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Electrolux Canada Corp / bad service

6150 McLaughlin RoadMississauga, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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May 11 2005, we purchased the best set of appliances Electrlux Home Products make, Frigidaires Pro Series, On Dec 15. Only 7 months later we had to repair the ice maker under warranty ( no problem) well it never got fixed till late Jan/06. On Feb 21/06, The repairman made another house call to repair the ice maker again, Well it never got fixed till Mar 29/06. In July/06 they finally replaced the ice maker with a new one, at this point the warranty had run out so Electrolux finally covered the cost of the problem that started 7 months earlier after a lot of phone calls.

In Aug/07 the mother board that operates the electrical end of the refrigerator died, and had to be replaced, ($400.00) later

Finally on Dec 8/07, our dearly beloved refrigerator died for good, I am pretty sure it is the compressor this time,

So we had to go out and buy a new refrigerator, you can bet it IS NOT A FRIGIDAIRE, In all this we are out $700.00 in repairs and service calls, And we have spent several summer months with no refrigerator, Frigidaire has done nothing to help us after the one year warranty ended, When we told them we had to buy a new refrigerator, they told us the refrigerator problems are over and we have no reason to contact them any further. Can you believe after all we went through they do NOT want us to contact them again. DO NOT BUY FROM ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS, The company treats there customers like ###!


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  2nd of Sep, 2008
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I can understand exactly what you have been through. We are in Australia and we bought another product Electrolux supports/ a Simpson Dryer in July 2005.
4months later it started making loud noises. We rang them, they came out stating "oh yes we see what the problem is" and we had to wait for parts to arrive. Over a week later they came out and replaced the part they say was the problem.

Now count up from there another 5 more issues over the next year and half that needed replacing inside the unit. After the 2nd time I stated to the service man that I felt we had a faulty unit and could they replace it. We were refused that option by them. On the 6th/last problem I was mocked by the State boss as he entered my home stating "lets see if it 'really' does have another problem' as the whole internals have now been replaced. They sure heard the issue I had bought them out about and I felt like saying "now you see what I mean and how dare you doubt what I said" but I left it.

He and the service man approached me with a comment "we 'think' we know what this new issue is from and we can get the parts sent to us within a weeks time", I told them I have had enough and no more thank you, you have told me previously you have fixed this issue and each time a new problem occurs. I would like the Unit replaced with a non faulty one. Again that seemed a big request and they left for us to discuss it. I rang them a few days later with the decision to have the Dryer replace, they said they would see what they could do. They contacted me weeks later stating they had a Cheque there ready for me and wanted to arrange a time to deliver said cheque. I asked what cheque, and was then told they were refunding me the cost I paid for the unit in 2005. I was shocked now, not only had I been terribly inconvenienced for years while they messed around with on and off repairs and a non working appliance but now I was about to be out of pocket over $200.00.

I spoke to head offices in Sydney... I sent numerous emails and phone calls/out of my own pocket expenses, inconvenience to family and friends... extremely rude service people, rude office staff and Customer Care representatives. Return phone calls that were promised never came... so called "I will fix this for you" remarks that never happened either ...

Needless to say I will 'NEVER' again buy an item that is serviced/sold/or represented by Electrolux ever!!!
  9th of Dec, 2009
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We purchased an Electrolux stove model ce130ef5gsa ... when it was delivered we received it from two guys with an attitude (which i did report) The stove was purchased from Tasco in Missauga Canada and no matter when I call to get customer care I get an attitude there as well.Well the year has almost gone now and I cannot get anyone to return my call.We had the stove for 3 weeks and I first noticed dripping stains inside the glass .I have had a Fridgidaire stove for 17yrs and the glass was as perfectly clean as the day I bought it .Now the main problem I do have and it is the front STainless Steel panel seems to overlap 1/4 in.over the sides .Everytime I'm cleaning I slice my hand .The edges are just like a blade edge..This to me is a faulty product but ELECTROLUX doesn't want to know .I mayhave to hand this Faulty Product over to CONSUMER AFFAIRS ..I am so nervous if small children are visiting -it is very dangerous ...So very disappointed with this Stove and it was not cheap --I could have bought a cheaper one but being used to having the best I didn't want to take the chance...
  4th of Feb, 2011
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I also purchased a refrigerator just one month ago, and am not happy with the store Brault martineau who sold us the item. I wanted to change ONE DAY AFTER receiving the item as I am short and cannot reach the top back of the shelf and was willing to purchase another upgrade in exchange. Brault martineau would charge me 500 to take back the refrig. and told me to sell it on my own and buy another one. What is happening to sales people today, and the stores, we are not protected at all, and I am so discouraged as we saved long and hard to purchase this item...
  4th of Feb, 2011
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I purchased a frigidaire one month ago, and cannot get anyone to help us in our delema. The frigidaire make is matt finish and I AM UNDER 5 FEET TALL and cannot reach the back of the top shelf and want to change and upgrade. But brault-martineau who sold us the frigidaire line will only take back the item at a $500.00 deduction. What do I do to try and purchase another frigidaire at a price similar to what we paid. judy
  12th of Aug, 2011
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I purchased a Frigidaire/Electrolux stove new in 2008. A few days ago the glass door on the oven exploded sending little shards of glass all over my house - fortunately I was far enough away that I wasn't injured. When I contacted customer service to inquire what they would do to resolve my issue, I was told I would have to call another company to get an authorized service technician to come & inspect the stove - not sure why, as it's the door that's broken, not the rest of the stove - and that I would not only have to take an unpaid day from work but would also need to PAY for this service tech to come to my house. Are they kidding? When I said no, I was cold transferred to the rudest, most cendescending "customer service manager" I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to - Jimmy Singh (although I suspect this may be a pseudonym). I was so angry by the time I was done trying to get an answer out of him that I put in a complaint to the BBB. Completely unacceptable customer service and you can better believe I will NEVER purchase another Frigidaire/Electrolux product in my life, and I will be sure to let everyone I know about their awful service.
  14th of Nov, 2011
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My daughter has been dealing with a dangerous problem with a Kenmore/Eletrolux range for over a year. This issue has been ongoing so long, actual dates have been lost to me. The stove was purchased about 5 years ago from Sears, along with a refigerator and dishwasher. From the start the handle of the oven door would become loose, always when the oven was in use and hot, and it would release, thereby releasing all components of the door - handle, glass and metal backing. My daughter would have to grab all these things as the handle became useless, these things were hot. She would then have to realign a bolt that held all this together and retighten it. It released often and she even kept a tool by the stove to fix this. By some miracle no serious burns happened - she kept hot pads nearby. Shortly after this range was out of warrantee, it happen again, but this time the glass totally released and crashed to the floor, breaking. Sears did agree to replace the door at no cost since it was so close to warrantee and it had been an ongoing issue. Then, shortly after this new door - THE SAME ISSUE! Obviously this is a design flaw in the construction of the door. The bolt holding everything together is too short . My son-in-law thought he may be able to replace this bolt, but it is buried inthe layers of the door and impossible to get at. Sears response is to send out a service person and replace the door at their expense - not acceptable. The door is a hazard. It haseven happened to me when I have used the stove at her home and your instinct is to grab all collapsing parts that are extremely hot..
She has received no help from Sears - shuttled around from department to department. They will come out and charge her for another replacement of this badly designed door. She has been dealing with the Electrical Safety Agency for months, as it is a dangerous high heat issue. Again she has been delayed, delayed, delayed and the issue has changed many hands, although they have agreed it is worthy of investigating.
She presently has the whole door taped together with electric tape - she has removed the handle completely. She cannot self clean, obviously.. She will never again deal with Sears or Electrolux - buyer beware!
  21st of Apr, 2018
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@margl I don't know why you are blaming Sears?.Sears went out of they're way to resolve the issue.The problem lies in the manufacturer...Sears didn't build it.Sears is very reputable and has among the best customer support .
  5th of Jan, 2012
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Extremely dissapointed!!! Had I seen all these posting before...!!! Bought from Sears in late 2008 the whole high end line from Electrolux, so far the only issue is the refridgerator! The mother board has been replaced twice, endless problems with the ice maker, water dispensor and ice forming inside the fridge freezing fruits and vegetables! Great! Sears offers horrible service and the technician who showed up so many times at the house told us GOOD LUCK you have bought one of the worst models that will ENDLESSLY break down... really made me feel good...
Stuck with a $3500 refridgerator that does NOT work properly... wow

Bravo Electrolux you really bring quality and workmanship in your products... -))
  23rd of Jun, 2012
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Yea exactly right. I have techs that know me by my first name they have been here so often. Lines freezing. Water dripping onto my hardwood floors and Sears cant or wont get a part here immediately. Five days I have to wait for the door gasket. Five days of water dripping and me cleaning it up every hour or so. Never again will you see another Electrolux product in my house.
PS... this consumer is right, fruits and vegetables freeze in their compartments and the techs say "yep thats the way this one is built".
  7th of Jun, 2015
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Bought an electrolux oven paid 3, 500 for the unit and it has been a major disappointment. The smallest of drips on the bottom of the oven fill the house will smoke that continues until you turn the oven off and wipe the bottom. Not ideal when you are cooking. So many times this happened while entertaining which was an embarrassment worked well to disway others from making the same mistake in purchasing this oven. The oven has had very light use over the years as there is only two of us and we use a smaller toaster oven for the majprity of our cooking needs. The oven was used for family dinners and entertaining however that had to stop because the oven smoked so terrible we had to open all the wimdows and doors to air the house out. Fine in mild months but not in colder months. Recently I bought a new stove I no longer wanted to put up with this unit. I noticed when trying to sell this unit that the inside bottom panel looked like the finish was actually coming off and looked like it was rusting. Unbelievable in 5 years with mild use. I ended up replacing the bottom for 175.00 just so I could get rid of thos piece of junk. NEVER again will I buy frigidair or electrolux again. You can see from the photos this unit is like new it was not obused by any means.

  7th of Jun, 2015
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Never again will I buy an electrolux or frigidair product. I paid over 3, 200 for an electrolux oven just 5 years ago and I am replacing it already. From day one if even a tiny drip landed on the bottom it would smoke filling the whole house. Great when entertaining and your guests literally have to leave the house. The oven was only lightly used as there is only two of us and we mostly use a smaller toaster oven unless entertaining or hosting family dinners. You can see by the photo that the oven looks like new. I had to replace the bottom panel for 175.00 just to get rid of it. Not happy with this oven and glad to be rid of it.

  28th of Sep, 2016
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This is one of THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever received in my life. We bought an Electrolux washer in our new house and it was malfunctioning. I called the customer service to complain about the situation and woman was very rude when I asked her name or her manager's name of which she refused to provide. Initially I provided her my name, address and phone numbers for my wife and myself. I wanted to escalate my complaint because I was not getting any satisfaction from her. I maintained my composure and was very polite but she kept saying that she would hang up on me if I insisted to speak to the manager. Eventually she hang up the phone on me without resolving the issue.
This happened yesterday, September 27, 2016 at the Canadian location. These people should not be interacting with the public, their customer service skills are non-existent ... it stinks. Customers employ them, without our service they would not have a job, so we should be treated with respect. As a result of this experience, I will NEVER PUSCHASE NO MORE PRODUCTS from ELECTROLUX ... never again. There are far superior brands out there in the market place. I have instructed the builder to remove the washing machine from my new house. I don't want to have any interactions with these rude and obnoxious people ever again. I will spend my money at other places that are more pleasant and courteous. Ratings 0 out of 5
  29th of Dec, 2016
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Nor will I buy any more Electrolux or affiliated products. I am stuck with this cracked fridge caused by the bulbs. This is actually a known issue with the fridges so why were we not informed?! They have all our contact details when we registered the products so a simple letter or email would have sufficed. Were they just hoping it wouldn't happen? This fridge is barely 6 years old. On top of that, we just paid $450 to get a board replaced for an induction slide-in. Upon my complaint, the "solution" they gave me was a piddly rebate on a new fridge. Seriously? I would have to pay 2K plus to fix a problem which was caused by their poor design?? And this was after I informed them I am not buying Electrolux again. I'm also so not impressed with this so called "customer service". It's appalling these companies sell all this.

  29th of Jun, 2017
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My Electrolux cook top Is non functioning due to a fried motherboard after 21/2 years of easy use. Warranty is useless after a year. My tough luck. Electrolux washes their hands of me and I am out of pocket at least 2300 dollars. I won't buy Electrolux again but was told at the time of purchase that it was the best! Not so..

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