Emirates Airlines / baggage thiefs

Germantown, United States

I am a frequent flier on Emirates Airlines. I have made several trips from the US to Dubai, from Dubai to India and back to the States. On January 31st, 2015 I flew from Dubai to Mumbai on EK 506, with my howling infant. When I boarded the flight, I had my hands full with 2 carry ons, duty free bags and my child. Seeing my crying child and trouble finding an over head bin for my bags, the stewardess took one of my carry on bags and clearly told me that I would receive it on the baggage carousel in Mumbai. I gave her my bag and settled for a 2 1/2 hour flight. The stewardess did not give me a tag for the bag. On reaching Mumbai baggage carousel my bag was no where to be found. I have been calling and emailing Emirates airlines everyday since Feb 1st 2015 for any sort of response.

In the past on 2 occasions Emirates has lost my checked in baggage only to have them delivered to my residence in Dubai 2 days later. So this time around I decided to pack all my electronics and essentials for a week in my carry on, which they have lost. In addition, since I was traveling to India to start up a business, I was carrying cash that I distributed between my handbags and the lost bag has a considerable amount of cash!

Firstly: Emirates has been very unresponsive.
Second: Each time I call, Mumbai staff is waiting for a response from Dubai.
Third: They have gone ahead and decided that the bag cannot be found, but they have not informed me of this decision till I call them!

In a phone conversation with their staff at the Mumbai airport on February 11th, 2015, the staff member tells me that since Dubai has no idea where my bag is and since the value of good in the bag is so high they do not know how to proceed with compensation. They also mentioned that Dubai is not sure if they can compensate me for my loss!

I can deal with a stewardess or two that have been impatient and rude on occasion. I can also deal with a checked in baggage being sent back to me 2 days later, but loosing my hand bag with all my valuables...this has gone too far. I wonder if I can sue Emirates Airlines for the mental agony and distress their irresponsibility has put me through.

Feb 11, 2015

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