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Emirates / poor service!

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

I am a student and took a flight from malta-dubai-shanghai on 13 of june. I arrived in the afternoon on 14 of june. However, I got my check-in luggage in the morning on 16 june, which was 2 days later. Moreover, the lock of my luggage was broken. One 75-year commemorative zippo lighter and one springfield sunglasses were both gone. The staff of emirates broke my lock and stole my stuffs. Everyone can images what actually happened when my luggage stayed in dubai one night. There were lots of personal stuffs of a girl in the luggage and it was just like exhibited to some awful strangers.

When I called to the office of emirates in shanghai, what I want, was to find back my stuffs, not acclaiming for the money, but they just paltered to say that it was not easy to find. Today is 2 of july, they have not solved yet and never voluntary to contact me. The staff's potential meaning is that I am cheating and tricking their money. Their ill-manner makes me so angry.

I am a consumer, I am a casualty, I lost the things which originally belonged to me and cosed me at least $ 200. What emirates said, is to compensate $ 50. I waste my time, my energy, my money, but only can get back 1/4.

Where is the justice?

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  • Ch
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    To Whom It May Concern,

    I don’t know if you are the person I have to complain to of my and my wife’s unfortunate experience whilst travelling with Emirates Airlines and in the all time were putting the word of good service and highly recommendation to friends and fellow workers and acquaintance that we experience as from day one started as a skyward member and worked my way up to Gold status with your air line. Boarding at New Zealand Auckland airport flying only with Emirates Air lines because this were our choice of airline services. If you go back on my record of flying you will see that I am a frequent flyer and that is every 6 weeks between Moscow and Johannesburg South Africa.

    All of this happened on the last time I flew with Emirates between 22 to 23 August 07.

    My first bad experience;

    Flying from New Zealand after I in person take the booked tickets for my wife from South Africa to meet with me in Dubai and myself flying from Moscow to meet with my wife. Then went to your tickets desk above departure gate 14 in your airport to claim my wife’s in between ticket flying to New Zealand Auckland an back to Dubai from my accumulated miles of flying with Emirates and purchase my self a ticket to found that when we arrived in Dubai back from Auckland my wife’s flight EK 761 already left for Johannesburg and to our surprised I have to pay a penalty to get my wife on the next fight out to South Africa that was after I have ask your personnel in the businesses lunch and ticket desk to check that the tickets link with each other so that where will be no miss understanding or wrong bookings be.

    My second bad experience;

    With this past us my wife on her way back to South Africa and me on my way to Russia with the understanding that our baggage been book to our final designations found our second uncalled for experience and that sorry sir but your baggage have been lost only to know this happened to my wife’s baggage as well.

    On landing in Moscow where English is not well spoken find that my baggage is missing and in the claims department of lost baggage a lady try her best to assist me to complete forms to try and get my lost baggage and promised me that I will have it send to me at a airport in Russia where I was for only one night to get the bag due to the next morning I leave to Eastern Siberia by vehicle. Now depending to a person in Irkutsk to get my bag to me with only the clothing on my body.

    When contact my wife in South Africa Richards bay found that she experience the same lost of baggage.

    Now for a Airline like Emirates I do expected the best even better than my own countries airline SAA due to the best service I have experience from all the time I flight with your airways and still to flight in the near future again but with the uncertainty of will my baggage when I book it in be at my final destination to claim it.


    Charles Van Niekerk
    Skywards No EK 112111344

  • Ta
      7th of Jan, 2013
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    Emirates - poor service
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    I travelled from UK to Islamabad, via dubai. The connection was more than 12 hours and what I was given was a lousy voucher for a untasteful piece of bread with cola. The connecting flight was delayed by 12 hours and so in total I had to wait at the airport for more than 24 hours, for which I was only provided with 2 vouchers for a sandwich, and no stay. Any decent airline where the connection is more than 8 hours provides at least a decent meal, but in case of Emirates, leave aside a decent meal, they think that they are giving a HUGE favour by handing out 2 vouchers for 2 sandwiches in more than 24 hours of stranded passengers.
    The in-flight service was also pathetic; the meal trays were collected approximately after more than an hours of dinner service and the flight attendants were absolutely oblivious to service. The food was just average, but most of all the worst bit is that the ground staff is absolutely non-cooperative. They don't even speak properly, leave aside their behaviour. Most of the staff treats customers as beggars, at all stages.

  • Ro
      11th of Jan, 2013
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    This attitude is shown to everyone from or travelling to Asian counties like India, Pakistan Bangladesh etc

  • An
      30th of May, 2013
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    Well i must say you have every right to complain regarding the delay and i must ask did you try and use the Dubai connect for the delay it was the airlines responsibility to provide you with a hotel as it was more than 8 hours so pls write to customer affairs...flood them with complaints...than only you will get compensation
    I must disagree with you on the beggers part...i have been travelling emirates since 2005 and have never been once treated badly...if i am treated average i challenge them immediately and get what i want.

  • Ch
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Emirates - dreadful service
    37 Thirkeld Place Penshaw Houghton le Spring Tyne & Wear
    United Kingdom

    Having travelled from Newcastle England 7th Jan 2012 to Brisbane Emirates Airline going economy class
    The journey from Newcastle to Dubai was uneventful however when boarding the flight to Brisbane via Singapore a 'person' was sitting in my pre-booked seat when I informed her this was my seat her mother in the next seat said they were all travelling together but this large child had been booked into a seat further back in the aircraft and assumed I would just move - she had no intention of giving up the seat to me I informed the stewardess who seemed not concerned I was not pleased the stewardess informed me to go to the other seat the large child had been issued as a temp. after a while I was moved to an isle seat only to be informed by three other customers these were their seats and so moved again NOT to an isle seat but between a very large chap and a chap with a heavy cold Some time later I asked to see the purser I explained the situation and asked if my original seat would be mine after Singapore NO was the reply - he did give me a glass of champagne and chocs for the hasslel he had then wrote on my boarding pass seat number 33c was mine after Singapore I felt reassured. However this was not the case when I boarded at Singapore a 'person' was sitting in the seat the purser had given me - by this time I was extremely angry asked what was going to happen everyone of the staff I spoke too seemed at a loss but by Emirates policy could not give me an upgrade - once again I ended up sitting not in an isle seat This is NOT the treatment I expect from a renowned airline

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