Emirates Air Line / Travel / Khi To Dxb / emergency exit from ek609 on [protected], due to fire on board while plane was on taxi.

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On [protected] at 07:00 in the evening, I was on emirates air line flight number ek609 from karachi to dubai as a passenger. Plane was on its taxi and about to take off and suddenly passengers started felling like something is burning around on the board and within few seconds thick smoke occupied the whole plane. Few moments later we saw heavy flames of fire in one corner near seat and one crew member was trying to extinguish it... Really it was horrible, everyone got terrified, some people started crying and praying if they could manage to survive perhaps.

It was a situation that with 82 passengers including crew members, we all were trapped by thick smoke and fire on the board and due to deadly suffocation gas factor we could not breath. Furthermore, doors were remained locked or might be jammed since, by that time hydraulic system was not working as per one of the crew member.
We were mix with women, elders and children and every one's life was at risk.

They could managed to open doors after sometimes and we all skit out off the plane by emergency shoot and started running away since plane was full of fuel and anything could happen in that situation.

I am still in trauma and I don't know how long it will take to come over this horror episode. I think air line should come forward rather staying in silence, and evaluate the whole situation. We choose best airlines for our safety, but from airline no body has contacted so far and regretted. I feel that all victims deserve reasonable a compensation from emirates airline side, so that no one will loose confidence in their services in future.

I am not very much aware of aviation industry rules and regulations but, if entity is aware then we deserve a suitable compensation which should represent the class of emirates airline. Thanks - saadat ullah khan

Oct 07, 2014

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