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Dear emirates,

This is with reference to my flight from khi - dxb - cpt on 8th january. I planned to go for my honeymoon to capetown and decided not to take any chances with the flights and supposedly thought emirates would be the best option. I even saved money and decided to travel via business class. However, I was left very disappointed. Firstly my flight gets delayed from khi - dxb by an hour and 10 minutes and due to only 2 hours transit at dxb airport I only had 50 minutes to catch my flight to cpt. I almost had a panic attack due to being faint hearted that I would miss the flight and my entire trip and months of planning would go in vain but somehow I managed to catch the flight by rushing at break-neck speed at the airport with my wife. I only relaxed for a bit before I was informed by airplane crew that my luggage would be delayed as it is not on this flight and it would come on other flight 2 hours later. We kept waiting in the lobby at the hotel for nearly 5 hours and tried calling emirates airline office to enquire about the luggage on the number given to us - [protected] but the number just won't be answered. However, we finally got our luggage after waiting for hours. I expected way better standards from the best airline. Our entire day was ruined and there was no point choosing business class if I thought despite keeping as ourselves stress-free as possible we would have to go through so much stress and mess. We expect some respite and compensation from emirates for spoiling the beginning of our honeymoon.

Amit vankwani


Jan 11, 2017

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