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Complaints & Reviews

lost bag

My parents came to visit the 19th, arriving at by Egyptair at JFK. One of their bags was mistakenly taken by...

servise very bad

my trip with EgyptAir from spain to cairo and after cairo jordan.
in date 1982010 the time ramadan.
am sorry to talk that the staff that work in the plane do not know how muslim christian, i am fasting i need 1 hour to have my meal and when i ask the host he say i don't no is you muslim o christian.
after we finished my food i need to clean my teeth i ask her if she can help me and give me brush teeth she say no in a way very bad...
when we come bake to joradn in the way the staff give use meal the host give me my meal when i talk to her if she can give me some drink she say we don't have time and we need to make landing...
i don't no if this way guesthouse

thanks so much for Egypt Air


My boyfriend and I were traveling in Egypt and purchased 2 tickets on April 1, 2010 for one way tickets from Aswan to Cairo in Aswan. Once we arrived at the airport in Aswan on April 2nd we asked about being put on an earlier flight since we were dropped off at the airport earlier in the day (7:30am), flight was not until 12:00 am April 3rd. They told us to check back in a little while to see if any flights had open seats. After a few hours and several trips to the counter to check the status of open seats, we were told by an Egypt Air employee that we needed to have a different class in order to change our flight and that we could pay the difference in cash to change our class so that we could exchange. We asked about paying with a credit card but they told us they did not accept credit cards. We were very confused why Egypt Air, an international company, did not accept credit cards, since we had purchased 2 tickets from USA to Egypt through Egypt Air for over $1700 and 2 tickets from Cairo to Luxor all on a credit card. After speaking with the manager of the airport for several minutes and being taken into the back offices where they told us it was a certain price to change the tickets and then a few minutes later they raised the price to a different amount, the manager of the airport took us to the ATM (cash machine) to show us where we could get money but unfortunately our check card which had our money on it was compromised in Kom Ombo and we explained to him that we could not get any money, we could only use our credit card. They told us we would have to go back into town (Aswan) to the Egypt Air store and change our ticket. My boyfriend paid for a cab and went back into town to change the class on our tickets. Once he returned back we checked with the Egypt Air employee and he said that they would contact us when there was a seat open. Around 2:30 pm, after waiting and checking for several hours we were then informed that they had actually canceled our original tickets and told us that we should request a refund from Egypt Air. Around 3pm, which seemed to be when the shift change for employees took place, we went back to the counter and a very nice gentleman, Ayman Asran, apologized for the inconveniences and told us that they were able to put us on another flight and that we would leave around 9pm. He told us to contact someone from Egypt Air to get our refund from the first ticket purchase since we had purchased 2 other tickets to be able to change flights.

We tried to speak with someone in Cairo and then in New York but each time we were not successful due to time or them telling us to call Egypt Air. The Egypt Air employee gave us the customer service number in New York to contact to resolve our issue. After arriving back in Philadelphia I called the number and left several messages for the refund department. After finally trying someone in another department they were able to personally put me in touch with Wehia who was very kind and assisted me with my questions but he explained that we had actually upgraded our flight, which was not our intention. After gathering the flight receipts I left three messages and made several calls to try and reach Wehia to discuss further but I was unable to reach him and he did not return my calls. I finally tried another department and was able to speak to Cathy who tried to reach Wehia but was unsuccessful as well. She gave me the number for Lynn Luehrs who kindly emailed me so that I could be put in touch with someone. I sent Lynn the details of our issue as well as the receipts. Lynn did not reply to my email nor did anyone from Egypt Air follow up. I have sent three additional emails and have tried alling but have gotten no response.

At no point, during the entire process, were we informed that we would have to purchase an upgraded ticket. We would have waited for our original flight if we knew that we had to pay such a large amount.

ms 800 (paris cdg 1 to cairo)

- journey date = the journey date was supposed to take off 14th of july but was postponed to 15th of july

- flight number = ms 800 (Paris cdg 1 to cairo)

- operating carrier = egyptair

Synopsis of concern=

I have booked dubai - cairo - paris - cairo - dubai

Flight 1:

The flight from dubai to cairo faced a one hour delay and because I was not allowed for all my luggage so I have to pick it up from cairo (However, there was a full cooperation from airport staff in order to be able to catch my paris flight (I was the last person to check in).

Flight 2:

The flight cairo to paris, it was a smooth flight.

Flight 3:

The terrible flight, as we waited for the flight more than a day (It took off the following day @ 20:30 paris timing).

Egypt air was a clear image of reckless attitude towards passengers as they were not aware that they left us with:
1. No luggage at all.
2. No allowance for phone call (i used my roaming mobile in order to investigate from relatives about the situation & to comfort my family).
3. The attitude problem of some of the staff.
4. Dealing with traveler as if it is their first time to travel or this is the normal trend (My husband is a frequent flyer as he is working in pharmaceutical field and he will make sure not to travel with any of star alliance group because of egypt air).

The carrier has a serious problem with dealing with crisis as there is no skills of crisis management.
1. No transperancy. Right from the beginning there was no accurate information regarding the problem. We received the accurate information regarding the delay from relatives who has connection in egyptair office in cairo!!! The next day we received the accurate information from a french lady expressing the problem in english and french (Not one of the egypt air staff). They claimed in the beginning that there is no problem with the flight and it is only because of the weather in paris & it was clear that after 1 or 2 hours, the airport was operating normally.
2. No contingency planning. There was no plan announced what will happen or the details for the delay. The second day we were put under the fact that we have to wait for the flight.
3. Different priority for vips. Business class received closer hotel rooms (Pullman hotel close by the airport) as for economy class passengers were transferred to novotel cergy which is around 1 hour drive from the airport.

Another important issue is egypt air staff:
1. Ms. Paula (Vice head of egypt air operation in paris).
A. I have been a frequent traveler with emirates airlines ( & I am proud to be) and I dealt with different situation from staff (I have been living in dubai for 9 years) but I was never humiliated by one of the staff as I did with egypt air.
B. The designated lady when I told her I am only connecting for 2 weeks in cairo and I had hotel reservation and arranged car (Which was pre-booked) , she answered me that egypt air invited me on dinner last night. I am not waiting for egyptair lunch or entertaining.
C. She had a rude attitude and when I asked for priority to board on the plane that took off 15th of july (Ms 800) , she answered me recklessly that she will give us an answer after 1 hour. She totally disappeared from the scene and we never saw (I left my 2 daughter in cairo attached the ticket).
D. She had chosen to stay with business class to ensure the good service for vips (I was told by a traveler who had access to business lounge).
E. She was not able to absorb the anger of the passengers and even to apology for them, she answered in her quick presence that she was not able to sleep all night because of phone calls. I want to tell her that this is her duty. She did not think of the people who had no access to their luggage or their medecine all night and they were left in hotel with unanswered answers when will they travel.
F. We reached the hotel very late and it was the 14th of july and my friend who had a threatened (Ms. Eman khafagi) at the same flight missed her injection and medication (As according to new flight rules we are not allowed for liquids on the flight).
2. Other staff were trying to apologize, yet no action.

ms 800 (paris cdg 1 to cairo)
ms 800 (paris cdg 1 to cairo)

services & safety

I would like kindly to bring to your attention few incidents that took place during my last experience travelling with Egyptair on the Jeddah – Cairo route in Business Class ( B737-500 ).

1. On arrival of flight 662 on 15JAN Cairo, we have arrived 15 minutes ahead of time and it took us 20 minutes from the aircraft parking stand ( Terminal 3 ) to the Terminal Building ( Terminal 1 ) sightseeing all the back area of the terminals and cargo village. Which was really a shameful ride.

2. The bags took almost 55 minutes to be delivered from time of arrival. Without any announcement from Egyptair staff who were not there upon arrival on the conveyer belt.

3. Business class bags were delivered after 80% of the Economy bags were gone through.

4. On departure of flight 671 on 22JAN Cairo, it took us almost the same time to reach the aircraft and of course the same airport tour from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 which the aircraft was parked ( A321-200 ).

5. Boarded the aircraft and was surprised to find out that the business class seats are no more than economy class seats, blocking the middle seat in between. ( So this is not a business class product ).

6. The doors were closed and the aircraft pushed back while we are still standing in the aisles of the aircraft solving the seating problem and the hand luggage overhead placement, which other passengers were allowed more than one piece of hand luggage.

7. Which made me really laugh that the flight attendant began its in-flight service by passing the cold towel and passing the sweets to passengers in Business class. The male Supervisor was busy talking with other crew and did not give attention to what is going on, till a nice lady ( which was serving in Business class ) removed the newspapers from the over head bins to free space for my laptop carry on case bag.

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worst airline on earth

On our 4 flights between Johannesburg & Heathrow we had the following problems:
One seat had a broken audio system so there was no way to watch the movie/listen to music.
There were numerous full sized Suitcases (similar to ours that weighed approx. 30kgs) in the overhead lockers that there was not space for a small shoulder bag and it had to be removed and placed on the other end of the lane by cabin crew member.
One seat had a broken foot rest which wouldn't go up - therefore hung out in the way of your feet and was highly uncomfortable
Pockets in front (that carry the inflihjt mag) had rubbish in them
Ashtrays on arm rests (which indicate the age of the plane) were full of rubbish (sweet papers and used chewing gum)
On the flight between London & Cairo there were no lights in the Cabin and no reading light either. The cabin crew served the dinner in the dark using torches. The pilot announced that this was due to an electrical short (is it legal to take off with an electrical short?)
On the flights (2 of them were 5hours 15 minutes and 2 of them were 8 hours) we were only offered beverages once during the duration of the flight. Surely with the altitude Cabin Staff should be keeping the passengers well hydrated? I, not surprisingly, became thirsty sometime during the flight and after pressing the Cabin Crew call button no one came and after walking to the canteen in the front and battling to get the Cabin Staff's attention as they were so involved in a private conversation I was SENT to the far rear of the plane for a glass. As the white plastic cups had run out I was given half a polystyrene cup (the bottle ran out!!!) of water. Even on a 2 hour flight between Cape Town and Durban on SAA you are re offered beverages.
The toilets were filthy, filthy filthy on all 4 flights. I have not even seen public toilets this bad (and I live in Africa). There was Urine on the floor, urine on the Carpet outside the door, toilet paper lying on the floor. Being an overnight flight and the cold in the UK I had taken my boots off and snuck to the toilet in the middle of the night in my socks. It was not very pleasant to have stepped in smelly urine and let it soak into my sock.

  • Gs
    g sadr Nov 02, 2011

    i totally agree with you
    this is the worst airline on earth - the Nairobi office staff are exatly the same - rude - and not trained at all - it seems like the staff have been picked from the worst lot of women who have no idea what customer service is
    it is a shame no-one is bothered
    i called twice and both times the ladies were so so rude and slammed the phone down - sheer lazy and incompetent
    never again on egypt air
    never ever

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  • Ib
    ibrahim khalid masud Dec 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hello, i traveled by Egypt air on 24 DEC from Malaysia to Nigeria Kano. i have arrived since on Monday but i haven't receive my luggage. i really need it and hope you will consider my situation my email is, [email protected] and my phone number +2348064416930 thanks

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  • Mo
    Mostafa Lotfy Jan 10, 2013

    Change my seat after took my bording on station

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  • SKOR Jan 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Far worse things have happened on airplanes than a seat change.

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bad service and below standard

Flight number 670 ms, from jeddah, saudi arabia to cairo, egypt. Flight date and time: 15th sept. 2017 at 23:00 pm.
My complain details.
1 - on my seat I didn't find the board which I use it when I get my meal.
2 - the crew member ask me to put the food on my leg because there was no board
3 - I asked the crew member for a glass of water 3 times and finally I take this glass of water in the airport.
4 - the crew were very lazy and don't care about the passengers.
5 - my seat was broken and I felt by zero safty during my flight time.

Why organizations like star alliance and iata give this airline the accredation, or these organizations are a big lia. ???
Where is the safty measures ?
Where is the customer satisfaction programs?
Where is the standerdizations of the members that they are accredited by the international organizations like iata and star alliance?

Anybody want help the poor customers that they can't take thier rights from these theves?

  • Fa
    FabioV Sep 01, 2009

    I recently flew on Egypt air from Aciro to Johannesburg. The state of the toilets on the flight was unnaceptable. I took photos of the toilets and I am sure anyone who sees the pictures would agree they were absolutely not usable I would like someone from Egypt air to contact me to resolve this issue.

    I will not as yet publish the pics before they are given the opportunity to offer an explanation.

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  • Na
    nawal alzarouni Jan 05, 2010

    My name is Nawal Alzarouni and I'm Emirates citizen on Sunday Jan 3-2017 I had flight at 6:45 pm from Cairo to Sharjah through Egypt airline and I was in the Airport at 5 pm but they did not let me to go inside because they told I'm late and the gate is closed they let me to pay 600$ which in my opinion very high amount and people in the Airport they were so difficult and unfriendly that make me so upset they didn't treat me well so I swear that I'm not going to put my foot on this country again..

    Nawal Alzarouni

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  • Am
    AmalElNaggar Jan 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good for you

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  • Mo
    mohaamed Oct 02, 2014

    Egypt air flight number 062 Time 22:45 on Monday 29 September 2017
    Cairo to Luxor
    Egypt air cabin crew at business class didn't offer welcome drink or any water
    The trolley didn't contain any water nor juice or Pepsi . The trolley was empty at business class.
    Egypt air with satar alliance and IATA has bad service .
    why the cabin crew didn't offer drinks ? to take the drinks for home ?

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terrible customer service

I travelled on business trip on egypt air to cairo and casablanca from johannesburg recently. The business class service is sub-standard with no service between meals. They seem overstaffed but pretty lazy. That brings me to my main bone of contention. For a month now my wife and I have been trying to get mr ashraf ahmed, the johannesburg station manager to return our baby's stroller. They had located it but simply refuse to return our property which actually cost more than the return ticket to cairo. The staff at the egypt air office in johanensburg were blatantly rude to my wife and have absolutely no idea of the concept of customer service. Egypt is now the last destination she will chose to visit again. I have to travel there regularly and enjoy the country and teh people, but the national carrier is a disgrace to the good people of egypt.

  • Me
    MediaMaven Aug 07, 2009

    I have traveled several times on Egypt Air over 20 years, alone and with groups I have organized. If I were to vote on the worst airline, this one fully qualifies. When booking tickets, they inform you their computers "are unable to make seat assignments at this time, " a policy that has been in effect these past 20 years. At check-in, it's every person for themselves for a seat, with preference given to Egyptian citizens for all seats at the rear of the plane, near restrooms and kitchen. In flight, you'll find those "frequent flyers" (as they were identified to me by one of the stewards) laid out over 2-3 seats napping or blocking the aisles with their carry-on shopping. Like every public facility in Egypt, the restrooms are filthy and no effort is made to attend to them. The in-flight service is laughable, the crew's disdain and disrespect for their passengers is evident in every instance, and the food served is disgusting. Do not travel on this airline, under any circumstances. Tour operators I have worked with in Egypt do not use Egypt Air, and laugh when admitting it.

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  • Ma
    makraf1980 May 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked atwo- way ticket from Muscat to Egypt on Jan 13 th and the return flight was supposed to be on Han 28th.
    Unfortunately, most flights were cancelled because of curfew.
    I had to be delayed for a week and this caused lots of problems in my work and a deduction of the amount of my salary.
    Please, I want an official letter stating that the delay was due to the curfew and it was out of the passenger's hands.
    Please I want this letter as quickly as possible.
    My email is: [email protected]

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Four monthes ago I bought two air tickets in EgyptAir site (from Athens to Cairo). Unfortunately I was forbidden to check in because I had no longer the credit card used (note that at boarding time 20th May, the credit card bill was already paid), then I bought other tickets for me and my wife. EgyptAir office personnel in Athens Airport said it will be easy to be refunded. It is not. I proof to them that the four ticket were already paid and a month ago I reach an agreement with Mr Karamanis from Egypt Air Athens office but, unfortunately this company has no commitment with their customers and I was not refunded yet.<br />
Their call center was not helpful either. They said I have to talk to Athens Office. Seeing that I live very far in Brazil, they gave no attention to me. I sent about 23 e-mail, they reply one. I phone them 8 times. They never call me back.

  • Di
    diana d barabas Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At the beginning of August, I flew from Bucharest (Romania) to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), after 2 months of uninterrupted vacation. I used a combo with two transits, one in Istanbul and the other in Cairo. The flight was divided between Tarom (Romanian Airlines) and EgyptAir, as follows: 2 august/IST RO 263, 2august/CAIRO MS 736, 3 august RUH MS 649. My precious luggage was wrongly labeled on the way and got lost.

    I had bought my two-way ticket via Expedia, because it seemed to offer good connections and it was cheaper than those ofered by one single airline. Mistake! My luggage is still missing: I actually received, within a few hours from arrival, someone else's luggage with my tag attached to it).

    Within a few days, Tarom responded to my written complaint, claiming that they searched on ground and pointing that the international legislation puts the responsibility on EgyptAir, my final carrier. EgyptAir remains silent on this subject, although 10 days ago, immediately upon arrival at destination, I filed a complaint, describing in detail my luggage. The file nr is RUHMS11677/03AUG10/0108GMT

    If you know any other way to contact directly Egyptair, please let others know on, this site.

    My lost luggage was Roncato brand, color ORANGE, hard cover, carried upright. Additionaly, it had small printed bullets spelling my name, diana, on its front cover. It also had a secondary Tarom label with my entire name, my final destination and mobile phone number: 00 966 5258908, handwritten on this label. A last characteristic: it had light gray handle and flaps - one of the flaps was broken. The weight was 21 kilos.

    After reading the poor reviews on services ofered by EgyptAir, I realize the extent of my mistake. I think people should research more carefully an airline's reputation before buying their tickets. If there is no possibility of flying a reputable airline, insure your luggage! Needless to say, keep your most valuable thinks on you, although sometimes, it is impossible to put everything you would like in a hand bag. Since I had vacationed for 2 uninterrupted months, I had many brand name clothes and cosmetics among many other irreplaceable or expensive things.

    Although I am a frequent international flyer, I vow NEVER EVER to fly EgyptAir again. It was the first and the last time. The contents of my lost luggage, my peace of mind and my time were worth much more than the difference I would have payed to fly a reputable airline, like Air France, Lufthansa or Swiss Air!

    diana b

    1 Votes

monkies running the show

What ever you do, do not even think of flying with egypt air. No only is their staff incompetent and illiterate, but they are extremely unprofessional.
I had reserved a departing flight for my mom and had a confirmation number that specifically stated "reserved and guartenteed". They claimed that her ticket was not registered in their system because my confirmation was electronic. What type of b. S. Story is that? The ticket agent was a space cadet-the supervisor ignored us and was talking on his cell phone and using his bluetooth as if he was trading stock-the manager was as arrogant and ignorant as they come. They claimed that she had to pay an extra $450.00. Nothing short from highway robbery. When I called their offices, the operated refused to give me the director’s name in their executive office; she placed me on terminal hold and later stopped answering the phone. I am thinking of starting a class action lawsuit against their ticket fraud operations and overbooking. Did I mention that half their staff doesn't understand english?

  • At
    A. T Nov 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi JoJo, I totally agree with your comment, I was also a victim on flight 777, please refer to the same site where you sent your complaint, mine was theft a cabin crew stole my phone, as they were always walking around busy doing nothing, one of them targeted me as soon as they had an opportunity to steal from me, tTHEY DID NOTHING TO SUPPORT ME, IT IS SICKENING. I agree you file a lawsuit against them, "Reserved and Guaranteed" is a simple word so if hand written or electronic, it doesn't matter. THE STAFF/CABIN CREW OF EGYPT AIR ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I will be taken the matter up as well.

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bad service

I bought a ticket for my son through and my son had the worst time in traveling, first of all the egypt airlines flight from beirut to egypt was at 12.45pm they changed the time to 9 pm so he had to wait at airport from 10am to 9pm, then at cairo airport he waited about 18 hours and he had a lot of bad time there because of not caring for his cheked in luggage, he had to search for them and take his bags by himself to the right place and made him pay 150 euros for travel changes, they told him that he has to contact ticket provider for these problems, I contacted cheaptickets customer services and they said that they might not be able to do anything but they'll try?This was the first and last time that I purchase a ticket thru cheaptickets and I will make sure to tell everyone about his ordeal because it was really a hell time and no one can explain it but himself, so here I am writing so everyone knows what to expect at some airports.

  • Go
    Godandaram Janaki ram Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sirs,
    I am a frequent flyer of Emirates airlines. I travel to Ghana every three months sometime six business class trips a year.
    This time around I wanted to try out the Egypt air as your airline also flies to Accra, Ghana.
    I boarded the flight MS 969 out of Kuala Lumpur on the 13th October close to midnight. My seat number was 9D. During the flight to Mumbai I was reading some magazines and place my bifocal eye glass on the pillow next to my seat which was vacant.

    On touch down I even held the glasses on the seat to make sure it does not fall off, than while the cleaners came in to the aircraft to clean I just dozed off.

    When the flight was taking off from Mumbai still in a daze (sleepy), some 5 minutes after take off, I tried looking for the glasses on the seat next to me (which was still vacant), checked rear, under and seat behind my seat etc and did not find glasses. I reported to the Crew (Elderly man) he just shook his head negatively saying he can't do much. I suggested he inform the pilot to inform the Airport in Mumbai as a warning to others who will fall victim to these thieves (posing as cleaners). I had so much problem not being able to read without the glasses although I had another pair in my checked in baggage.

    I am very disappointed in the response I received from the crew chief. At the airport in Cairo I expected a pick up instead I was told to go out to the next terminal to obtain my hotel voucher.

    The glasses a "Longines" cost me US$ 545.00 and was practically new.

    Due to this bad encounter and the hassles I had to go through in Cairo, I purchased new ticket from Emirates Agent in Accra.

    I am sending this mail for your office in Mumbai to investigate and to weed out the culprit before the Airline's reputation deteriorates further.

    With kind regards,

    Godandaram Janaki Ram (G. J. Ram)
    (IAPA Membership # 51639)

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  • Ch
    Charles NWOSU Sep 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Egyptair Flight M5800 Eco Paris-Cairo 06/04/2017 and
    Egyptair Flight M5875 Eco Cairo-Lagos 07/04/2017.

    Damaged Luggage Claim / Insurance Ref No 2349/2017
    Processed Damaged Bag Ref LOSMS 10971

    Approved Claim settlement is USD 75

    Client has been waiting in Lagos for remboursement/settlement
    Return Flight Lagos-Cairo- Paris is 05/10/2017

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  • Du
    Duaa Saleh May 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The flight was delayed 3 hours without any excuse and apologies and the employees were so rude and the airport was uncivilized and about the workers they were misbehaving with the travelers.

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  • Mo
    mohamed Zamo Jun 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Egypt air Office in Kuwait refused to change the date of departure, knowing that my ticket is refundable.

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