Egypt Airlines / horrible service! and crime!


I've suppose to flight with ms 732, on 09.07.2016 from berlin to cairo.
I have arrived at the airport before the boarding time and the checking time was opened. Well there was no check in counter neither egypt air representative at all ! (They probable have check in the passenger that has arrived earlier and left the desk wile the time for check in was still on). More over there was no one in their office at the airport.
I lost a important working and day and money of course.
Once I found after someone at their office, told me that only the manager can do something about. I spoke with him on phone (Of course coz he left the working space earlier) , he was full of stupid excuses that is not their fault that I could check in !
This is my worst ever exercise with an airline ! Such a terrible service such a bad people !

Jul 09, 2016

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