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 I'm lodging a complaint against the unfriendly ground staff of Emirates at Dubai airport. I notified Emirates in advance that I would require a wheelchair at all airports as I'm pregnant and have been advised not to strain myself by walking. When my husband and I arrived at dubai we were told to walk to the buggy which will transport ad to the waiting lounge. Despite telling the man I am not allowed to walk he still insisted I walk and wait. I refused to walk further and then the man put me on the wheelchair. He still took me to the point where he made passengers wait for the buggy and then moved us to another area in the duty free shops. We had to get off and WALK TO THE ELEVATOR GET ON THE TRAIN AND WALK OUT AGAIN. By the time I exited the train I refused to walk any further
. What kind of service does Emirates provide by treating passengers in such a manner? I wasn't treated like this in Delhi and even when I arrived in Johannesburg I was well looked after.
Your staff have no manners. They are rude and don't seem to have any compassion and respect. How do you make a pregnant woman walk that much? Is there something wrong with their minds? Even the staff at the waiting lounge are far from pleasant. I don't know how your airline is rated so high when this is the service passengers receive. I will never want to fly on your airline just so I can avoid the illiterate and insensitive staff you hire. This is a big shame for EMIRATES. I will be sharing my unpleasant experience with as many people to make them aware of the treatment I got.

Mar 09, 2017

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