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Emirates Airline / ticketing

1 6797 Northcreek LaneDallas, TX, United States Review updated:

Date of incident: 9 jan 2016 ticket number: 176 [protected] booking reference: cqdq76 names: randall smith ; maria cuellar connecting flight from dubai to dallas-ft. Worth (Dfw) : ek221 approx. Midnight in dubai, some 3 hours prior to flight departure, my wife and I arrived at emirates ticketing in dubai and waited in line to check in our bags along with ourselves for the final leg of our return home from a round-trip dallas-delhi-dallas set of 4 flights. When reaching the ticketing counter at approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes prior to flight departure, the ticketing agent asked if we would be interested in taking a later flight if we were given a free round-trip flight to dubai within the next year. We declined the generous offer to visit dubai again, explaining that we had to return to dallas on-schedule for employment reasons. The ticketing agent said she understood, accepted our 4 pieces of luggage, tagged them for dallas and gave us the baggage receipt tags for baggage claim in dallas, and then informed us that we were not on the flight! We were dumbfounded to say the least. I assumed we must have heard her wrong because it did not seem to make any sense. I asked the ticket agent to please clarify what she was telling us, and she proceeded to explain that all seats on the aircraft were occupied, and so we would be forced to take another flight, now without incentive, because we had already been offered the incentive and declined it. Nothing seemed to make sense: why had she checked in our luggage? Why had she hid the fact that the flight was full? Why had she made an offer and then withdrawn it? Why had we been booted off the flight? Could this treatment possibly be the way emirates airline treats their customers? What recourse did we have? What rights did we have? Why had she been so deceptive and sneaky about how she dealt with us? Was our luggage going to dallas without us? I assumed there was some major misunderstanding, so I started to sift through the situation one fact at a time. I showed her our tickets which had assigned seats and green highlighting, under status, which said "confirmed". She (The ticketing agent) retorted that our tickets meant nothing. I pointed out that we had seats, and we were at the airport in plenty of time for the flight. She said those were not our seats, that whatever is printed on an emirates ticket and receipt was merely a "suggestion", and in no way held a seat. I explained that we were on a connection, enroute from delhi to dallas. She said connection or no connection, nothing else mattered at that point because there simply was no seats to give away. My wife chimed in that we had paid thousands of dollars for our seats on that flight and had booked months prior. The ticket agent only said there was nothing she could do. I asked where we had gone wrong, where our mistake had been made, what crime or trespass or oversight perpetrated by me had led to being bumped off our flight home; or what had happened to bring us to such an unfortunate circumstance. The agent explained that emirates airline is a 'first-come, first-serve' air carrier, and so the only thing which matters is: who checks in first. I countered that we had arrived when the airport check-in began. She explained that we had been displaced by online check-ins, which had been going on for the previous 22 hours prior to our arrival at the airport. We had lost our place because we did not do the online check-in, believing we had seats on our through flight to dallas. The ticket agent made it clear that no one flying emirates ever has a reserved seat until after check-in. By not checking in online we had lost what we found we had never really had—seats on our second leg to dallas. So now we became very upset and distraught because further discussion with the ticket agent revealed she could not guarantee us any seats on any particular flight to dallas—she could not guarantee when we would ever get to dallas, although she did assure us that emirates would get us home sometime, on some flight, through some place, some day. We were beside ourselves, felt helpless and powerless and betrayed. Felt we had been deceived multiple times. Felt if online check-in was so essential that emirates should have told us it was far more than a convenience. (Our logic had been that online check-in seemed to be redundant for us because we had to check in baggage at the airport anyway: how wrong we were) I refused to accept that we were simply booted out in the cold—stranded indefinitely at dubai airport—by some inexperienced ticketing agent, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She pointed to desk 501, where a throng of other passengers was piled up in front of his counter, desperately pleading for solutions to their own flight problems. I asked if perhaps since we were on a connection and needed to get home we could get an upgrade to business class seats. She said only a supervisor could make such a call. I inquired about getting our luggage back, since we did not want to be separated from it. The ticket agent said there was still a chance we or some of the other displaced passengers could still get on the flight if there was some 'no shows', so she advised us to leave the luggage with her so that if some seats opened up we could get there first, and get those seats before the others scrambling for the same seats. We didn't feel good at that point—physically or otherwise. We are middle-aged and now we had been thrown by emirates into a nerve-wracking scramble for seats, competing with teenagers, young adults, women and children. It was sickening, disgusting, bewildering, and angering, all at once. I still couldn't believe it was happening, there, in the middle of the night, when the previous 3 flights on emirates had gone so well. I felt I owed an apology to my wife, and maybe to good sense as well, for booking us on emirates airline for our holiday to india. We never were allowed to speak to a supervisor or anyone in real authority. There were far too many people in front of us and the other emirates staff simply said there was nothing they could do—all of them helpless to help customers. So we were forced to wait for a very tense and upsetting 50 minutes to see if by some off-chance, some of those who did online check-ins would also be 'no shows'. At 1 hr. And 41 min. Prior to flight departure, our previous ticket agent hurriedly and excitedly motioned us to come quickly, telling me to disconnect the guide straps for the line, to come directly to her counter. We realized we were racing the other stranded passengers, and that we had to beat them, so we ran like children to catch the train. We did get seats at the last nick of time and we made it onto the flight, no time for duty free or any other thing we had planned such as a bathroom break. I have been bumped off of flights before, having flown many times. I have never felt less appreciated as a customer, a passenger, as a dignified older person. I have never seen my wife so distressed as by what emirates caused us to experience. This was our first experience with emirates and, unless something is made right, I will not only avoid using emirates airline again in the future, I will get on every website I can find and give this same review, advising would-be american customers that if they do not like cattle-car, 'first-come, first serve' only, indian train style service, for their international airline travel, then do not fly on emirates airline. I also will tell my sister-in-law, who works for american express preferred to tell those in charge to deny emirates' application for listing and use by american express preferred customers. And lastly, I will tell everyone I know and ask them to spread the word about how emirates treated us and made our enjoyable vacation a dark memory and stressful episode not soon to be forgotten. My anger is now compounded because I made this complaint on on jan. 11th and have gotten no response at all, telling me once again that emirates does not value me or my wife as customers, or even as human beings. Things emirate airline could do which I would consider satisfactory to resolve my displeasure and affront which my wife and I suffered for no reason that we know of other than that which emirates failed to advise us: refund of that flight for the both of us round-trip tickets anywhere emirates flies without time limits on use. Free upgrade to business - or first-class if we ever fly emirates again, with no restrictions on destination or when the flight is taken. Thank you for having a complaint board to vent my displeasure. Randall a. Smith

Jan 19, 2016
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  • Yo
      9th of Mar, 2016
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    Emirates aircraft change without notice to passenger from Airbus A380 to Boeing 777 from DFW to MAA. Purchased tickets in December 2015 on Emirates Business class for travel in March 2016. Shocked to find out only at the time of online check-in that they have changed the aircraft. Originally purchased tickets on Business Class to experience Airbus A380 Business Class experience. I would definitely not have purchased Emirates Boeing 777 Business Class ticket. Total disappointment. Emirates may have the right to change the aircraft but Emirates should have intimated officially to all their passengers who had already booked their tickets prior to this aircraft change decision taken by Emirates management and also given a choice to the passengers to take a decision to revise their decision to travel on Business Class on a different aircraft which is not the same Business Class seat as originally sold. This amounts to FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION & STEALING of Passengers money. There is definitely a price difference between travel on A380 & Boeing 777. I have paid a premium to travel on A380 . Emirates has denied it's Passengers that choice given originally by Emirates and collected monies accordingly. This is DERELICTION OF SERVICE. Emirates has taken an arbitrary action is a VIOLATION OF A LEGAL CONTRACT which Emirates entered with its passengers. I have made some research and found out that Emirates has WITHDRAWN Airbus A380 service on their DFW - DXB route from January 2016. Obviously Emirates did not take this decision overnight and should have forewarned their passengers who were planning their trips post Emirates date of change of aircraft. Emirates has taken its passengers for granted. I personally feel that there is a LEGAL CLAIM for compensation from Emirates. If there are other Passengers who are affected by Emirates decision to change the aircraft without notice and you had booked your tickets with the intention of traveling on Airbus A380 Business Class please join hands and let us take all reasonable Legal steps / actions against Emirates .
    Do expand on this issue. Open to all suggestions.

    Yogi Bala
    Dallas, TX. USA.

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