eHarmony / unable to cancel the auto renewal billing

2401 colorado ave suite A200 Santa Monica California, United States

I made repeated attempts to cancel the auto renewal process and after a detailed review of the fine print in the contract noted the last payment must be collected before you could cancel. So on the last day before the auto renewal would continue for several more months i again tryed to cancel it. I worked into the early morning hours frustrated that I could not cancel it. I sent emails indicating I wanted it cancelled with no luck. I was able to determine the auto renewal is on eastern standard time while I am on Pacific standard time so the auto renewal cancellation was to late. EHarmony clearly wants to make it as difficult as possible to cancel so they can collect more money from innocent users. Please join me and others to take the time to file a complaint so that corrupt corporations can be held accountable.

Dec 10, 2015

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