Edgars Festival Malledgars branch festival mall

Ive been a edgars customer for over 25 years went to edgars festival mall kempton park today for a simple white shirt and that should be easy right...wrong...i was shocked to see how small the mens section has become there was about 3 choices of white shirts and the sizes were small xsmall and well thats it..the range and designs overall is edgars going out of when i finally found a shirt that i liked i wanted to ask for assistence..i walked all the way around the one..not one edgars still employ sales people..i found a person at the exchange counter only to tell me there is no stock at the back. And the mens fitting room is now shared with the ladies at the lingerie section.. Is this the service edgars offers at over 20% interest i will never shop there again

May 16, 2017

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