[Resolved] Electrolux Induction Rangee15 error code - cooktop not working

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Our family somehow survived the May 2011 F5 Joplin tornado and we lost practically everything. After a long miserable year of misery, we ended buying a new home. For all we had gone through, and learning the advantages of induction, we treated ourselves to a Electrolux free standing range, model# EW30IF60ISB (Serial# VF20555683) in August 2012 for $2300+ . It worked great until a month (May 2014) back until a E15 error code showed and since, it would not let you do anything on the cooktop. So we are without a range for a month now.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Joplin, MO The authorized repair guy talked to the Electrolux service tech and they said they don't have much idea why this has happened nor have they heard about this problem (please check webistes about numerous complaints for E15 error code) and needless to say the only way as per the repair guy (by the way a real nice guy) is to keep replacing the electronic board until the problem is solved by guess work. I have already replaced the UIB and Relay board (as per manual) but no solution yet, the next may be the entire touch screen panel in the front. By the time the range is repaired by guess work it will over $1200 cost (about 50% of new one). I have no choice but to discard this range replace it with some other brand. This is also a story of how Electrolux ruined our family's upcoming vacation by diverting our hard earned saved money to buy a replacement range- isn't much fun cooking with one portable electric cooktop and microwave. Thank you Electrolux.

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    Problem resolved by itself after two days of being switched off and resetting the power. It is working fine without any problem for many days now.

Jun 29, 2014
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  • Sh
      Jul 03, 2008
    United States

    Reference: Next, Jaljog< Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

    Invoice No. 205007 / 123 dtd 29-04-2008









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  • Ch
      Mar 14, 2009
    Frigidaire - wrong product /size
    19746 interstate 45
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    well me and my husband went to buy a cook top from conn's store on 19746 interstate 45 in spring tx, before went we call and confirm to make sure they had the correct size and have it in stock .we talk to a gentleman in the store he told us he call us back and he did. told us to come up there by that afternoon we did. when we got there we were greet by this man by the name of MR.Douglas smallwood .We told him that we talk to a gentleman and told us to come up here and pay for a cooktop so that they can order it he ask us what size we told him he told us that they might have one in .So he took us over to a display that they have just open he said this is a 36inch cooktop we ask him was this the one we call about .He said that, that gentleman didn't know what he was talking about . So he talk to us about about the price . he had a hard time find the price at first then he finely it. It was 249.97 plus tax when we got home we unwrapped the cook top and put it on the contertop it the right size in the length but the width of the cook top was not right .so we call them back and ask to speak to mr smallwood he told us that they didnot have any and they have to order it they don't know when it will get it .we keep calling for two weeks finely they say when we call them back this time that they can't take back the cook top because it use now which its not all we ask was a swap and we pay the difference because we find one on th web .

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  • Ch
      Mar 14, 2009

    our attiude toward yhe complaint was very neutral every makes mistakes

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  • Ch
      Mar 14, 2009

    is fine

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  • Li
      Jul 02, 2009
    Frigidaire - Simply awful
    United States

    In the spring of 2007, the back of the fridge made an horrible noise and slowly the temperature in the fridge/freezer dropped and then completely died. The compressor (after only 4 years!) had to be completely replaced! Very expensive part!

    Now, in August 2007, a few months later our stove just completely stopped working. We can not bake anything, only the stove-top works. We had the elements tested and they aren't the problem so once AGAIN, we have to have someone come and open the back of our appliance and preform service for what we are told is probably a hot device which is a minimum of $200 + service.

    We regret not paying the extra for KitchenAid appliances!

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  • Mo
      Oct 02, 2009
    Electrolux - AC not being replaced

    This is in reference to my conversation with you regarding the replacement of the Electrolux 0.8 ton AC.
    It is with immense dissatisfaction that I am hereby forwarding the details of the proceedings that took place.

    I had bought this videocon AC through Times internet Ltd vide invoice No [protected], order No 2246323 on 12/05/09
    With in one month of buying this, the AC stopped functioning totally.
    After which I spoke to Indiatimes and they forwarded me the number of direct videocon call center.
    After speaking to them, I was promised that some duty engineer would come and visit us as soon as possible. After repeated calls, and going from pillar to post, finally an engineer from Apollo, Tagore garden came to inspect and said that there is some leakage in the AC air and that it could be repaired. Since I had just bought that AC, I told them to replace it and not repair. But on their constant perusal, I agreed upon it. After a week passed by the AC again stopped functioning and this time again the engineer came and said that there is some problem with the valve or something. He also said that we would replace it as soon as possible
    Seeing that nothing is happening and it has already been more than three months since this saga was continuing, I again started calling the call centers, when I was told that you could help me.
    It’s been at least 4-5 times since we have spoken within past 3 months and every time an engineer visits, asks for the photocopy of the invoice, promises that the AC will be replaced as soon as possible but nothing really happens. You yourselves know the pain and trauma I have been through talking to almost 10 -15 of your companys employees and literally begging them to do the needful

    I am also attaching herewith the scanned copy of my invoice, sign of engineer Mr. Harish, and another copy of videcon center engineer’s visit.

    My complaint no s are
    DEL [protected]
    And 1134199

    The other persons whom I have spoken to include
    Mr Harish ph no [protected]
    Mr Goldy [protected]
    Mr sanjay Sharma [protected]

    With this I would like to mention here that I have been a regular customer with the videocon and the internet times as I really thought of these organizations to take care of the feedback and the responses of the customers
    However, with the present attitude I am really sad and depressed more than being angry. I hope you can rectify, if not make up for the delay and the agony I have been through and replace the AC as soon as possible
    Hoping in anticipation

    Dr Mohit Chowdhry
    Blood Bank
    Paras Hospitals

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  • No
      Mar 17, 2010
    Electrolux - product

    i buy electrolux fridge2007, after one year fridge was not working properly, i complaint many times after four month, company replace compressor, next year same problem continue, i complaint agein, after two month, company change the compressor, what was hapenning with my fridge was in month of april to july fridge not worked in month of september company change comperssor, after september winter start, fridge working properly till have no knowledge why fridge is not working in summer time.i have whirlpool fridge which i buy 1994.till today no need to call for any service.
    electrolux is good company.but in india videocon buy this name, videocon have no any quality in any products, so dont buy any product name like kenstar sansui videocon electrolux, becauce videocon not manufacturing any products, vidocon is only brand name, all product are manufactured by locals or import from be CAREFUL NEVER BUY VIDEOCON.AJAY BHATIA, FARUDABAD9213382135

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  • Vi
      Jun 17, 2010
    Electrolux - Damaged product

    This is to inform you that myself, Vikas Pareek, bought a refrigerator from Next Retail Showroom situated at New Sanganer Road, Jaipur. I have purchased a product of Electrolux company, a refrigerator of 220 Liter worth Rs. 7543/- on June 13th, 2010. The next day, when I installed the refrigerator, I found that it was not working properly. I informed the executive (Anurag, who sold me the product) promptly informing him that refrigerator is not working properly. He told me that they will see and rectify the problems as soon as possible. Till now, (01:00 p.m. of June 17, 2010), no action has been taken in that regard from their side.

    I have to suffer a lot of inconvenience due to refrigerator being not working and have to listen from my family. I feel that showroom people made a fool of me and sold me a damaged product. I am feeling harassed as nobody is taking any action on my complaint.

    Now, I want to get a fresh product of the same company in exchange, as I have bought a new refrigerator and why should I get it repaired as I got to know the very next day that it is damaged and not working properly.

    Please make arrangements at your earliest convenience so that I get the new refrigerator soon. It would be of great help to me and I would appreciate if any such action is taken.

    Product: Electrolux 220 L Refrigerator
    Bill Number: [protected]
    Bill Amount: Rs. 7543/-only.

    Waiting for your prompt response.

    Thanks and Regards


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  • Sa
      Jul 28, 2010
    Electrolux Fridge Double Door - No cooling

    Service Complaint placed on 1st week of may 2010 till now(27.07.2010) period of three months fridge not serviced and I have paid Rs.6000 till date, they have replaced compresser it seems but still its not working.
    Frequent calls made to the service engineer for the past three months no proper response, Details given below:

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  • Un
      Jun 23, 2011
    Electrolux Frididaire Front Load Washer - Machine Never Worked Correctly
    United States

    We complained 4 times about our washing machine to customer services. The machine never cleaned the clothes properly. It did not take soil off the clothing. It maid the clothing smell like mildew. If we used bleach on a load of whites, it would leave bleach blotches on the next load of laundry. The technicians sent to fix the machine replaced two parts. Twice when they came out for service calls they did not fix it and told us that we were using the wrong amount of soap. I was not using the wrong amount of soap. I can follow the book instructions. I hate this washing machine. The company is refusing to replace it even though it has never worked properly. I WILL NEVER BUY AN ELECTROLUX AGAIN. DO NOT BUY AN ELECTROLUX WASHING MACHINE. I WISH I HAD NOT BOUGHT ONE.

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  • Vi
      Sep 09, 2011
    Electroluc Washing Machine - not provide service on time

    I have bought Electrolux Washing Machine in April 2011. I have registed my complain regarding washing machine is not working and found Motor needs to be replace before one month. I have called electolux call center for almost 20 times and taked 3 to 4 times with seniour executive but every time they have committed false or irresponsible answer. Even Service center are also not having attitude to talk with customer. It has taken 30 days eventhough having policy of replacing part within 7 days.
    I have requested them so many time but they are not having process in place to give proper answer to customer.
    my complain number is PAHM1108110088 registed in Electrolux and as of now, they also saying more 10 days for this.
    Everytime they have committed some days but not happended for dispatch part like motor taking more than 30 days.

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  • Tn
      Oct 29, 2011
    Frigidaire Professional Series - poor quality
    Spring Hill
    United States

    I bought a new house 2 years ago with a kitchen full of Frigidaire Professional Series appliances. Recently the oven convection fan started to sound like an aircraft engine. The entire fan assembly has been replace along with the motor - it now only sounds like a semi truck in my kitchen. The repair tech called Frigidaire from my house and was told that is the way it is so she'll have to live with it! This is the third appliance that has been problematic. The gas range burners still don't work properly, after 3 attempts to repair. After only one year, I replaced the dishwasher with a Bosch, which I love. There will never be another Frigidaire appliance in my house.

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  • Ch
      Dec 16, 2011

    Good Afternoon,

    I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns this appliance unit has been causing you. I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at Chris.[protected] with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit? When you send the email please make sure to have "HELP CENTER" somewhere in the subject line for tracking purposes. This way I can create a footprint in our system when the account is created. You will have proof of our correspondence and if you ever need to reference it in the future you will have a reference number.

    Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.

    Chris Polk
    Online Outreach Rep.
    Electrolux Major Appliances, North America

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  • Ch
      Jul 20, 2012

    I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns this appliance unit has been causing you. I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at Chris.[protected] with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit?

    Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.

    Chris Polk
    Online Outreach
    Electrolux Major Appliances, North America

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  • Je
      Sep 07, 2012
    Frigidaire - Service Aggreement
    Madison, WI
    United States

    My fiance and I purchased a Frigidaire fridge a year and a half ago. During the 1 year warranty that was included, we had a broken drawer. We decided to purchase the extended warranty through Frigidaire due to this issue. Shorty after the year was up, our ice maker started leaking and would no longer produce ice. We contact Frigidaire to get the service provider. The service provider has been out 4 times and our fridge still isn't working (over a month later). Frigidaire has explained to us that this is an "acceptable" amount of time for this problem to be fixed. My fiance and I have both had to take time off of work each time the service provider has come out. This week will be the FIFTH time they will come out, and I have very little faith that it will be fixed.
    Be weary of purchasing and Frigidaire fridge (two major issues in less than 2 years) and be in more weary of purchasing the extended warranty. I believe that when purchasing a warranty, you should expect to have your issues fixed in a timely matter. This has not been the case. I will NEVER purchase anything from Frigidaire again.

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  • Ja
      Oct 26, 2012
    Frigidaire - Faulty freezer
    England, Kent
    United Kingdom

    I purchased an upright freezer on line 18/08/12. It was delivered 21/08/12. Three weeks ago I got up and found the whole contents defrosted. They have refused to refund the cost of my wasted food (about £100). An engineer came out after 2 days and told me he didn't do refrigeration so another engineer would call the following weeK! 4 days later one came out and said it needed a part which wasn't in stock. After numerous calls to Comet and Trading Standards I had a call yesterday to say the freezer had been written off and I could have a replacement. I told them I didn't want a replacement I wanted a refund which they agreed I could have. They arranged to collect the broken freezer on Saturday and the money should be in my a/c in 4-5 days.On the strength of that information I ordered a new freezer from another company as I work permanent nights and am fed up running to the shops everyday for food. In the post today is a form to take to my local Comet to get a replacment. I called Comet AGAIN and was told I can't have a replacment. I am now waiting AGAIN for someone to call me back. Comet are rubbish and their customer service is non existent.

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  • Ta
      Jun 10, 2014
    Frigidaire - Bad Dryer
    United States

    Bought a Frigidaire dryer when my Maytag wore out. Worst decision ever! It has never worked right from Day One - constantly shutting off when it gets hot (a problem with a dryer, which is supposed to get hot) and now it is just making a funny noise when you try to turn it on. It has been broken down more than it has worked, and we just decided to kick it to the curb and buy a new dryer from a more reliable manufacturer. Probably just lucky it did not burn the house down. We will never buy another Frigidaire appliance after this experience.

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  • Jo
      Jun 13, 2014
    Electrolux - defective products
    United States

    I had two electrolux refrigerator model numbers ei28bs56isf,
    I believe both of them being the same model. We brought the first one about
    three years ago in November, they both had an ice dispenser in the door along
    with a water dispenser . The first ice dispenser started acting up about a year
    and an half later and it took me over a half a dozen calls to electrolux until
    they decided to give me a replacement refrigerator. That is also including the
    first service call that I had to pay for, in which the same problem happen
    about a month later, but the repair company fixed it the second time for free,
    Also the repair person told me that they have problems with that model. I had to tell them that I was going to sue them for selling a defected product. and
    electrolux customer service got MAD at
    me for tell her it was junk. After the
    second replacement came it worked like a charm, when a year and a half later
    the same thing happen. Didn't
    electrolux say since we DIDN'T take out
    a extended warranty they weren't responsible for it, but since it was so new
    they would pay for the part, but we have to pay for the labor. That seems like
    an admission of responsibility to me. Several
    weeks later the second refrigerator DIED ON US. JUST QUIT RUNNING. We went out
    an got another refrigerator with a different
    brand name. I would never ever buy electrolux again. Also we had an electrolux dishwasher that
    quit 14 months after we brought it too. And guess what we have a dryer from them that is acting up
    now. I contacted my U.S. Representative in D.C. but they didn't seem
    to care about it.

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  • Us
      Jun 30, 2014

    We are currently having the same problem with our Electrolux induction range. Repair guy is now at a loss, suggesting a $1000 computer board change, which I refuse to do because he cannot guarantee that it's going to work. I'm now looking for a totally new range/stove. This one is exactly three years old, and thousands of dollars -- now garbage. Electrolux has been useless. I'd never buy another thing from this company, that's for sure.

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  • Da
      Oct 05, 2014

    We had error code E15 a few times over the past year. Turned range off at the breaker, problem went away...for a while. Now it's back, and resetting doesn't work. Trouble shooting guide says if resetting doesn't work, replace one or both circuit boards and/or the communication between them (I assume the ribbon cables). They cost about $1, 000. No guarantee of success. Once you buy the boards they're yours, whether they solved the problem or not. So...good money after bad. Could be. Reluctant to try. Looking at a slide-in induction range from another company - will get the extended warranty.

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  • Bo
      Nov 18, 2014

    We've had ours for five years now and it's been fine, except for the occasional E 15. We've had to reset it every year or two, but it seems to come back with no error, if you leave it off for a little while.

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  • Js
      Jan 02, 2015

    We have had the same problem. Ours is 2-1/2 years old. They fixed the control panel 3 weeks ago, but the problem immediately returned. Shutting off the power to reset is not a permanent solution; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Repairman is here now, replacing the control panel and the touch panel. This is discouraging--but we have learned that all modern appliances are unpredictable, and we always keep everything under warranty with Sears. I love the range when it works, but if this is the future, we'll be looking for a replacement. Has anyone been able to get Electrolux to make good on this stove?

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  • Mi
      Jan 18, 2015

    We just bought a house (2014). It is only 4 years old. All Frigidaire appliances (Clearly installed by the builders since most likely they are the cheapest, kind of decent looking things around). The dishwasher may as well have been a dish dirtier. I had to replace the soap dispenser as that was broke when I arrived ($50 part). Then I used it. Everything was still dirty and spotty. So, in the end I had to purchase a new Kenmore. The over the stove microwave is super fun. First, it does not heat well. Second, it likes to CONTINUE RUNNING after you close the door! By itself! Magical! Well, not really, it is obviously very dangerous and so I am now shopping for a replacement. The oven is junk. Buttons are difficult to figure out. No convection. It's "self-clean"? Worthless. Use some easy off and save the electricity. Well, at least the fridge seems OK...

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  • Ta
      Feb 02, 2015

    Love induction. Loved this stove. Now I will never buy another Electrolux product again. A few months ago it started flashing E15. I read the blogs and did the troubleshooting. January 5, 2015 the error code reappeared and it hasn't stopped. I can get it repaired for maybe 1200.00. If that doesn't work there is another 800.00 part that might fix it. E15 is a common problem with these stoves and unavoidable. I would recommend a different brand ad/or the longest warranty you can find. Electrolux offers nothing as far as recall or assistance. They know about the issue but they are not making any attempt to fix it. I will be buying a new stove tonight. Another induction. Not an Electrolux. Nowadays there are too many induction choices to overpay for a stove that doesn't last long. $3500.00 in 2011. As much as I am from the old school of fix it and wear it out I just can't see putting that kind of money in this stove with no guarantees. I will buy a new stove for that same cost and buy a super warranty. Again, not an Electrolux.

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  • Uc
      Aug 09, 2015

    We have had ours for 3 years and had this problem half way, after other problems arose with microwave and refrigerator from same brand. We won't be buying this brand or recommend to anyone ever again. The looks were great, but the functionality was awful and the customer service has been rather poor, to the point of exhaustion we just continue living with the ongoing beep made by error E15 from time to time, recently quite more often, to the point with have to keep disconnecting the machine and are considering just getting a new brand altogether. Unacceptable from every point of view, too bad for those who but this product w/o knowing what they are getting into.

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  • Jo
      Aug 11, 2015

    I just purchased this Electrolux Stove (Induction) in Jan 2015 yesterday I came home to a beeping and flashing E 15, went to look in manual, nothing there, googled to see if it is a common issue, wow to my surprise the amount of same problem, this company should be repairing or replacing it.. Not happy at all,

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  • Nd
      Aug 23, 2015

    We just had the e 15 error come up in our stove too! So upset. We bought ours in 2011 and use it daily. I also live in Canada and won't be buying electrolux appliances again. The matching dishwasher doesn't clean very well and the fridge is starting to fall apart as well.

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  • Le
      Aug 26, 2015

    Don't get too comfortable if range starts working again after resetting it by turning power off, the problem is still there. It will start cutting off and beeping again and it will keep getting worse until turning the power off will stop having no effect on the problem. So turning the power off and back on to reset is only temporary until it dies completely. Even a new control board did not fix the e15 error code on mine.

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  • Sy
      Oct 02, 2015

    e 15 error come up in our stove too! . We bought ours in 2011. I also won't be buying electrolux appliances again
    We won't be buying this brand or recommend to anyone ever again.

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  • Wa
      Oct 04, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    Hi, folks! We were there with deep frustration when e15 appeared on our Electrolux induction stove. We bought ours in 2011. 2 years later e15 started. Initially e15 would disappeared after we turned power off for 5 minutes and turned the power back on. Later e15 appeared more frequently, sometimes right after cooking, or sometimes at any other times including midnight. We kept turning power off and back, but e15 kept coming back. Finally, we couldn't use the stove as e 15 did not go away and kept beeping, no matter what we did. We searched internet and was dismayed to see the similar problems with other people without a good solution. My husband was so upset that he decided to abandon the stove and wanted to buy a new stove. But accidently, I rescued ours. Here is what I did. I asked my husband to turn the power back on from electrical panel downstairs while I was stand by at the stove. Once the power was on, I quickly put my finger on ON/OFF button to turn on the stove before e15 appeared. After cooking, I left a pot of water on the stove and left heat at lowest. As long as the stove is in use, e15 did not appear. When I'm done cooking and turned off the stove, immediately I pressed on CONTROL LOCK button. Next time when I was ready to do cooking, once I unlocked the stove, right away I turned stove on, then kept a pot of water on stove at lowest heat. After a few days of keeping doing this way, e15 has never come back and our stove has been fine since. I hope this will help some of you.

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  • Lo
      Oct 14, 2015

    I live in Montreal and we have the same error E15 and the beep doesn't not stop. Electrolux is a rip off brand and it should not be out in the market. It should go Bankrupt. Poor support and they claim high end products. Mafia style.
    I will never loot this brand again and each time I go to the store I will warn other clients to stay away till they go Bankrupt.
    We spent over 3500 $ from our blood and after three years it is going to be in garbage. Shame on Electrolux.

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  • Da
      Oct 18, 2015

    I'm writing to endorse Mrs. Song's solution with the Control Lock. In my case, it worked. Somehow, turning on Control Lock cleared the E15 error. I'm very pleased as we love this induction range/oven. Please try before replacing your stove or any control boards. I only had to do it once and the error code and beeping disappeared.

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  • At
      Nov 07, 2015

    Exact same problem. Error code 15 on induction range less than three years old. Customer service is no help. They put me on hold, say they are getting a supervisor, then hang up. Our Electrolux refrigerator of same age has gone trough two circuit boards and two ice makers. Trim pieces on fridge are falling apart. I'm waiting for repair guy for range to call back; but after reading these complaints I will be reluctant to replace a circuit board. I'll probably be shopping for a new range; definitely not an Electrolux. This is what happens when you buy appliances from a vacuum manufacturer -- they only build products that inhale (the synonym for inhale I wanted to use apparently isn't permitted on this board).

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  • Km
      Nov 27, 2015

    Totally agree with the above. Same E15 error issue and switching off doesn't help

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  • At
      Nov 27, 2015

    Follow up on induction E15 error: parts for a repair will run about $1200 -- definitely not worth repairing. Repair guy suggested cleaning touch screen with rubbing alcohol (put it on a cotton pad). Tried that and flipped the circuit breaker and range started to work again, but repair guy said it would die again. Two days later started beeping and E15 came up again. Flipped circuit breaker and eventually started up again. Luckily, I didn't host Thanksgiving this year. I have to get a new range because, while this one is working right now, I never know when it will go out again and how long it will take to reboot (if it reboots at all). A range you can't rely on is next to useless.

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  • Sh
      Jun 08, 2016
    Electrolux Microwave Oven - Food product not prepaid properly

    I purchased electrolux microwave oven model ;em25c90ss from shop of barten at parle point surat
    It is not work properly, food product like pizza papad frimes are not prepaid well. Abnormal sound in machine. No service provide
    From your service center. We hope you give us best response
    Thanking you,
    S J Jain

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  • Aj
      Jun 08, 2016
    Electrolux?microwave - not same plate replaced

    I had purchased electrolux grill micrwave. Few days back its glass plate was broken. I got its complint number many times then my call was answered the girl on other don't able to understand my problem. She said the person will visit within 24hrs but person came after 3 days and the plate he replaced is very diff from original. Its very light wt. samll in size. Its look very cheap quality plate which he said given by co.

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  • St
      Jun 08, 2016
    Eureka / Electrolux - Horrible product, horrible customer service
    PO Box 212378
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Purchased vacuum cleaner in Feb 2011, used for approximately 2 weeks. Motor in vacuum seemed to be "whining" almost as if it was extremely strained. Husband took bottom off and looked to see if clogged and/or belt was broken. None of those were the case. I called the number on the paperwork and got a customer service rep. They told me they would send the "call tag" and that once it was received, it would take approximately 4-6 wks for repari. When call tag got here, I sent it through FedEx, which cost me an additional $25 on top of the $80 for the vacuum. I have since called the customer service "helpline" approximately 4 times. Each time I was told that I would be called back. Each time, I was NEVER called back. When I would call and explain the problem, and the fact that my call was never returned, it was always the same line, "I am so sorry you have had that problem" and then proceed to put me on hold while they supposedly check with the service center as to the status of what happened to my vacuum cleaner. On the 28th of July an email was sent to the service center and as of August 1st, there was no response to the alleged email. On my last phone call on August 1st, I was told that this was being sent to the escalation dept and that a supervisor would find out what was going on and the rep I was talking to would be back with me in the next day or so, 2 days later I am still waiting on that call back, hence the reason I am here. I am tired of getting the same response and no courtesy call backs.

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  • Do
      Jun 08, 2016
    Electrolux Coffee Pot - Broken after less than one year

    If you bought a coffeepot and it said on the box "Only works 300 times" it is unlikely that you'd buy it - but that's the truth with my Electrolux coffee pot -less than a year of weekday morning use and it is kaput - shoddy goods.

    Glad I found out about how bad their stuff is before I'd bought a big ticket item like a fridge/freezer.

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  • Am
      Jun 08, 2016
    Electrolux Fridge And Freezer - Poor replacement service
    United States

    In January 2011 my freezer and refrigerator were approved, under warra Ty, for total replacement. It is now 2 months later and I still do not have my units. I call once a week and don't get satisfaction. I would never recommend this company or their products. It has been almost a year that I have been trying to get adequate service for my u it's.

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