Emirates Airlines / delayed fights with emirates airlines

United States

Flight ek 978 and ek 217 oct.28, 2011 both delayed 22 and 68 minutes respectively, many passengers including myself stranded. This airlines fails to get connecting passengers to planes when flights arrive late. Its staff need to learn first lessons in civility and hospitality.. I got sick running for miles across dubai airport?. Staff at counter very rude’. They ignored my dietary requests!. I showed my dr’s letter for medical assistance but their head steward disregarded the letter for any accomodation?

They broke my luggage,. Emirates airlines packs the plan without regards to passenger needs|. It was my first flight with this airline!. I never had problem like this with other airlines. On 12/4/11 I travelled with my wife from dubai to jfk and found out that the service on emirates flight ek203 was inappropriate. I noticed the following:

1. The flight attendants were not seen oftenly

2. 2 bathrooms were closed and passengers faced diificulties

3. Bathrooms were not cleaned

4. Food was not complete and main dish was missing from my meal. Attendants were hardly coming back to fulfill customers request/need

5. At breakfast, no tea was given to both of us. 2 attendants were asked for tea but nothing.

6.In general, the attendants were lacking in service. Service to the economy class was completly ignored.

If this is your standard, then me and my family members will avoid travelling by emirates in future.


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