Emirates Airlines / business class service


The service of emirates for business travellers is quite bad. I travel 300, 000 miles per year and I expect to have accurate information, easy check in and a hassle free experience. This is how emirates compares to lufthansa (Business class) : emirates charges an average 800% premium vs. Economy tickets and gives 75% more miles (Lh 100%) ; emirates does not have an iphone application at all (In lh allmy data is stored and I check in in 2 clicks) ; emirates has a policy of announcing boarding (Instead of gate open) 60 minutes before departure (On oct 29th for flight 59 that was the case). People were sitting on the floor. The gate sent a business class passenger to the lounge at 8:10 and asked him to came back 40 minutes later. Then he was told the gate was closed, had to take a flight 6 hours later and pay a $250 fine (All was documented with names and sent to the senior vp). He was asked to go to gate h for re-ticketing and wait in line (Ek does not have a line for business class tickets at service gate h, lh always does). I travel once per year with my family. At lh, I am allowed to accesss the lounge with my family (2 young children). At emirates, I was not (Even as a gold member and business class passenger).

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