Electrolux / Kitchen Appliances / can we act against denied warranties & service?

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I've read the complaints about Electrolux appliance failures and Electolux's poor response.
They all seem to have a similar theme: product fails & Electrolux delays and/or denies replacement covered by warranty--with attrocious customer service throughout the process.
Is it possible that we could join together with a class action suit?
I don't know anything about it but seems like Electrolux is selling their product as high end with broad warranty coverage but we get low-end quality and denied warranty protection.
Doesn't that sound like a class action lawsuit to you?

Maybe others have thots on this or would like to add their support of such an action.

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  • Fr
      29th of Sep, 2010

    Another repairman sent by Electrolux just left my house, he agrees the icemaker on my new french door fridge is defective. Electrolux knows they have a problem with this model, but they continue to waste my time and not stand behind their product, talking to a supervisor is useless. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against Electrolux kindly let me know.
    How frustrating (and an unnecessary expense) that I now have to find an attorney to help me with this problem because Electrolux is not an honorable company!

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  • Pj
      29th of Dec, 2010

    I am in total agreement with you on this. The electrolux appliances that i purchased are down right dangerous...from the glass shattering when you use the self cleaning feature of the oven... to the knobs on the gas cooktop sticking so you can't shut them off! I reached out to them to let them know of my dissatisfaction and the response was to call their customer relations department. I'm afraid to run the self cleaning feature on my lower oven now...and was told by the customer service rep to not use that then help me understand why i puchased a self-cleaning oven? I will never buy electrolux again. I'm going back to GE, at least they try to address the problems!

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  • Su
      2nd of Mar, 2011

    Electrolux is the worse POS appliance and customers service I have evr experienced. I wished I ahd found this page before I purchased Electrolux appliance for my renovated kitchen. These appliances weren't cheap either. $2, 800 for a fridge that has ice maker failures, multiple times. $1, 000 dishwasher that had a valve failyre (BTW, it took the service man 3 trips to figure this out after changing circuit board and pump). Now top oven on their $2, 700 double oven stopped working. Guy says it's a bad element. Electrolux customer service hasn't even called me to see what is being done to fix these lemon. This is ridiculous, we need to get a list of dissatisfied consumers and get our money back.

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  • Su
      2nd of Mar, 2011

    BTW, the applaiances are not even a year old and they're failing. These are lemons and this company doesn't care about ht e consumers. They are a marketing company selling sub par applainces that are poorly engineered but have fancy exterior (stainless steel and lights and sounds).

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  • An
      10th of Mar, 2011

    Absolutely agree and sign me up if there's a class action lawsuit to be had here. I'm on hold with Electrolux service center as I type this. This is now my 5th call to get a service guy out to fix the ice maker YET AGAIN. This does not include the 2 calls to also get my thermostat replaced as it went out 14 months after purchase and then again 3 weeks after getting fixed. There needs to be a lemon law for major appliances in order to hold manufacturers like this accountable for their poor quality control measures.

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  • Sa
      9th of Sep, 2012

    We will been on our third fridge and, believe third mother board on the stove, the over the stove microwave is not working because of its motheir board . DEFECTIVE ENGIENERING, MY WIFE GOES CRAZY talking to supervisors and service people, we would love to get our money back and move on . Why don't they step up and support the consumer which with out question will be the one whom doesn't EVER purchase their product when dealt with in this manner.

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  • Dh
      13th of Sep, 2012

    A few weeks after I purchased the model EI26SS55GSO. the front panel went out, I had it replaced and it still is not working correctly. The metal rods on the shelves on door kept popping of so I just took them off. The ice maker does not work properly and it makes all kinds of weird noises. One of my daughters friends says it sounds possesed! I was so excited when I got this fridge, now I absolutely HATE this fridge!

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  • Mo
      10th of May, 2013

    There is now a class action lawsuit pending join it from Nagel I believe but just google class action against Electrolux! It will be well worth your time to get this company finally to do something. This coming from a pissed consumer!!!

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  • Su
      2nd of Jun, 2014

    Bought my Electrolux French door fridge in 2010. Have had repair in 4 times to fix ice maker and also see some water is leaking onto a shelf and there is a crack in the bottom shelf. Ice maker is not working again. I see there is a class action suit in Pennsylvania and Georgia but none in Canada yet. I have extended warranty but running out in four months...yikes. Can Canadians join the one you speak of?

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  • Gw
      18th of Jul, 2014

    We bought Electrolux: Double wall oven, dish washer, and fridge, they all he self have had big problems. With the oven the glass shatters when you use the self cleaning. With the Fridge the compressor had to be replaced. With the dishwasher the control board just went out and it has never cleaned well. Rather than fix this one we are going to throw it in the trash.

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  • Ev
      22nd of Sep, 2014

    We bought refrigerator & stove it has been awful .yes I'm on board the worst product & no warranty poor service like above comment said sold as high end but the is the most awful & low end product please start lawsuit!!!

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  • Jo
      6th of Apr, 2016

    My microwave, the one attached to oven. spewed warning, when heating s lasagna dis suitable for microwaving ( well - known but so upset I can't think of name!) I grabbed a cookie sheet to put under, held door open to deck and let it smoke on! (At time on docket for 2 spine surg ( fall, '14) i called got the runaround many you must have heard! While at Dr. A man from repair co. area showed up. When I called back I was told the maker sent parts for lower oven, then the complaint was dropped by Frigidaire!
    Too ill to fight at tme, then getting back to them later with no luck. I tried today, , was told productI microwaveable product had foil in it (a pig 's eye!') now I am thinking of fighting the area service co., or let Stouffers, the product used, is considered to be the culprit, not they! Has anyone had same problem and blaming others, say Stouffers? We were upgrading to sell and I have this monster in my kitchen! We don't have extra money to sue outright but would join a class action suit. I have lost 12 lbs worrying! ( too skinny to lose more!) they ruin people's confidence in buying! My DaD sold Maytags and never had problems like this! This is the work of a co. no better than a common crook! If a class action suit, please write me on facebook! First name Joanne, in MI. I hesitate to say m, ore of identity.

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