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We were 14 passengers 7 of which were children.
We got to the airport after checking in online.
Our baggage and passports got taken from the ground staff and they started tagging our bags, until one of the ladies on the ground floor stopped all of our baggage going through as she said the gates are closed.
We were promised we could board the next flight as this flight was full and some other passengers got taken of the flight as the flight was over crowded.

We got test unfairly as we were stranded with the kids at the airport for over 9 hours and we had to ring travel agent and pay another £10, 000 just to get the next flight to Dubai via Oman airlines.

We would like a full refund and tickets to Dubai as all of the other passengers that came of the flight were offered them and we just got told we were late.
I don't agree with that, we got stopped just because the flight was full.

Feb 4, 2019

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