Emirates Airlines / miscommunication


This pertains to a complaint against emirates airlines. My dad had made a booking for my minor daughter (age 7 years) through an agent in kerala under booking no. Ek/k7m522. Although necessary information was about me (mother) who was supposed to receive her at airport, I wasn't called to confirm. Meanwhile, I had called up the helpdesk on two occasions to confirm about, everything was ok for the child to board. Although, initially my mobile wasn't updated, the same was done. Any prudent airlines, wouldn't call on a fax number to confirm instead would check through booking agent. I had also submitted my resident visa 5 days at the airport. On the previous day, I had also confirmed with the cal center, that everything was ok. On friday (23.03.12) my daughter was not allowed to board the flight as they hadn't received any message. My dad frantically called me from kochi airport and requested me to confirm about it. I rushed to the airport on friday morning. To my dismay, the helpdesk gave me a note, ok to board, please take it to the duty free shop nearby and fax it. Their basic courtesy, although the onus is of the airlines to help passengers, asked me to do so. Although I got it done, information was not received at the airport in kochi. Emirates airlines, vouches to be customer friendly but sad to experience the same. After pleading at the helpdesk, they finally realized my plight and started assisting me. Finally, my child was allowed to board. , at the last minute. Please note the booking was done on the 29.02.12

Now the question, is it the duty of emirates airlines to let us about the requirements.
When I had called the call center, the previous day, they confrimed to me that everything was ok except I just need to have a photo id to receive the minor. Please understand the passenger was a minor.

Why wasn't I given a call to confrim the things. If my mobile number was not updated, why wasn't it informed to the booking agent. Although, they clearly confirmed that everything was provided. Why should we fax to the call center that it is ok to board.. What is the role of airlines out here... This needs to be published as made well aware although emirates airlines speaks big of its organization, where do we customers stand??? I am a small person... But I might make a lot of people think...

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