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Emirates Airlines / flight checking and cancellation issue

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Dear collage from emirates,

I have problem with my air trip because the flight from dubai to peking was cancelled.

My booking reservation number: 3nzo2j
2 person ms. Jiehan li and mr yan xue

According to the plan it travel on 29 march 2017 11:00 from dubai to peking, but your company cancelled the flight without any information!
I just got this information yesterday and it is of course a big trouble for us!

Pls check if we could change our trip to another earlier plane for free, pls note that on monday 30. 2017 arrive at peking is unacceptable!
We could fly from duesseldorf or frankfurt, on 27 or 28 march 2017.
By the way, pls info us what can we do in the nearly 24 hour in dubai airport (E. G. Hotel, food, coupon?)

Thanks for reading and pls answer as soon as possible.

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  • Su
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    Emirates Airlines - denied boarding on confirmed flight!
    United States

    On august 4th I arrived with my child, a close friend and her child at the airport in dubai over 2 hours in advance of our ticketed and confirmed flight to dar es salaam, which departed from dubai at 10:00 a. M. At 8:30 a. M. I alerted a member of the airline staff that the line was moving very slowly for check-in due to the fact that the luggage conveyor belts were not functioning. I was told to stay in line, there would be plenty of time. By 9:20 a. M. I was becoming alarmed, and approached the desk where I was told that the flight was closed and that we were too late to board the airline.

    Great effort was made on the part of the airline staff to try to blame us for having been stranded because they did not wish to take responsibility for what had occurred. The staff person who told me to get back on line stood by shame-faced as all this went on; willing giving me his name but saying nothing else. We were forced to stay in dubai an extra day and only after a fellow passenger (A tall male - we were all woman) forced the issue and after standing around at the airport for 5 hours - did the airline agree to put us up for the night promising to fly us out the next morning on the same flight. When we arrived at the airport - this time 3 hours in advance of our flight we were told that the flight was fully booked and that the airline would fly us nairobi - right continent - wrong country!!! There we could connect to a flight to dar el salaam that would arrive after our connecting flight to arusha had already left and we would miss our safari - books months ahead of time.

    To the credit of the emirates staff on board the nairobi flight - who were mortified by the way their own airline had treated us - we were given help on the ground in nairobi and flew out standby on two separate flight on another airline to arusha. By then we had been traveling from 7 a. M. To midnight.

    The most distressing part of dealing with the ground staff in dubai was the lying and attempting to make all of this our problem when the flights were clearly overbooked!!!

    S. Silas
    Brooklyn, new york

  • Sa
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - pathectic customer service
    United Kingdom

    Emirates say they are first class airlines... Hmmm after the discussion that I had with the customer service staff for the last 2 days I realised I am flying one of the worst airlines.
    The staff are not sure what needs to be done which is pathetic.

    Now the story. I wanted to book the dubai stopover package on my way back to india from manchester. I got the visa from the emirates in india. Now the funny part... I reach manchester and call the emirates office, inspite of telling the reference number they are not able to locate that I got the dubai visa right from emirates office in india. After about 15 mins they finally realised that and then I was put on hold for another 2 mins. Then the lady comes and tell me that they cannot book the stopover as I took the visa from india. And gave me the indian office number.
    Then I called the indian office and explained to them all the scenario. They heard the entire story and cooly said that they cannot book the stopover over phone and that I need to pay the cash to them... Understanding that I am in manchester and I need to pay the cash in india... Sounds funny right ???
    Then they advised me to recontact the emirates in uk which can help me out and told me that they would do it for me
    . I contacted emirates again and again I get the same answers from the emirates office that they cannot book it for me...
    I am not sure now how to b ook the stopever package from dubai and hence decided to drop the plan of visiting dubai at all.

    Useless dealing with such airlines who cannot understand what the customer requires.

  • Sa
      15th of May, 2008
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  • Wa
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - change of flights home from perth australia
    Emirates Airlines
    United Kingdom

    hi to wish to complain about a flight change by emirates we booked a flight from manchester to perth australia in jan 2017 we have a sliver membership and we had had lots of flights with emirates, Our seat were booked and everything was sorted out Then we get a letter changing the flight why? no one can tell us why the change We are very annoyed at this treatment when we have always been good customers my husband is disabled and we like time to get sorted in the airport and do not wish to be rushing around he likes to take his time we also have a stop over in dubai we are now at a loss as to what we will be able to do this year mr and mrs nwakefield

  • Jo
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    hope you get our complaint joan

  • Te
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - emirates flight
    Western Australia

    My husband and I flew business class dubai to perth on ek420 on tuesday 4th november. The aircraft had no power shortly after take off. Therefore no entertainment, seats locked in position, no lights to read for the 11 hours. We have heard nothing from the airline and feel this is very unsatisfactory. Our anniversary weekend to dubai finished on a frustrating and very long flight. We have flown alot with emirates first and business class but will now rethink our choice of airline.

  • Su
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - emirates airlines
    united arab emirates airlines
    United States

    Please read this one. Nobody should go through this ordeal like me for missing the flight.

    I am supposed to travel from boston to india with american airlines and emirates with connection in heathrow to emirates flight. I missed the flight in boston and when I went to the airport the american airlines after several requests to the agents at the ticket counter, who were initially rude and refused to help me finally said they will put me through the next flight to london.

    But to fly from london to india, I have to call the emirates and change my ticket with them. So I called the emirates customer service from the airport. They said after calling twice that I have to call my travel agent and ask them to change the ticket. I called my travel agent which is vayama travels, who even after telling them that emirates told me to call them refused to help me and said its not in their hands and I have to call emirates.

    So I called emirates again 3rd time and they told me that I should ask the american airlines agent in the airport to call them and then they will make the changes, which I did.
    The american airlines agent was very rude and refused to help me initially and I asked to apeak with the supervisor and then she agreed to help me. She called the emirates [4th time to call] and finally they made changes to my itenary and asked me call next day morning to confirm the ticket.

    I called next day morning [5th time] to confirm the ticket and they said they cant help and they dont see the reservation that was made the day before and asked me to call my travel agent. I called the travel agent and they did not answer my phone. I called the emirates again [6th time] and they said I have to call their newyork office. I called the newyork emirates call center [7th time] and again the person who answered me said I have to call the travel agent and not them. So I called the travel agent vayama, which went to the answering service though its 9.30 am central time.

    So I called the emirates again [8th time] , who with out even listenning to me refused to help me. I am almost in tears with their behaviour and I asked why they are changing their information every time and what is the use of me making the american airlines agent speak with them the day before and what about the booking the agent who spoke with the aa agent made. She told that, there are no records with them, that they spoke with the aa agent. I said I will bring the proof that t, they spoke with aa agent before and finally she kept me on hold for a while and came back and said ahe is able to find the reservation and asked me to pay 250 dollors penality for the change of reservation and gave me the ticket.
    I hope no body has to go through this hell anytime and the emirates call center agents except for the 2 are very rude from the beginning and refused to answer or make any effort to help me. I dont know where and whom I should complain so that they can improve their service and dont bother others like me next time.

  • Ne
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - bad serive during check in
    United Arab Emirates

    I would firstly like to know is anything done about the complaints made here on emirates airlines or its just due to emirates airlines being so popular these complains are just ignored.. I would like to know any action taken to improve or be in touch with unsatisfyed customer.. Cause if have to file a complain I need to know this or its a waste of my time n urs if its never gonna be taken further ahead

  • Ad
      13th of Dec, 2008
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    Emirates Airlines - missing item

    I left my glasses on the front rack of seat 11a on flight ek543 chennai (Madras) - dubai on the 10th of december. Went I got down from the plain a complaint was made. It was obvious that they ha not checked before our connecting flight to lagos. The glasses is a rimless, slightly tinted varilous lense. Its brown in colour. The case is brown with "jilly opticals" written on it

  • Po
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Airlines are legally allowed to change your flights as long as they have given you a enough notice. Due to operational reasons . Perth is operated by A340-500 and sometimes an A340-300 which have different configurations. It could be that you were booked originally on to the 340-300 which has more seats and after a change of aircraft unfortunately not enough seats available and so were rebooked onto a different flight.

    They also could have overbooked the flight which would also mean the need to reschedule some passengers flights.

    Hope this helps

  • Po
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Unfortunately entertainment systems do break and unless there was any danger relating to your safety the flight would continue to its destination. Landing to fix an entertainment system and / or inflight seats is not cost effective and so no airline not just emirates would justify it.

    Your not entitled to any kind of compensation as the airline has legally filled its obligation of getting you from A To B and what is offered on board is not covered by law. However as a good will gesture Emirates should respond and I hope this happens.

  • Po
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    next time don't miss your would save you the hassle.

  • Hu
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - hoping for a reply
    Emirates Airlines
    United States

    I have not recieved a reply and I send one last week and 3 times before. I had a complaint about reissuing my ticket of Emirates Airlines. I am Hussain HIrjee hoping for a reply.

  • Ha
      15th of May, 2009
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    My wife who had flown from BWI to Karachi Pakistan last week ( April 30 – May 2, 2017) had lost her luggage and did not receive until two days later, and had only Jewelry missing from her bag. We had filed a report at the Karachi airport. Attached are the documents, please review and let us know what else is required to receive the amount claimed. Your earliest respond will be appreciated. I have submitted a claim
    and have not heard back for more than a week.

  • Ju
      23rd of May, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - poor service from your customer service department at terminal 3
    Emirates Airlines
    United Arab Emirates

    Hello my name is jurgen schrool I flew with your airline from islamabad to dubain on the 31 may of this year at 440 am on flight number ek615 with connecting flight to amsterdam. I had a 16 hour wait at the dubai terminal, when I ask if there was some accomadation of food voucher I was told by your staff that she would get me a room but I would have to pay for that, I do not think that is fair for paying custumer on your airline to find and pay for the 16 hour wait till the next flite wich left dubai shortly after midnight I would like some answer or be reembursed for the wait or food thank you for your attention to this matter yours truly j schroll [protected]@telusplanet.Net

  • Sa
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    Totally Agree with you.. Emirates Sucks... i lost my baggage as well in Dubai and the response from the concerned people was really bad

  • Di
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - pathetic customer experience lead to distress
    United States

    My parents flew emirates from mumbai-dubai and dubai-san francisco. They had the most pathetic experience of their life. I would never recommend emirates to anyone flying from india to us, particularly.

    When they reached dubai airport, their flight was overbooked and with no other option at hand they were sent back home with a boarding pass for the next day. Compensation for this : - a free one way ticked from dubai to sfo. Considering that we live in mumbai and travel to sfo, this ticket is useless for us. The ticket is non-transferable and to be used within a year. Again this is not going to happen. So it's like getting no compensation.

    The next day they boarded the flight but their luggage never came in. All 4 bags were lost. The baggage was delivered home the next day late at night. For two days, my parents were left with no clothes. To this, they did not even compensate. They kept giving us various customer service numbers that were attended to by call centers in india and every number we called gave us a different number to call and ask for baggage status or compensation.

    The staff on the airport was rude and did not treat people well, despite it being their own fault.

    The flight is more expensive than other airlines and we felt that we are paying to be harassed. Would not recommend.

  • Ro
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - delayed flight
    Robyn Hall
    27 Crabtree Lane, Atherton
    England, Lancashire
    United Kingdom

    Firstly - let me tell you, I have no complaint with emirates service. I found my flights comfortable and the staff and food were great.
    Just one problem I had with a flight out to sa via dubai leaving manchester june 14th 2017 0 2050hrs. (Ek 0020). This flight was delayed for 3 hours therefore causing me to miss all my connecting flights. Anyway I eventually got to cape town but found that I could not board the connecting flight to port elizabeth (With saa) without having to pay r1083.00 of my holiday money, as the flight was changed I had to pay the difference.
    I would like emirates to refund me this money, as although I was accommodated very well, I had to get somebody to pay this amount at the airport and was quite embarrassed.
    Thanking you
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Robyn hall
    (Confirmation no: ffpbb2)

  • Pu
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - ticket money not refunded
    Emirates Airlines
    United Arab Emirates

    I had cancelled my ticket on June 4th 2017 and was informed that the amount would be remitted back to my credit card. However, no such thing happened, continuously I have reminded them and even asked them to send me the reference number of refund made but there has been no response from them. It seems like its a new way of earning during recession. i dont feel Emirates is reliable for conducting online ticket transactions as I have had a bad expereince. Infact even my bank is shocked to here that its more than two months and the refund hasnt taken place.

    Punam Agarwal

  • Ra
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - misguidance
    United Arab Emirates

    After booking ticket, I have checked with one of your staff for luggage allowance. I get informed that emirates airlines allows 40 kg. But when I checked airport they said you are allowed only 30 kg. I shocked to know your staff misguides me. I got lot of troubles to take 10 kgs extra luggage to my destination. They have asked me to pay 580.00 dhs extra for 10 kgs. I am not carrying that much money while travelling.

    I hope you understood my situation!!!

    Looking forward for appropriate action.

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