eHarmonygot scammed

I used eHarmony for less than a month and that time was enough to understand that the whole thing was just a scam and waste of time. To use eHarmony I had to pay for many extra features, their site is pretty expensive, also I realized that there were too many fake accounts. I decided that eHarmony wasn't for me and that it was better to cancel everything and go somewhere else.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Monica, CA
I contacted their support team and asked them to cancel my account and was shocked when they asked for more money! They said that I had to pay to cancel my account. I told them that I want proofs and I want to see their price list or something like that, but they replied that they did not had a price list, but they had their own rules and according to those so called rules I had to pay to get removed from their site.
Remember my words, these people are good for nothing money hungry scammers, avoid them at all costs!

May 09, 2017

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