through so many hoops to get a ticket to travel to India, I cant even select my seat without a premium cost ??? I understand if the seats are taken but I don't understand why the airport authorities would block the seat selection when the window just opens up !

This is a horrible experience where I am being cheated for my money, despite having all the papers and the insurances and I am being denied a decent seat on the plane !!

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