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I would like to express my shock and disappointment at my recent booking. There are 2 issues in question: a hidden administrative fee, and an overcharge by RyanAir (for which I was referred to RyanAir).

After booking through eDreams (redirected from SkyScanner) for a one-way ticket back from Morocco to London (for a group of 4), I realised that I have incurred a hidden administrative charge of £55 on top of the £70 airfare, after checking my bank statement out online. I find this ridiculous and obviously upsetting, given that the hidden charges were not made known to me when I was booking it, and only surfaced to my knowledge after the amount was deducted from my bank acocunt.

On top of that, the hidden charges were 73% of the airfare. This is an exceptionally unreasonable, not to mention unethical charge. We also find it extremely irresponsible that the hidden administrative charges were not explicitly reflected when we were about to pay for the tickets online. We were under the impression that the costs of the eDreams booking would be the same as RyanAir's (which in fact, IS the same), so it would not matter if we booked from either. In no situation would it EVER make sense for us to book via eDreams with the awareness that we would have to pay more than if we booked from RyanAir directly.

I have called up eDreams Customer Service hotline and judging from their tone, they were very reluctant on refunding us the unnecessary hidden charges. Moreover, I take issue with the fact that the eDreams representative refused to help me with the extra £5 RyanAir has charged (£75 instead of £70) and referred me to RyanAir instead, after informing me that RyanAir has overcharged me on this.

I would like to stress that, had we have known about the unnecessary charges, we would never have booked from eDreams. After this incident, I have managed to read from the Complaints Board that eDreams have a vast history of UNSETTLED complaints, and this experience, on top of the complaints I've read, has seriously made me, and all other potential customers, question the reputability and credibility of this site. This is an extremely unpleasant experience and has put me off from future purchases via eDreams.

At this point in time, I am entirely not confident that I will get a refund on behalf on my friends who are travelling with me. It has come as an ugly and untimely shock to all of us, who feel that the unnecesarily and unknowingly incurred hidden costs are unjust and inequitable, especially since we are students, and especially since RyanAir offers the same fare without administrative charges. Whatever expectations we have had of a fuss-free transaction with eDreams have gone deep down the drain.

In light of this, we sincerely hope that you would answer our request ASAP and permit a one-off refund. Considerations of unsatisfactory responses or a lack of response at all will lead us to bringing a legal action against eDreams before the Small Claims Tribunal, which I feel is long overdue considering the amount and extent of complaints, inconvenience and disappointment you have caused us and previous other customers.

(I have sent the exact same feedback on eDreams' website, and am awaiting a reply as of now.)

Mar 25, 2016

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