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[Resolved] eDreams / flights reservation [protected]

5 United Kingdom

I initially contacted eDreams at end of September to enquiry about cancelling airline tickets purchased a few month prior. I was told I could cancel at any time and would only pay fee of £190 per ticket so as I had initially paid a total of 4368.77 the fees of 190x5 would be deducted from that amount. I made a further call a few days after and was told the same thing. I called in the beginning of October to cancel and was told I would have to pay cancellation fee to the airline of 195 per ticket plus 25 per ticket to eDreams plus an additional fee of around 100 to eDreams. I was extremely upset about this as had never been told this and this meant I would only receive 2230.00 from the original 4368.77 I had paid for the tickets. After asking I was told that I could try and request the airline not to pay the cancellation fee of 190 if I sent medical evidence that I had requested cancellation under ill health grounds.
The following day 16.10.2018 i spoke to Ahmed Manager at Customer service and explained the situation and issues with previous travel agents and information provided. I was told that from the 4368.77 a fee of 190 per ticket and 25 per ticket would be applied nothing else. It was agreed that due to issues I would only pay 75 to eDreams for the cancellation fee instead of 125 and that the refund would be in my bank account in 10 days. I also raised a formal complaint due to all the issues I had had, an email was sent to confirm.

22.10.18- contacted eDreams I spoke to a Manager from Customer Services Gorofe regarding issues I was told that he had requested an urgent refund and regarding the complaint I would have to speak to complaints team i requested to be transferred to a Manager I spoke to Dee and discussed the complaint after being on the phone for over 1 hour she told me she was a travel agent and would raise the complaint. I was extremely upset as I had requested to speak to a Manager.

29.10.2018 - spoke to Nikita Manager at Customer Services regarding refund and complaint after almost 1 hour on the phone I was told that as I had requested a full refund due to ill health the airline would have to review this and had up to 3 months to provide a refund I explained that the refund had nothing to do with the airline as this was paid to EDreams and I had been previously reassured about 3 weeks ago that the refund would be in my bank account in 10 days which did not happen. In respect of the airline I provided my medical notes to request that I did not have to pay the cancellation fee from the airline which was 190 per ticket. I was advised she would look into this and get back to me. I then received a call informing me that now the complaints form had been filled someone from the customer care team would have 48 to 72 hours to get back to me.

01.11.2018 - 2 emails sent I contact edreams as no one had got back to me as previously agreed I Spoke to Kushagra at around 15:45 floor supervisor at Customer services regarding refund and complaint I was told that I would receive the refund of 3.099.00 although they could not send an email to confirm and give me a date as this was being considered by the customer care team who were working on the case I explained the situation again and that no one had contacted me to discuss complaint and that this situation was impacting on my health and that I did not understand the situation as they should have refunded me the 3099 which they had initially agreed I would receive and then look into the remaining money - cancellation fees I had requested the refund under ill health grounds. He told me to ring tomorrow and request to speak to Head office I explained every time I ring I am on the phone for around 1 hour and requested him to ring the head office and ask to ring me tomorrow he was really reluctant but agreed to do so.
Again as expected I was not contacted.

On 07.11.2018 I received an email from eDreams stating that a refund would be sent to my account in 2 parts with total amount of 3099.50

I contacted EDreams on 14.11.2018 and spoke to Birendar travel adviser despite having requested to speak to a Manager. I asked when I would receive the amount stated on the email but also status of my complaint and request for the full refund of 4.368 under the grounds of ill health and the way I was treated by eDreams and the various contradictory information given by various different people every time I rang. After waiting for 20 min I was told that the head office advised I would have to wait for a further 72 hours when they would contact me. I again raised the same issues and impact this was having on my already ill health and requested this to be recorded.

17.11.2018 - No one contacted me following the 72 hours I emailed eDreams again no reply. I later received an email to confirm the refund has been completed. Finally I had received part of the refund. I then sent an email requesting an update about my formal complaint and full refund

On 21.11.2018 I then received the following email:
"Thank you for waiting our response.
The amount refunded by the airline is 2224.50 GBP, due to the wrong amount information provided we have refunded 875.00 GBP as commercial gesture.

The total amount refunded now is 3099.50 GBP, no extra refund will be provided.

We remain at your disposal for further information."

I was extremely distressed with the email as the amount I had received was for the cancellation refund which since the early enquiries I was reassured I would receive.

I sent the following email on the same day.

"Again that information is wrong I was told if I was to cancel the flights I would be refunded 3099 pounds in respect of the airline cancellation fee I was told this was about 190 per flight and eDreams cancellation fee was 25 per flight and subsequently told a further 100 pounds fee. I was told that a full refund would be considered with evidence which I provided from medical notes. Therefore I continue to request a full refund plus compensation due to all the stress this has caused and the conflicting information
I continue to receive ". I have yet to receive a reply I have resent this email various times.

I am extremely disappointed and upset with the poor service I have received especially when I have been unwell and the disregard that edreams has for its clients. I have sent numerous emails and made numerous calls throughout since I first made enquiry about cancellation and sent hours on the phone, when I have been reassured someone would ring me back this never happened apart from once and when told I would receive refund within a certain time scale again this did not happen. I had to take time off work to make the numerous calls and feel angry about the way I was treated.

I wish a full refund under ill health grounds and a compensation for the way I was treated but also how edreams has dealt with this situation.
I look forward to receive a response otherwise will take this further.

Patricia Vaqueirinho

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  • Updated by Patriciavaqueirinho, Dec 18, 2018

    I want this matter to be resolved with refund for the cancellation fees and compensation for poor service and wrong information I was provided and how this impacted on my health.

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Dec 18, 2018

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