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Buyer beware! Caution! Avoid! Stay away! Run! Do not buy! Warning!

As a professional lighting designer, I made a $1, 500+ purchase through for a hollywood celebrity client. The lights were advertised as “twinkle” lights, but upon installation, they were not lights that twinkled! In addition, many of the lights I purchased malfunctioned, were not consistent with the proper setting, and just plain gave me the most troublesome time possible.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in City of Industry, CA I made numerous trips out to my client’s house and spent hours and hours fixing manufacture issues with the lights... I took a huge loss with my client solely based upon the malfunctioning of these lights! My client’s were greatly disappointed and I was greatly embarrassed. I am 99% sure that I lost my celebrity clients; well known in the industry.

I contacted customer service about the issue and they informed me that they would do “nothing” for me! I will be filing a lawsuit and contacting many governmental agencies and develop a web site against

Jan 30, 2017

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